May 5

Game Idea!


Hey! So on Wattpad, there are these types of games called "Clan Village" which is used widely by the Warrior Cats Community on Wattpad. I was thinking we could do that on here, but with pegasi. So "Herd Village" is what it would be called, I guess.

This is where you create a clan(or rather herd in this case) and build it. You use commands, like /make (Morningleaf) forage with (Star, Bumblewind, Dewberry, and Echofrost), and I would say back, With five pegasi, you have found fifty berries!, or something like that. You create a form and start off with an over-stallion, lead mare, medicine mare, and two other stallions or mares, describe what your territory would look like, the name of your territory. You can ally with one herd and have as many enemies as you want. Or we could do a command game. Roleplay is optional in these things.

What do you say?

Tell me your opinion down below ^~^


I can't find this gaming Wattpad, Where is it?

May 5

There is an example by xXTranquilSnowXx

Its name is Operose.

May 5

Or just search up warriors clan village

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Oh my hundred year star yes! :D

May 5

This seems like a bit confusing, but I'm sure it will make more sense once we get going, so I'm game if everyone else is

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