Jun 7, 2018



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Hey! im also doing another RP soon, -wink, wink-! hehehh lets start dis of! :P!



(this is my character O.C, Kalaora (Cal-ae-or-ra), it means Little Lioness. Her wings are bright aqua edged in gold, giant star, silver dappled, and everything else is just perfect. she is ferocious, honorable, courageous, smart, bold, proud, and a really good flier or fancy flier that can do a lot of tricks.)


(this is Salina Dawnrider. strawberry blond hair, vibrant dark blue eyes, loves wearing green and white,really ewants a pegasus, orphaned, flippantly, bold, upstander, courageous, honorable, loves to share, and brave. always wears a silver chain necklace pegasus and actual emerald green wings)


Rainfeather's last comment: Charlotte: -she gave the harshest look she could do (wasn't harsh at all ;-;) at the person who roped the thrashing Kihlari and loosened the rope- Fly boy, fly to your herd.

Jun 7, 2018

Rainfeather: Charlotte: -she gave the harshest look she could do (wasn't harsh at all ;-;) at the person who roped the thrashing Kihlari and loosened the rope- Fly boy, fly to your herd.

Jun 7, 2018

Tormalina: -her mouth wide open- what in tarnation?

Chaomile: -nickers- i dont know

Tormalina: -dives to them in a spin- who are these new kihlari? -she asks Omari-

Chaomile: .........i dont know, they dont come from my clan.......


Jun 7, 2018

Springsong: They're from... nvm.. >_<

Jun 7, 2018



Omari listened to all this, tugging on the rope around Rainflame's hooves. "No," he said firmly. "This is a valuable steed!" But then he felt a feather on his elbow and turned.


Tinkulakha stood behind his rider and refolded his wing. "Let him go," the pinto objected.


Omari stared at his steed, uncomprehending. "What? Why? This wild stallion is valuable. Look at that muscle! He'd fetch a high price."


Tinkulakha snorted. "It's greed, greed, greed, with you Sandwens, isn't it?" He pinned his ears at his rider, which is incredibly rare. "And when would you sell him? The next clan gathering isn't until next year. It happened the day before yesterday. And exactly; muscle. And spirit. That steed is a successful, wild stallion. He will never again be free if you catch him. Let him go." Tinkulakha nudged the ropes in Omari's hand, gesturing for the boy to unleash the lassos.


Omari thought about this, then gave in. "Wow!" he laughed to himself. "Faced down by a Kihlara, my own steed for that matter! I'm bad at debates." He stepped up to Rainflame slowly and loosened the ropes, then took them off. "Go," he said to the wild dapple gray. "Emagili, Stunning Spirit."


Rainflame ignored the name and nodded to Omari, then whirled away into the rainforest.

Jun 7, 2018

Springsong: -smiles-

Charlotte: -pats Springsong's neck-

Jun 7, 2018

Tormalina: -grins-

Chaomile: -whinnies-

Jun 7, 2018

Charlotte: -she watched Rainflame fly off and wondered what's its like to be free-

Springsong: -twists ears, thinking of when she would be free-

Jun 7, 2018

Omari turned to Glen, who had followed him. "Call off the race?" he asked. "Doesn't seem to matter now, anyway, but if you want to we can finish it." He walked over to Tinkulakha and mounted, then whispered to him privately. "I'm worried now, boy," he said in the pinto's ear. "Do you want to be wild now?" Tinkulakha snorted, "No. But I recognized a free spirit when I saw one." Reassured, Omari sat up straight in the saddle once more.

Jun 7, 2018Edited: Jun 7, 2018


Charlotte: -giggles a bit at her words, they were opposites, but they got along just fine-

Jun 7, 2018

Salina cantered Jazmina, a dark bay horse mare in the woods by lesha creek.

Salina: -laughs- cmon Jaz! lets go faster! lets run like the wind!

Jazmina: -snorts- more like im running

Salina: -giggles- sorry Jaz!

Jazmina: humph

they cantered along the path by lesha creek until the reached her kindly old friend, Darthan.

Jun 7, 2018

Omari swung his gaze to Springsong. "I heard that," he said. "Well, you're on. Tinkulakha and me versus you and Charlotte. But no flying. Hoof race back to the auction arena."

Jun 7, 2018

( Uhh Dawnfeather. Could Tora be the only one who does a lot of tricks? it's like her special talent ;-; )

Jun 8, 2018

Charlotte: What? Me?

Springsong: YES! ME! >:D

Charlotte: -rolls eyes and tries to get into the spirit- Get ready to muck Zanareth's stall for a week! :3

Jun 8, 2018

Omari grinned. "Yeah right! You'll be doing the same for Tinkulakha!"

Jun 8, 2018

Tormalina: -turns to Glen with a gleam in her eye and a cunning smile- want to race?

(Nightmist, its the pegasus that does special tricks, Tormalina is just diving and occasionally doing her special one trick

Jun 8, 2018

Springsong: Wh-

Charlotte: Whatever, that buckskin was probably bought at some common auction. -gets surprised at her own words-

Springsong: -was about to say the same- o: l: >:3

Jun 8, 2018

(anyone can do tricks, its just Tora is much more advanced in tricks and is the best out us all :P

Jun 8, 2018

( It still hurts me deep down because Arenathe also does her own special tricks ;-; )

Cedarpond watched Rainflame go amazed that they hadn't seen her in the forest and she whispered to Sprinsong, "Hey, are you gonna buck that rider off and escape with me or what?"

Jun 8, 2018

"I heard that!" Tinkulakha protested.


Omari chuckled and turned to Tormalina. "Will you count us down?"

Jun 8, 2018

Tormalina: -smirks- sure

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