Jun 11, 2018

Pegasus Valley RP: Part 2!


This RP has only been active for a day and we are already on part 2, I think that's a record for one of my RPs guys. Anyways, same rules apply for this part:

  1. No typing wile someone else is

  2. Max of 10 RP comments per day

  3. Keep it G or PG



B., Elle- 26, female, band member

Delhafer, Maria- 22, female, folklorist, band member

Drenalyn, Diana- 26, female, artist/author

Fierra, Olyssia- 39, female, high school physics teacher

Fierra, Stephen- 41, male, deployed Airman

Finn, Dareth- 26, male, vocalist, retired Army

Frederick- 24, male, Disney Animator

Geron, Salina- 34, female, flight instructor

Mastor, Cris- 34, male, deceased

Mastor, Fiona- 38, female, coder

Melatro, Nova- 24, female, teacher

Ray, Larry- 39, male, veterinarian

Ray, Rachel Fiona- 39, female, Athlete

Silveria, Jasmine Montana- 25, female, barista

Sylvia, Freya- 24, female, councilor at high school

West, Mason Isaac- 39, male, Air Force NCO, currently deployed

West, Michelle Christine- 38, female, Lawyer, retired US Air Force


College Students:

Begda, Shane- 22, male, college student

Fooyol, Reyena- 22, female, college student

Golden, Henry- 19, male, college student

Keller, Ruthanne- 19, female, college student

Leopad, Ivan- 22, male, college student

Shawn, Franklin Samuel- 20, male, college student

Silveria, Catalina Rosemary- 19, female, college student/stable hand/babysitter


High Schoolers:

Baret, Oscar- 16, male, 10th grader

Fox, Olympia Sabrina- 15, female, 10th grader

Fox, Reyna Diane- 17, female, 11th grader

Freiner, Scott- 16, male, 10th grader

Geron, Eli- 15, male, 9th grader

Gordon, Yara- 18, female, 12th grader

Mastor, Brianna- 14, female, 9th grader

Mastor, Ria- 14, female, 9th grader

Ray, Amara Fabia- 16, female, 10th grader

Ray, Rebecca Tala- 18, female, 12th grader,

Ray, Troy Raul- 18, male, 12th grader

Silveria, Aurora Sira- 14, female, 9th grader

Waters, Robin- 14, female, 9th grader

West, Samuel Felix- 14, male, 8th grader, CAP cadet

West, Seth Sabastian- 14, male, 8th grader, at boarding school


Middle Schoolers:

Diaz, Danita Sophia- 12, female, 7th grader

Diaz, Daphne Felina- 12, female, 7th grader, athlete

Diaz, Jayden Salvatore- 11, male, 6th grader

Geron, Maddie- 14, female, 8th grader

Smith, Roxanne Athena- 12, female, 7th grader, horse rehbilitator


Elementary Students:

West, Penelope Sophia- 7, female, 2ed grader

Jun 11, 2018

( Alright one qestion: Does our comment count renew every new post? Or is it stilll by day? )

Jun 11, 2018

(here! oh wow only few middle schoolers.....)

Jun 11, 2018

(still here, just waiting for reply from Dragonz)

Jun 11, 2018

(It goes by day)

Jun 11, 2018

(Last comment from part 1: Ria glanced at him. "Yeah.... Don't know much about other places because I've never been out of Pegasus Valley," She said. Brianna shoved her side with her elbow. "Don't be rude," Brianna whispered. Ria rolled her eyes and just continued to eat her Sand WITCH XD)

Jun 11, 2018

( yeah for now I just gonna read and liek commentz so I can RP more tonight!!! :D )

Jun 11, 2018

Sam West:

Sam smirked, "It's fine." he said, "I've moved around a lot because my dad's in the Air Force. My parents usually deicide to live off base, so I meet a lot of people who have never lived anywhere else."

Jun 11, 2018

Catalina went to the nearby college. U.C. Pegasus Valley. Cat was in Horseback riding classes then.

Catalina: -trots Willow, her dark bay mare who had black tips and a black mane.-

Laura Yovine(instructor): let me see your canter!

Catalina: -urges Willow into a smooth canter-

Laura: hmmmm, circle at C and trot?

Catalina: -slows to a fast trot, circles when she comes to C-

Laura: ok, use your inside leg to have a niuce bend, great job!

Catalina: -uses inside leg-

Laura: ok, Roxy's turn!

Roxy: -trots Artemis. a stunning dark grey mare and repeats what Catalina did-

Laura: hmmm, how about jumping?

Roxy: -grins- sure!

Catalina: -laughs- me too. lets do it!

Laura: -laughs- who starts?

Roxy: me?

Catalina: -shrugs- sure

Laura: ok! jump that parrelel about 4 ft!

Roxy: -trots Artemis around once and urges her over the black and white jump-

Catalina: -claps-

Laura: -smiles- great job Rox! Cat, lets go!

Catalina: -trots Willow around once and jumps thye black and white perfectly-

Roxy: amazing! -clasp-

Laura: i agree!

Catalina: -grins-


Jun 11, 2018

(i have 7 left?)

Jun 11, 2018

(btw im bumping Roxanne up to college)

Jun 11, 2018

(shes 19)

Jun 11, 2018

(You have 8 comments left)

Jun 11, 2018

( XD I think I only have 4 ;-; )

Jun 11, 2018

(Nope, you've got 5 left)

Jun 11, 2018

( Wait, I do? Oh okay then I thought I had 4 XD )

Jun 11, 2018

(you guys ok XD?)

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