Apr 2, 2018

OC/Style challenge: winner! +Mini Easter Egg challenge


Sunnythorn: "I kinda disappointed about this guys, but Nightmist was the only one to complete the OC/style drawing challenge.

Thistlestorm: "But never the less Nightmist won this challenge fair and square."

Sunnythorn: "Yes, Nightmist you have won a digital drawing of your choice of OC or original TGH character, and a drawing of your choice of OC or original TGH character's feather with any background of your choice."

Thistlestorm: "And that's not all! Dragon would like to thank you for being the only one to complete your drawing and she will do a drawing of the ship of your choice!"

(depending on a lot of stuff it may or may not be done digitally)

Sunnythorn: "So before we get on to the special bonus, let's take a look at Nightmist's drawing of Copperpool as a littlest pet shop toy!"

Thistlestorm: "Oh, that look's soooooo cool!"

Sunnythorn: "I know right, anyway Dragon wanted to do a mini Easter egg challenge."

Thistlestorm: "Yeah, she wants you guys to create a drawing of a Easter egg inspired by either an original TGH character or a TGH OC."

Sunnythorn: "Everyone is limited to one entre, but everyone who creates one will get a feather drawing!"

Thistlestorm: "Have fun guys, and remember that Jesus is risen!"


Apr 2, 2018

I'm so sorry but I was enjoying our spring weather rather than drawing so I didn't have time!! But anyway, hmm . . . TGH Easter egg . . . . thinking, thinking

Apr 2, 2018Edited: Apr 2, 2018

Awesome! LOVE IT! Bless it be His name!

Apr 2, 2018

Congrats! And count me in!!

Apr 2, 2018

Thanks!!!!!!!! I'm sure I wouldn't have won if everyone posted there challenge and wow I got a LOT of prizes.................... Anyways Umm for the digital could you do Dreamdrop? I forgeet a bit hold on......... Okay she is this red roan appoloosa with dots everywhere and patches everywhere XD Redish grayish mane/tail 9 not really red but you get the idea ) And she has sky blue feathers mixed with aqua if you can do that. And for the non-digital could you do............................ HMMM :3............................................. Uhh could you do Oceanbreeze! He's a blue roan black mane and tail a small but noticable snip on nose and dark aqua feathers XD He matches SOOOO much. And for the feather could you do Honeyroot's? I think it's a yellow edged in orange let me check. and the backgroun could you do a cave scene? Like inside a cave? And for the ship could you do Riverbreeze and Greywood? I know they're not my OCs but I don't really have any left........ And yes I will join in on the Easter Egg contenst!!!!!!!!

Apr 2, 2018

Sorry Dragon >.< been a little busy with homework. Havent been on awhile but ill try this one(:

Apr 2, 2018

Im doing Silvermist for this one(: new O.C

Apr 2, 2018

Well re creating it if i havent had it

Congrats Nightmist. What do you mean inspired? Like you draw it with the same coloring as the TGH character or TGH OC?

Apr 2, 2018Edited: Apr 2, 2018

Hey, Dawnfeather. Did you say Silvermist was a new O.C?

...I'm really sorry, but that name is taken.

Apr 2, 2018

Yeah Silvermist is taken >.< I hate it when that happens XD And you have to like maybe draw their color or their feather on it :)

Apr 2, 2018

So yeah basically Pananah

Apr 2, 2018

Oh and congratulations on being the only one to finish Nightmist!

Apr 2, 2018

Btw, sorry I didn’t make it Dragon. I was working on drawing Darkstone ate the same time as I was trying to start my drawing for this >.<

Apr 3, 2018Edited: Apr 3, 2018

It's no big deal, I'll be posting my next challenge soon anyways, and of course you can still post an egg.


What I meat by 'inspired' was as long as you can relate it to TGH some how, it counts.


I'm really sorry about this Nightmist, but your prizes were a digital pegasus drawing, a feather drawing, and a ship drawing. So I'm going to hold off on drawing Oceanbreeze. Sorry

Apr 3, 2018

You could do Oceanbreeze with his crush, Wintertwilight

Apr 3, 2018

OOps sorry wont do Silvermist then...how about Wishriver?

Apr 3, 2018

Thats her feather color pattern....without the lines of course!

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