Dec 25, 2017

Ashpetal’s Prize!


I am so sorry this is so late! i totally forgot about it! but i finished it really quickly. Here you go! I didnt color in the skin because I didnt know what ethnicity she would be and I didnt want to assume. And the outfit and hair is totally random so sorry for that. anyways Here it is!


Dec 25, 2017

That's amazing, and she looks like she might be from China or Japan

Dec 25, 2017

True. And thank you Ashpetal!!! I’m am so honored you used my art in you’re profile picture!!

That’s so cool! The heel on the right boot is a bit too round (you probably knew that already lol), but otherwise it’s practically perfect in every way!

Apr 4

I think that's part of the style Wispi

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