May 1, 2018

Oh no!!

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Oh no!! I just found out there was a giveaway of one copy of the book on a website. I'm probably way too late but I entered just in case.

As you know, I REALLY want this book- no I NEED this book and so wish me luck!!

Crossing my fingers!!


May 1, 2018

I’ll do a quick prayer! They’re better then luck.

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  • As you must all know, book three probably came out or already came out this month, right? Who's excited? Me? I dunno. I read them, but I'm not that into the series. Like Warriors Cats, but I don't really read Warriors anymore. Even the new ones. But the original series will always have a place in my heart. The first time I found it I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I believe. I was what--eight? Nine? Ten? And then I found the website right before sixth grade. And now I'm thirteen, turning fourteen in March. Eighth grade. I've changed a lot, but I feel like I haven't changed at all in some ways. It's been a long time. To think it has been three or four years, Wispi, Echo, Flamebrain, Dragon, Pananah, Misty, and tons more that have been here since I've arrived. Cats, Olive, etc. Maybe less, maybe more. So many new people have joined, Rain left and came back, the video calls, chats, Riders of the Realm started, too. So...who can't wait for book three? And yikes, this did not mean to be nostalgic or mopey. But y'know. - s k i p p y -
  • I am so excited for ROTR #3!!!!!! Who else is? I wonder what else will happen in book #3?? Any guess??????
  • Any ideas with what Brauk would feel when he sees Echofrost being flown back without Rahkki? With a Sandwen arrow in her. And what the clan will to with Dewberry as she is having twins. There are lots of things happenin. And what happens to Rizah? Will she die? Too many questions and too long to wait for them to be answered.


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