Sep 18

Rain or Sky...


Ok, herd nerds... this is a real question! As you all know, I use "Autumn" in my name. No big deal, right? Autumn is a nice name. The problem is... Autumn is in my real name! But that's not all........ my real name is Autumn Rain, (my mom totally gave me a pegasus name without knowing it) but I used "Sky" for my user name. So... my question to you guys is................ use "Rain" and be proud of my real life pegasus name? Or just stick with "Sky"? I've had this on my mind for a while now... I'm just at a loss as to what to do :/ What do you guys suggest?

Sep 18Edited: Sep 19

Not Rain Though. That’s someone else 💜 and we love her so much.


Edit: I would call you Autumn or Sky.

I'd stick with sky. We know you by that name already, and it works just fine.

Sep 18

I'd say keep the name the way it is to ovoid confusion, but it's totally cool that you found a way to work your real name into your main TGH OC name!

Sep 19

Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks anyways ^^

Ya know.... Coraleaf isn't my real name either! It's actually Darksong, but if you ask me... that sounds EEEEEEeevil. So i just chose something that wasn't that. (btw, that would also be my sis's name too, cuz we both start with E and end with L.

Sep 19

Wait a sec, I have a question about your name @Coraleaf , how is it divided up? Is it Cora Leaf, Coral Eaf (idk what an eaf is), or is it Coral Leaf and you chose not to have a repeating L

Well, i say keep this one, but either way, it doesn't matter, either one is real pretty!

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