Feb 13, 2018

Lil animation 2


Edited: Feb 15, 2018

Ok so this took awhile to make and wertyuiosdfsknrguegfh.




It all starts out when when Rainfeather and Echomoon see eachother for the first time in awhile and do a lil sista hug. c: Then Wispiflower comes and we wave, Wisp Wisp had some good news, WISP WISP AND WINDWING JUST BECAME MATES! :D Me and Echo feel very happy for her and then Dragon and Flamefrost comes in. :D Dragon and Flamefrost asks what was going on and we announced the news. They were just as happy as we were! :D Flamefrost does some of his expert smart smarts and then Honeyfall disagrees about something and tries to proove flame wrong. O: Flame tries to proove her wrong and a mini-friendship fight happens. c: Rainfeather is like *facepalm* and Echo does that lil shrug. Wispi makes a point that both Flamefrost and Honeyfall are both correct. c: They all nodded and does ANOTHER FRIENDSHIP HUG .-. (cringe, srry about that) then Nightmist comes with her awesome craziness and we all run. :D Nightmist bumps on the wall and shrugs, flying the other way. (how did she fly? THE AWESOME CRAZINESS OF NIGHTMIST :D x Thundertail music x)

The end :D

(if I offended anyone keep in mind that these are your OCs and tried to capture there personalities! C: Just couldn't put them in pegasus form. :/ Whameera, I didnt know the wing color of Nightmist so I put black. :C Is that oki? ;-;)










CASSIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! x jumps out window to do another animation featuring Cassie x

THE END XD (Also posted on my YT chan c:)


Light Blue: Rainfeather

Dark Purple: Echomoon

Light Purple: Wispiflower

Dark Blue: Honeyfall

Gold: Flamefrost

Black: Nightmist

Feb 13, 2018

Lol this is great Rainfeather!

Feb 13, 2018Edited: Feb 13, 2018
Top Comment

Lol I love it XD You got me SO RIGHT
















Okay I gotta admit I love how you made me prove that Honeyfall and Flamefrost were both right C:

Feb 13, 2018Edited: Feb 13, 2018

Yeah dat ok i'm actually still working on her color and personality.

Feb 13, 2018


Feb 17, 2018

That was AWESOME xD And thanks Rain for remembering :)

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