Aug 11, 2017

Star + Star & Morningleaf Drawings


Yeah my machine somehow mucked up so this was supposed to be the last pic anyways enjoy!

Hello! Last night i read the end of Landfall (again) and i was inspired to draw about it. I also included a few other drawings i did last night. Obviously, its fan art of Starleaf (only insane ppl wouldnt post fan art of Starleaf in their lifetime) so here they are:

This is when Star blasted the golden fire into space (I couldnt be bothered colouring them in btw). Also i mucked up the tail, the bent leg...... practically everything. Here are the Starleaf ones:

Yeah i know looks weird. But hey, dont say i didnt warn you when i said "I suck at drawing and practically life" lel XD

Hope u liked them!!

Aug 11, 2017

Yeah, there not the worst drawings :)

Aug 11, 2017

gee... thanks... XD thanks guys!! Looking back at it, they look weirder than before. Kts actually sad because last night when i drew them i felt proud of myself and that i had actually achieved something in life...

Aug 12, 2017

Lol i feel u echomoon xD i suck at drawing. 😃

Aug 14, 2017

lel well im just glad im not he only one out there...... Actually, when i got my mid-year report i nearly fell off my bed when i saw i had achived a "High" in Visual Arts XD

Aug 20, 2017

Wow! Nice job! I especially like the one where, no , I'm not gonna pick favorites....








I especially like all of em!

Aug 21, 2017

really Wispiflower?? Thanks!!

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