Jul 2, 2017

Star and Morningleaf are perfect ❤️


Star HAS to ask Morningleaf to be his mate in the next book!! And she HAS to say yes! or life in Anok won't be as perfect. Plus: Star and Morningleaf may as well be dead when they're not together!

Jul 6, 2017

Be honest. Could any of us live for one day without looking at something that reminds us of The Guardian Herd?

Jul 7, 2017

I always have to read or look at one of the four books each day! I'm that addicted lol

Jul 7, 2017

nope every day I think of it. And every night I read one of the books xD

Jul 7, 2017

OK I have just started reading the series for the third time and I notice how much happier I am when I read it! Too awesome.

Jul 8, 2017

I agree! It's like the books have a magical power that makes everyone who reads them happier!

Aug 1, 2018

I love this post sooo much. It’s like part of my soul.

New Posts
  • I haven't gotten a response in days! I want to talk with other herd nerds but no one is responding anymore. Where is everyone. I even talk on the weekends but i still don't get any responses. I want to keep talking to you all but i cant talk with any of you if i cant get a response. Please write in the comments if your available at the time. I want to make a script about our characters and make the sandween story a movie. If anyone likes that then talk to Icesong because the script was her idea. But you don't have to respond to anything i say and that is fine. I just want to know if you all are still talking and still on the message board.
  • So, not to point finger (or wings) at anyone, but it's become quite a common thing for there to be multiple OCs that have the same name. Yes, it's not exactly a HUGE problem, but still, on one likes being told that someone else has already used a certain name -- especially when you put a lot of thought into it. Well, it's actually easer then you might think to figure out if a name has already been used: just use the search option. Right below the icon you click to enter the MB (it says 'MESSAGE BOARD' on it), there's a little box that says search. Whenever you create a new OC, just type the name into the box, wait a few seconds, and see if the name has been mentioned before. Ta da! No more repeated names.
  • Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like eveyone who was on when I joined in like 2017, is gone. @Brightberry(No Longer Active) , @Rainfeather , @Scipio (Skippy), etc. the list goes on I'm sure. Yeah, I'm not on a lot, but where did everyone go? I haven't seen a comment or post from @Dragon , @Echomoon , @Flamefrost , @Wispiflower , @Love Those Cats , @Riverbreeze , @Nightmist , and more recently. Did everyone go? (I didn't check the RPs though, so maybe they commented on there.) Is everyone gone? What happened to the MB I knew?


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