Feb 8, 2018

The Love Story Of Windwing and Wispiflower 17


Windwing: -perks ears and wing palms- She is gonna have to be guarded like royalty from Racewind. -bolts after her-

Wispifrost: -starts to whimper- Daddy, we need to find Mama!

Coperpool: I guess I have no choice if I want to help rescue them. -nuzzles Rainblaze- -puts his forehead against her’s and looks into her eyes with his serious ones- Keep safe, I’ll be back in a few days. -kicks off and flies in the same direction Mintbreeze and Racewind had taken their captives-

-after a few hours lands in the valley just as Wispifrost says “Daddy, we need to find mama!” and freezes at the words, coming out of the shadow where he had been hiding- What happened? Is Wispiflower gone again? If so how and why?

Rainblaze: -nods and watches him leave-

-turns to the fillys- Well..

Windwing: -looks at Coperpool- Take care of them please -jumps into the sky and chases after Wispiflower-

Wispiflower: -scowls, wishing she could take care of this annoying stallion herself and not need any help- -glares at him- What’s the point in taking me when you know you will get killed?!

Racewind: -shrugs- You’re worth it I guess. -flies faster when he spots Windwing but doesn’t let Wispiflower see him-

Windwing: -snorts and pumps wings faster, determined to get her-

Racewind: -speeds up even more-

Wispiflower: -snorts-Why are you going faster? Like you said, we have all night

-tries to look around him-

Racewind: -blocks her view so she gives up quicker and becomes his mate-

Windwing: -goes faster and catches up, grabbing Racewind’s tail- Wispiflower! Fly!

-bites harder and brakes, stopping Racewind- Ready to go on a fun roller coaster again?

Wispiflower: -surprised and pales again- -breaks out of Racewind’s grasp and flies at full speed, pumping wings so fast they’re a blur-

Racewind: -whirls around- No!

Windwing: -quickly twirls around with Racewind in tow and lets go, flinging him into the air-

Racewind: -falls for a minute then regains wings just before he crashed, flying after Wispiflower again-

-catches her tail in his mouth-

Wispiflower: -kicks him with such force he immediately hits the ground- -flies to Windwing’s side- Thanks, but you didn’t have to rescue me again. -flies to Junetree-

Windwing: -snorts and chases after her, landing next to her- If you didn’t want me to help you, why’d you scream my name?

Wispiflower: -stops and shrugs- I don’t know, instinct I guess.

Windwing: Yeah right.

Windwing: We’ve only been mates for two years, and you’ve been captured 5 times only. How could that be instinct?

Wispiflower: -stiffens and continues flying then stops again and flies back- I lied to Racewind, I’m not with foal. I couldn’t bare lying but when you overheard I felt really guilty. I’ve just been on edge since.

Windwing: -cocks head sideways, confused- We already two twin foals, and I have you. Why are you disappointed?

Wispiflower: I’m not..

Windwing: Ok..

Wispiflower: I just felt really guilty. I almost never lie, and when I do it really hurts me. -makes guilty face and smiles sadly- Actually I was a little disappointed that I was lying. You Whitefrost and Wispifrost give me so much joy, I just wanted more of it.

Windwing: As long as you have joy, that’s enough

(“Awkward!” is what I would be thinking in those circumstances lol)

Wispiflower: I know... Windfrost, -leans against him since they had landed earlier- I’m so scared.

Windwing: Dont be. From now on, we will guard you and the three foals. By we I mean me, Coperpool, Mapleglade, and Junetree. We need to guard you like your a princess in a castle

Wispiflower: -looks up into his handsome face- That’s just it, I don’t want to have to be guarded like royalty, I want to be able to take care of myself.

Windwing: Racewind will take you again.

Wispiflower: -puts face in wings- I know, I just- I don’t want to have to run anymore! -sobs-

Windwing: -puts head over her neck- I know.

Windwing: Killing Racewind and Mintbreeze will leave us safe. But.. Crimsonwind will be an orphan, and I like that colt. He’s not his parents.

Wispiflower: -stops sobbing for a moment to nod- I like him too. -leans against him for physical and emotional support-

Windwing: If Racewind comes back and tries to take you again, I’m going to kill him. I’m serious. He’s had enough chances to come to his wits

Wispiflower: -looks up at him- You have all right to do so. If he comes back, please get rid of him.

Windwing: -nods- I will

Wispiflower: -breaks out in tears again- Why can’t life be simpler?!

Windwing: I don’t know.. but we need these challenges to learn and grow strong.

Wispiflower: -wipes eyes- I guess- I know you’re right.

Windwing: Not saying I like them though..

Wispiflower: -nickers- Of coarse, no one does

Windwing: -nods-

Wispiflower: -goes serious again and puts head atop his neck and closes eyes- I love you.

Windwing: -nickers softly-

Wispiflower: -moves away and wipes her eyes again- Let’s go back to the others.

Windwing: -nods and looks around- Walk right beside me, I can’t have Racewind try to take you again

Wispiflower: Okay. -says calmly but in mind says:- Ugh, I wish that stallion had never been born.

Windwing: -continues walking- I’m sick of him

Wispiflower: -looks at him strangely because he read her mind- Yeah. -keeps walking also-

Windwing: -looks around- I feel like he’s here

Wispiflower: -looks around- I don’t see anyone

Windwing: He could be hiding. -shakes nervously- I’m so scared that he’ll be here again

Wispiflower: -puts wing on his shoulder comfortingly, feeling braver then she was feeling earlier- Don’t Be scared of him, you are better than he is. You have no reason to be scared of him.. except that he could capture me, but like I said, you are better than him.

Windwing: I’m scared he’ll take you again.

Wispiflower: Well, you’re right next to me so I doubt he would risk it.

Windwing: I hope not

Racewind: -limps away when he sees Windwing with Wispiflower- -makes it back to Mintbreeze and plops on the ground- -stares at the broken leg Windwing had given him earlier- Where’s Crimsonwind?

Mintbreeze: -stares at his leg and shrugs-

Mintbreeze: What happened?

Racewind: -stares hard at the ground- Windwing

Windwing: ucciderò Racewind se tornerà (translation: “I will kill Racewind if he comes back.”)

Wispiflower: Whaaat?

Wispiflower: I have no idea what you just said.

Wispiflower: -nickers- Let’s just get back to the others.

Windwing: Ok -nickers-

Wispiflower: aspetta stai parlando in questa lingua? (translation: “Wait are you talking in this language?”)

Windwing: -shrugs- Immagino (translation: “I guess.”)

Wispiflower: Aspetta, come possiamo parlare in diverse lingue? (translation: “Wait, how can we speak in different languages?”)

Windwing: non ne ho idea (translation: “I have no idea”)

Windwing: We should probably stop -nickers-

Wispiflower: -nickered- Ma questo è abbastanza bello!

(translation: “But this is fun!”)

Windwing: -nickers again and stops, looking around- I feel like someone is here.

Wispiflower: -shivers- Me too.

Wispiflower: -whirls around- What was that...?

Windwing: What was what? -perks ears and looks around-

Wispiflower: I heard something back there. -points to the forest behind them-

Windwing: -narrows eyes- Stay close to me

Wispiflower: -simply nods slowly and walks as close to him as possible- I don’t like this....

Feb 8, 2018

Hehe, but shorter than normal, but eh, whatever. Enjoy!

Feb 8, 2018

This is awesome!! And super intense.


Una trama intensa e impresionante, algo así como The Guardian Herd

Feb 9, 2018

WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I probably only know piglatin but AMAZING STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 9, 2018

It's Spanish, go to Google Translate


And btw it's a compliment

Feb 9, 2018

Yea. Yo ablas espanol pero no mucho. Porque estamos ablando espanol?

Feb 9, 2018

No lo sé, pero tu historia es tan intensa que me recuerda a la serie The Guardian Herd, es lo que dije



And I'm actually taking French at school but my mom sometimes like to speak Spanish at home. She isn't Spanish, if you were wondering.

Feb 9, 2018

Oh wait it was Wispi and Cass who wrote this. Buen trabajo chicos!!

Feb 9, 2018


Feb 9, 2018

I said: An intense and impressive plot, very similar to the Guardian Herd. Great job!!


Then: I do not know, but your story is so intense that it reminds me of the Guardian Herd series, that's what I said


Finally: Great job guys!

Feb 19, 2018

Lol woah! (Btw me and Cass had to use google to do this lol we thought it would be fun and a bit of relief to the drama though)

Feb 19, 2018

Cass never looks at these posts so you may have to tell her somewhere else

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