Aug 6, 2018

Going on vacation!


Okay guys, so I will be gone until Saturday, because I am going on vacation to Lancaster, Pennsylvania! I am being forced to leave all devices behind so I can ’go back to the time when there were no electronics’ for a week. Please, do not role-play too much while I’m gone, or I’ll have to spend hours and hours catching up when I get back. No need to pause, but just keep the role-playing at a minimum, please. And if anything momentous happens while I’m gone, as soon as I comment somewhere please alert me so I can look for myself! I hate missing momentous, life-changing posts. Well, bye! I’ll miss you all!

Aug 6, 2018

Bye, hope you have fun. And I'll limit my RPs to 5 role play comments per day, I'll also put the links of important posts (fanfics, challenges, amazing fanart, & life changing announcements) here when/if they are made

Aug 6, 2018

Cya Wisp Wisp! Hope you have a great time! :D

Aug 11, 2018

It was AMAZING!!!! The Amish make the BEST ICE CREAM EVER. You have absolutely NO idea. And the buffet (Shady Maple)! Oh my gosh! I also got a super pretty horse necklace. Everything else is too personal (too connected to my family) to talk about. But anyways, I had a VERY good time.

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