Apr 24, 2018

I Might Be Leaving


I know a lot of members have been leaving the MB. I just want to put my school as first priority. My mom is done in a week and a half and I want to be able to hang out. I want to thank you guys for supporting me. I will still come back every now and then.




Apr 24, 2018

Not you too!!!!!!!!! :( I respect your decision as putting school as top priority though. We'll miss you Pananah. We await your return.

21 hours ago

Her mom was in prison?

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Apr 24, 2018

I do respect putting school as a priority; it really should be mine as well. But please don’t leave, two people have left already!!

Apr 24, 2018

Okay................ I hope you do good in school!

Apr 24, 2018

What is going on!!!! We lost Dragon, Stardust and know Pananah. Please dont go

Apr 24, 2018

Sunmist, are you Oceansun/Dawnfeather/Wishriver/Rainshine?

Apr 24, 2018

Also, PANANAH YOU CANNOT LEAVE!!!! You were the only one to read every single one of my fanfics! And you were one of my favorite people on here! (I will not go into the list of people who annoy me on here but I also like in a slightly less attached way. This does not include any of the ladies on the Shipping Squad!)

Apr 24, 2018

(Phew Wisp Wisp.. I can be annoying sometimes tho.. I try to be less retarted, but it never works ;c)



Apr 24, 2018

You haven’t been around long enough to be annoying Iceflower, so no worries! And Rain, you may think things you say sometimes are annoying, but what you think is sounding annoying the rest of the MB thinks it’s hilarious (in the good way!)

Apr 24, 2018

Oh, sorry I didn’t answer you Iceflower! Those are former usernames of a user, and I’m asking Sunmist if she is the same person because I can NEVER keep track of that girl unless I know she is changing her username in advance.

Apr 24, 2018

( ACK WISPI AM I ANNOYING?!?!?! Becuase I also can get annoying with the notifications explosions ;c )

Me: x nods x Pananah I hope you come back soon x x slaps le amazing Rainfeather x DON'T SLAP HER!!!!! O^O


Apr 25, 2018

PANANAH!!!!! 😩 The MB is falling apart!!!

Apr 25, 2018Edited: Apr 25, 2018

Yea, stress is rlly hard ik.. I've been through depression these weeks and the banishment of message board and a whole buncha personal stuff. At a point I felt the need to let go but I didn't. MB is a part of me now. It eroded into my brain. Leaving MB is like cutting off my arm. I'll miss u Pananah ;c

Rainfeather, I didnt tell anyone this (not even my parents) but I suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. I dont want to leave but school is really important to me. Leaving even for a few weeks is breaking my heart.

Apr 25, 2018

Oh, wow. I'm actually going through a lot of stress with my health and stomach and stuff, and on the really bad days I admit I have suicidal thoughts. It's really creepy and hard to stop them, and I haven't told my parents either.

Apr 25, 2018

That is really sad I am sorry to hear that

Apr 25, 2018Edited: Apr 25, 2018

An open letter to my depression:

Dear depression, we go way back. I remember the first time I met you. I was seven years old, a pig-tailed lover of books, teased for clothing my mother could barely afford. The second time I met you was at a house party, it was the first time I understood the word ugly. We met again when I learned I was but an accesory to my parents, when I was sad for the 49th day in a row. I begged you to go away, but you would not leave. You, depression, are my young young childhood friend. The midnight voices in my head, a slick tongue. You pretend to have the answers, but loving you got me sick, got me suicide-watched, got me cutting my hand. Find the nearest ledge, you say. Walk out, you say. Suspend, you say. Wouldn't I be happier dead? Yesterday, I cried enough to name myself the sad girl again. Lonely has developed an authority where my family seem to be watching me crumble. Always fussing about the wrong I had done, about the pretty I've burned. What I learned of sadness is from you. You told me friends and family won't love me, but a fastened rope can. You tell me this is incurable. Can't move on. Can't be joyful for more than a minute, that I have to hide behind you and call that killing. You, a distraction to my happiness, a house of lies. Sickness can do that. It can lie, it can claw. My sadness will not cease. It will not quiet, and I am afraid to die. I am afraid to die. Depression is a slaughter house. It will write you into a story without rest. It will rip you piece by piece. Comb your brain into a beautiful haunting and name it distant wilderness. But dare yourself friend to run into joy screaming, "you cannot have me." You cannot have me. I am not my past. I am worthy of love I am worthy. I am forgiving myself for not being strong enough to believe in myself. I can tell you, I do not know who my father is. I can tell you, my best friend's father told my already disappointed family a false accusation that cornered me until the only open door was the advice depression had given me. I can tell you the number of people I let crawl into my life and throw it in the trash. There is no escape. But I got recycled. I would rather tell you I am letting go. I am letting failure go. I am letting loneliness go. I will not give up. You will not silence me.

-Sincerely, Rainfeather.


Please.. I beg of you don't let depression win. We can fight through this together. We can keep surging foward together.

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