Dec 16, 2018

Across the Dark Water... Again


Edited: Dec 16, 2018

"Happy birthday Lilyfeather!" , I told my eldest daughter on her 3rd birthday. " Look, I know that only landwalkers do this, but I have a presont for you."

"PRESENT, mama." , she corrected. "Thank you. Anyways, this present is not an object.

And because some of us need some fresh air, because MINTFLAME isn't doing her job, if you want to, you, Brackenspruce, Moondew, Hazelblossom, Maplesun, Twistmountain, Duststorm, Silverdaisy, and others will cross the Dark Water with us, again. We will find a more diverse territory, spread our kind even further. But I can't do this without you. Are you in?" I was relieved when she replied enthusiastically

"Of.. OF COURSE!!! Thank you so much!!! When are we leaving?!" " I'm so glad you're all in to this! Well we leave after the steeds who hail from Mountain Herd make us 100 baskets to fill with food, prepare for the journey by fasting days at a time and strengthening our mucles, and after we find out who else wants to come." Then I brayed, "Me and a group of pegasi are leaving the Sandwen Realm! We have Ecocloud's blessing, and will leave as soon as possible! Form a group by the tallest Dogwood tree IF you have the courage to come! Follow your heart, not your fear!" And I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was exited to see it. It would become the home of hopefuly 100 pegasi and me, our future. It would strengthen our spirits. Change the course of our lives. We would cross the Dark Water... again. I brayed one final time, "You have 'til the next full moon to join..." I paused as I thought of a name, "Sky Herd. Who's in?"

Dec 16, 2018


Dec 16, 2018

This seems like it will be a very good fanfic. I can't wait to read more

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