Aug 2, 2017

Drawn 7


Edited: Aug 2, 2017

Moonheart drew up her shield and went in, the small jar of starfire was held in her mouth, so she would be able to fly. She dived in. When Moonheart was right above the blazing lava she looked for a area to place the small, but dangerous matter. She looked around the place until she found a deep, hollow spot to secure the starfire. She placed it behind small rocks so even if the volcano belched and the hole gave way, the matter would stay in place. She flew up unharmed. "I think were safe." silence layed upon them. Brackentail finally spoke. "So now all we have to do is defeat Elmglade right?" Moonheart chewed her lip. But the real question is, how. If we can't use are starfire, were as good as dead. Maybe we can't do this. But we have to try, and defeat him.

"What if we attack him from a distance. Star knows attack from the trees. Something about throwing rocks? He can teach us... that.." Riversun offered. "I can. And we all know he doesn't know how to use his shield. We best be heading home." Star said. The group agreed heading back to there homeland. They rode the jetstreams and arrived to see nothing but chaos. Morningleaf gasped and Moonheart's heart filled with grief. The trees were in flames. The corpses of pegasi scattered the bloody grass. The newborns bleated looking for there dams. The standing pegasi begged for mercy to. And the only pegasi with a smug face was Elmglade... and his followers. It can't be. But we saw him a day ago in the Jungle Herd Grounds? Elmglade looked at them. "At last." He brayed.

Aug 2, 2017

Hewwo! :) I noticed that I didn't do a second and I just had a couple mins to do a second. ;-; So I wen't on my i-pad at 1:00 in the morning. I usually do my stories at 9:00, like I did for Part 7. And I had little time before I get blasted with another broken promise I can add to my list. ;-; So here it is. I gotta read Windborn for the 6th time. Enjoy. ;-;

Aug 2, 2017

I DID!!!!!! And enjoy Windborn!

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  • This is just a random theory I got from my disorganized fandoms brain of mine. This has to deal with black foals, I know one of the books say that all the black foals after nightwing were killed at birth, but is it possible that the tame pegasi over were the landwalkers are. To have a black foal? This is just a theory but something interesting.
  • During the battle of the black foals, another group of pegasi headed off in the opposite direction, than the pegasi that went to the Territory of the Landwalkers. And they ended up on a large island, 5 thousand years later, the pegasi of Anok became a legend. They are now a fully functional herd. What new dangers will the herd face? Will the end up back on Anok? Add your OCs, name, age, gender, family, rank, dislikes and likes, and discription in the comments. Rules. 1, when doing a non roleplay comment use these () 2, limit of 3 characters, (may change) 3, have fun! Overstallion. (Nightsong) Lead Mare, Captains, Battle mare captain, Dasiyfire Battle mares, Thundershine Medicine mare, Mares, Lightsong Under-staillions Yearlings Foals.
  • Welcome to the message board tiger! You can just call me Sunblaze or Sunjazz, there are many amazing people on here! If you have any questions just ask, anyways WELCOME! 🎉🎉🎉🐎🐎🐎


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