Sep 16, 2017

Pegapuppy Challenge


Honeyfall: "Hello and welcome to the Pegapuppy Challenge!"

Crowd: "YAY!!!"

Honeyfall: "I have managed to talk Dragon into letting me announce the next drawing challenge before the last challenge is over!"

Crowd: "Yay!"

Honeyfall: "This challenge is inspired by Magentablaze's drawing of Goldenflower the Pegapuppy. So this challenge is to draw a TCH character as a puppy/dog, you can do this how ever you chose.



1. No complaining about what character you get.

2. You chose what drawing style you use.

3. No switching characters.

4. Pegapuppy must have wings.

5. No using existing drawings or sketches

6. you can sign up anytime between now and 8:00pm (AK time) on 9/22/2017

7. Entries must be either posted by 9/23/2017

8. Have fun


*example not by me*



Sep 16, 2017Edited: Sep 16, 2017

Cool! May I join? :D

Sep 16, 2017Edited: Sep 16, 2017

Honeyfall: "CassTucker1, you are challenged to draw... Rockwing... wait this has to be a mistake, hasn't Cass been challenged to draw Rockwing before?"

Dragon: *rolls eyes*

Honeyfall: "Guess Rockwing is destined to be Cass' challenge drawing forever!" *laughs evilly*

Dragon: *face palms*

Honeyfall: "Anyway, Rainfeather your are challenged to draw... Petalcloud. And Aqua Riptide is challenged to draw... Birchcloud? All we need now is Shadepebble and we would have a whole family!"

Sep 16, 2017

Someone else join so we can have the whole fam!

Sep 16, 2017

Lol, if I draw Shadepebbel's name from the beg

Sep 16, 2017

Lol yeah I had to draw Rockwing's feather, but I got a good idea for him.. should I have him howling on a ledge in the mountains or growling..? Wait can i make him a wolf?!

Sep 16, 2017

Honeyfall: "Cass as long as Rockwing sorta looks like a dog or something for the dog family it counts as an entry. And Love These Cats, you are challenged to draw... Star!"

Sep 17, 2017


I haven't posted mine yet, I as to lazy.. I'll probs post it tonight :3

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