Oct 31

Holy Crapoli. (sorry for the language)


I have a crush............................................ =/ Not on here, but at school.... Well.......... ACK HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! Okay, you don't have to read on cause Ima give the description of him. He's like 5'9'' with blonde hair and blue eyes. He's funny and handsome and............. *sighs and daydreams*

Oct 31

oh! that's... hilarious XD I know what a pain crushes can be

HAHA I'm the last person to talk to for relationship advice lol Even though I'm a BIIIIIGGGG Shipper and have been Shipping on here and in real life for who know's how long, I am totally single and have never been in a relationship. Yes, I've had crushes, but those crushes always end up with someone else and then forget all about me..... HAHA soooo yeah. Not sure what to tell you other than just be yourself!

Yeah I had the biggest crush and now he is dating my best friend. Yeah I hope your crush works out, I have never dated anyone and no one likes me so I cant help you there. Just be your self and trust God has the best plan for your life.

ooooo noooo..... im so so sorry my friend. I hope your crush works out too.

Nov 1

Most of the guys I see on a regular basis I know in a 'professional' setting (there are reasons cadating is looked down upon), so I've never really been in a situation like this. But I hope things go well for you Mossbrook

That isn't really language, but that's okay, it might be for you and others. Personally, I would never ever really date at all, so yeah, but I guess....good luck?

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  • Does anyone want a book 4? I think it shouldn't end with the third book. I want to know what happend to Echofrost and Hazelwind's future and there kids. I hope she makes a fourth book. ROTR #3 was a really good story and it had a lot of plot twists and things i never thought would happen.
  • All the decscendents of Star have a power. Most have certain ascpects of stars power, silver or gold, but some have different powers. These powers are prized by the herds, (the original ones) but one power is prized above all. Magic. (They have a more varied power type. [Yes, all of this is magic, but...hold on] they can shoot balls of pure magic, or the can tie it to an element, earth, air, fire, water, ice, lightening, light, dark, chaos, or soul. [I added a ton cause I hope a lot of people will join]) over time, the pegasI with magic split into elemental groups, and eventualy became separate herds. You can have as many characters with powers as you want, same with characters with no powers. Please don’t to so many that you forget about any of them Character forms Name: Age: Gender: Power (they can have starfir, or an element): Description: (if you have picture, add them here)
  • Me and my father never got along. Ever. Period. It has gotten better, mostl. He hasn’t hit me since we moved into the apartment. I can’t talk to my sister, cause she tries to forget that time period, and she thinks he was justified. Last night, he came into my room and started screaming at me. About how he was sending me to therapy and they would give me zombie meds (They aren’t called that, but they make you into a zombie). he said a lot of stuff, but now more than ever, I honestly think he hates me. (I can be a brat, I know that) I just want to talk. (PS my dad never did anything like that (sexual assult) though me, my mother, and sister are slightly scared for me and my siste. He watches videos of men doing horrible things to little girls. (I got that information from my mother) my sister can be mean, but I love her. She has experienced most of my life’s problem. Like drug dealers coming to our house)


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