Jun 14, 2017

Trapped 2 (after windborn)


Edited: Jul 3, 2017

Star awoken face to face with redfire. He startled scrambling to his feet. "Whats wrong?" "The council needs you." "What for?" "We had an incident. Stormtail's army raided us, killed 2 of our steeds." Star was soon following Redfire into the heart of his giant herd. Sweetroot, Clawfire, Redfire, Ashrain, Star, Brackentail, Morningleaf, and Shadepebble. "Stormtail's herd is very small. Not even close to half as big as ours." Star said. "So we should end them right now before the matter becomes worst. " Redfire interfered. Clawfire shook his head "There is another way we can unite them." Ashrain lowered her head. "Our herd is large. We need an overstallion and a lead mare!" Each and every steed stared at Star. He lowered his head. Fine I'll be overstallion but the council will continue but my opinion is only final. Agreed?" "Agreed." "Now all we need is a lead mare to lead the migrations.

Jun 14, 2017Edited: Jul 3, 2017

Stay tuned for part 3!

Hi Sophia! I made a new category called HERD CHAT. You might want to group your posts together there, so they're all in one place. Otherwise it's difficult to follow them. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2017

Just saw the new catagory! Its great. thanks jennifer :)

Jun 15, 2017

be sure to watch part 1 on guest book cassie! the rest of the series will be posted on herd chat :)

Jul 13, 2017Edited: Jul 13, 2017

Then every head, every eye, every attention in Dawn Meadow that everyone had, was turned to Morningleaf. Star smiled. Morningleaf smiled back. "Okay," she said, exhaling. "I'll be Lead Mare with pleasure." Brackentail jolted as slightly as possible, as if struck but not wanting to let it show he was hurt. But it was enough. Star and Morningleaf instantly regretted what they did next. "Brackentail, we're-" that was all they could say before Brackentail galloped into the sky. CONTINUATION U CAN USE IF WANT :)

Jul 13, 2017

That was a neat little story you made there!

Jul 15, 2017

Cass if u were talking to me, then thanks :) if not, then ignore this comment :$

Jul 15, 2017

I was talking to u, so yw!

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