Sep 9, 2017

Kawaii Pegasus Challenge Winners


Honeyfall: "Hello everyone and welcome back to the Kawaii Pegasus Challenge!"

Crowd: "Yay!!!"

Honeyfall: "So without further adue here are the entries:

Hedgewind by Love These Cats



Maplecloud by Rainfeather



Rowanwood by Aqua Riptide



Silverlake by Crazy Cat Lady


Honeyfall: "So dew to the fact that there are 4 amazing drawings and only 3 prizes, Dragon has decided that there will be a fourth place prize! So before I announce the winners, here are the new updated list of prizes:

1st: Your choice of one OC, pet, TGH character, or other animal/human drawn as a Kawaii

2ed: One OC or TGH character draw as a Kawaii

3rd: One Pet or other animal drawn as a Kawaii

4th: One Pet or other animal drawn as a Kawaii

Honeyfall: "I will tell you the winners after this short add brake."



-----------------------------------------------------------------------------10 hours later:


Honeyfall: "Welcome back *yawns* to the Kawaii Pegasus Challenge and........... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Dragon: "Well I guess I have to announce the winners, in first we have... Drum roll plz... Rainfeather's drawing of Maplecloud!"


Dragon: "And Coming in a close second is... Love These Cats' drawing of Hedgewind!"

Crowd: "YYYAAAYYY!!!"

Dragon: "In third we have... Aqua Riptide's drawing of Rowanwood!"

Crowd: "YYAAYY!!"

Dragon: "And last but not least, we have Crazy Cat Lady's drawing of Silverlake!"

Crowd: "YAY!"

Dragon: "Well I think that bout covers everything, and also a new challenge will be announced shortly!"

Honeyfall: "What'd I miss?"

Sep 9, 2017

Could you draw a kawaii dumbo octopus? They are super adorable and strange and my favorite animal

Sep 9, 2017

I got second? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could my newest oc Peachblossom? She is a really pretty dapple grey with light peach splotches and a flaxen mane and tail. Her wings are peach, light pink, and yellow all mixed together (kinda like the sunrise) She also has a small white blaze and a front white sock. THANKS SO MUCH FOR CHOOSING ME TO BE SECOND!!!!

Sep 9, 2017


Sep 9, 2017


hmm.. x think think x can you draw my OC Rainfeather, Iceblaze, or Thundertail?

I couldn't choose sowwy ;-;

Fun competition ^.^

Sep 9, 2017

Is this the coloring you were going for Cats?:


Sep 9, 2017

Peachblossom is off my cat, Trixie. So she looks like this, but with the dapple spots


Sep 9, 2017

So more like this one?:

And one of my cousins has a cat named Trixie, but she's white with black spots

Sep 9, 2017

Well, Trixie's actual name is Trix. But i call her both

Sep 9, 2017


Sep 14, 2017

Crazy Cat Lady I really need you to tell me what you wont for a prize

Sep 15, 2017

Sorry I didn't reply sooner:( I haven't been on for a while because I recently started school.

Can you draw my puppy? here's a pic of her:



Sep 15, 2017

Do you want her posed like this:

or like this:


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