Jan 15



ok so I know this is random but whats the deal with bacon! Why are people in U.S. wo crazy about bacon just why? I mean it doesn't even taste that good. From the pictures I have seen t looks like it has been fried as much as possible. In Australia when you ask for bacon you basically get ham. Our bacon is ham there is little difference between the two. But back to the point can bacon really be that good that your country makes a national bacon day! I'm serious look it up national bacon day is on the 31st of December. Just please help me to understand the craze about bacon because I'm confused.

how? it may be better there but here it tastes like mid way cooked ham

Jan 15

Exactly, isn't it delicious? Bacon is seriously one of the best foods out there😋

no it isn't delicious. Im starting to feel like the only one that doesn't like bacon.

@Brightberry how can something be crunchy and chewy? I think I get it. but I don't get it.

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Jan 15

I personally like crunchy bacon i don't like juicy

but then it will be dry. and kinda taste like leather won't it ?

This is a random post, but seriously America you love bacon so much you have a day dedicated to it? Good idea bacon is delicious. ;)

Jan 15

Oh we have days dedicated to everything, though most of the time people don't know about them

Personally, I’m not a bacon person. I’m a sausage person. And DON’T YOU DARE say it’s basically the same thing, you know it’s not.

I don't like sausages..... unless it is drowned In fat and served with onions. And it has to be on a white piece of bread. (there is nothing more Australian then a sausage on white bread)

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Jan 16

You all are gonna hate me about this.... but... i














Jan 16

It's ok! we don't all have to like it! :)

May 23

what Sunblaze said :D

bacon is so goodddddddddddd.... deep fried in oil to perfection.... crisp, salty crust and juicy tender delishshshshs.....

ok now that bacon sounds goooooddd

Stop making me HUNGRY! Now I want a bacon and sausage sandwich.

Feb 5

I hate bacon.

I can't stomach it... It's too greasy, even though you can pat it out.

XD. I do too. For some reason it doesn't click with me like biscuits and gravy MMMMMM.... I don't like eggs too much, either..... Huh...

biscuits and gravy? I will stick to Tim tams and milk

Feb 6

my friend LOVES BACON so much she adores it

Well, to be fair the States have a national holiday for everything. Also, you can't forget assumptions. I believe its true that a lot of people like it, but there are a lot of vegans and people that don't. I personally don't like bacon, although that shouldn't apply here. (lol) I would rather have turkey bacon. Also, that's because it's Canadian bacon, it's from a different side of the pig. (back bacon).

May 23

i live in the USA and bacon is wayyyy overrated here. in my opinion i think bacon is ok. but i have to be craving it

May 23

yea same I need to be craving bacon to want it.

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