Jul 15, 2017

New Betrayals Chapter 10: Confrontation


I silently flew away to my parents. "Psst," I shook them awake and turned my invisibility off. "Wake up. Riversun, Stormtail and Brackentail are going to attack at midnight." I told them. My father leaned in close. "Starsong," he said. "You have the Starfire now, and you are Riversun's rival. It pains me more than anything to say these words, but..." he trailed off. My mother finished his sentence. "You must battle Riversun; you must win. You are Anok's last hope." Mother lowered her voice. "You are our last hope." I gasped and a tear trickled down my black cheek. "But what if I loose? I won't be able to see you guys again. I will leg Anok down... I will let you down." I cried. My mother and father cuddled next to me, keeping me silent. Then they looked at the sky. "Midnight," I gasped. "Go. Save Anok. You are our last hope. We have every bit of faith in your, Starsong." My father said. I nodded. Then, together, they fled to The Grandmother Tree, a tree that is used for battling - and hiding. I turned my invisibility on, and hovered. "Should I use the Silver fire?" I asked myself. "No, my father told me the only thing it caused was destruction and greif - it's too damgerous. He said he defeated Nightwing, the current black foal, by giving all the badness and destructiveness in the Silver fire back to him - but how did he do it? Breathe it back?" I asked myself desperately. But right then, I was not allowed to think - only act. My parents had left just in time; Riversun was here. She searched the entire area. "Fool," she hissed at Brackentail. "Where are they?" Stormtail snorted. "Where is the filly?" Riversun pawed the ground and cocked her ears back. "Right here!" I yelled and bombed Riversun, aiming my kicks at her wings with sharpened hooves. My back leg struck the root and bent it. It was a minor damage, but not fatal. The wing had not broken and the wound would heal overtime. Or in a matter of seconds, if Riversun had somehow found out how to use the Golden fire. Riversun reared and projected her shield. Then she blasted Silver fire everywhere. I turned my shield on and invisibility off. Suddenly, a white, small, furry thing was ripping and shredding Riversun's wings. I gasped. It was Lilly, the dog we had taken in! Lilly looked at me, winked, and sank her fangs into the roots of Riversun's wings. Riversun, who had let her guard and shield down, blasted the Silver fire at Lilly and Lilly was knocked aside. Lilly lay still, whimpering. "Starsong?" A familiar voice sounded. I gasped. My heart sank. I knew that voice. I mnew that the owner of that voice needed to be some place, any place - just not here. "Get out of here!" I yelled at Pepeleaf. But Pepeleaf, being Pepeleaf, instead pounded Brackentail with kicks and bites. Riversun projected her shield again and blasted the Silver fire at me. Her hooves where glowing silver. "I need to get her to get her shield down," I thought to myself as I helplessly tried to kick her. But how?

Jul 15, 2017

The inspiration for the dog is MY real life Jack Russell dog I currently have, Lilly. I love you, Lilly :)))) ps shes SO DERP 😆

Jul 15, 2017

This is so good! Make the next one NOW lol

Jul 17, 2017

I love how you incorporated your dog into the story. Dogs are one of my favorite animals

Jul 17, 2017

Dragon Army XD thanks :))) any kind of Canine or relative of the Dog Family is a favourite animal of mine too :)

Jul 17, 2017

PS Cass thanks for your enthusiasum, but im running out of ideas....

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