Aug 22, 2017

What Was Your Reaction?: Starfire


Edited: Aug 22, 2017


So I was wondering what your guys reactions were when you read Starfire! I'll list some questions:


1: When you read the first words

2: When Mossberry died/the migration

3: When Brackentail tried to kill Star

4: When Echofrost and Brackentail were captured

5: When you realized Lightfeather was dead, and who she was

6: When Rockwing asked to have Star in exchange for Echofrost and Brackentail

7: When Star was kidnapped by Frostfire at Feather Lake

8: When Star was fighting with Brackentail and Stripestorm

9: When you realized Star was a black foal and could have the starfire

10: When Silvercloud hid Star

11: When Silvercloud was banished

12: Star's time at Crabwing's Bay

13: When Sun Herd fought all the other herds

14: When Grasswing died.. 😔

15: When Star killed Snakewing

16: When Star was saved by Silverlake and the others

17: When Star surrended to the over-stallions

18: When Morningleaf sacrificed herself to save Star

19: When Star got the starfire and healed Morningleaf

20: When Star led his new herd away from the remaining over-stallions

21: When you realized who Nightwing was....


If you guys dont mind please let us know your reactions!


Aug 22, 2017Edited: Aug 22, 2017

Here are mine:


1: 😱 -addiction-

2: 😩

3: Brackentail you will pay...

4: 😳 ..Echofrost?? Please don't die!

5: Why can't she be alive? :(

6: Nice try.

7: Please live please live..

8: Get 'em Star get 'em!

9: Ohhhhhhhh this is interesting...

10: Aww Star's gonna be lonely..

11: She doesn't deserve that!

12: Please live please live..

13: Oh boy..


15: I didn't like Snakewing anyways.. point for Star!

16: Oh thank goodness..

17: 😳


19: That's a good boy..

20: I love this book... I love this book.. PLEASE MAKE MORE

21: I hope hes dead..


Aug 22, 2017

This is a good idea!


1: 😮

2: Oh my god... 😨


4: NO! Not Echofrost!!

5: Oh no... poor Star 😢

6: Yeah right! Like that'll ever happin 😏

7: 😬 No...

8: You can do it Star!

9: No way! That's AWESOME!!!

10: But... he could get captured!

11: 😦

12: This is pretty cool!

13: Omg 😧😧😧😧😧

14: NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

15: Alright Star!

16: Yes!!!

17: No!!!

18: 😰 M... Morningleaf?

19: Omg! You did it Star!

20: Yay Star!!! 😄😄

21: Wait... Nightwing is! -gasp- 😦

Aug 22, 2017Edited: Aug 22, 2017


2- Why!?!

3- Why that little...

4- How come Echofrost is captured? Why couldn't have been just Brackentail!

5- That's awful!

6- Why do villains have make things of hard?!?

7- Bring him back!

8- Why can't they just leave Star alone?

9- This is going to be AWSOME!

10- How come Morningleaf or Bumblewind couldn't go with him

11- Thunderwing is being ridiculous

12- I wish I was there....

13- Wait! Is Thunderwing good or bad?


15- .....COOL!!!

16- Here we go!

17- Don't just stand there!


19- Few!

20- Glad that's over.............WHERE'S THE NEXT BOOK!!!

21- What!?! No!!!

Aug 22, 2017

You should do this with ALL the books Cass. This was a lot of fun! 😁

Aug 22, 2017

I agree

Aug 22, 2017

I'm glad u guys liked it! And I'm planning on too! ;D

Aug 22, 2017

1. Addicted!!!!

2. Why did she have to die?!!?

3. Really Brackentail? >:(

4. Not Echofrost!!!

5. I felt really sad for Star

6. Oh no.......

7. Is Star going to die??!!!?

8. That's not a fair fight!!

9. Woahhhhh

10. Star's gonna be so lonley...

11. Wow Thunderwing

12. Loved his new friend Crabwing!!! but then Snakewing killed him!!!! >:((((

13. OMG! Sun Herd won't stand a chance!

14. Fly straight and find your rest Grasswing... but i was glad he got to settle things with Rockwing

15. I was kinda shocked that Star could do that...

16. Star will live!!!!!

17. this could be a good thing but no :0

18. No morningleaf!!

19. Woahhhhhh.... Starleaf <3

20. Yessssss

21. uh ohhhhhhhh


Aug 22, 2017

I like 19 Goldenleaf lol that's so true

Aug 27, 2017Edited: Aug 27, 2017

1: Poor Star! I LOVE THIS!!! -addiction begins-

2: That was NOT necessary.


4: Yay that Brackentail is gone! Why did it have to be awesome Echofrost? 😟

5: But.. but! I didn't even get to meet her!


7: That was fast.

8: Beet em Star!

9: Cool!!!

10: This is only going on because of over-stallion dumbness.

11: SERIOUSLY THUNDERWING?!?! She's your true love!!!

12: Crabwing was cool! R.I.P.

13: There's no chance that they're gonna win with this dumb over-stallions.

14: Why!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!!!!??!!!! I loved you Grasswing. 😥

15: Oh well, didn't like him anyway.

16: Woohoo!! Go team!!

17: Why are you doing this?!?!?!

18: NOOOO!!!!! Morningleaf!! If you die, I'll die with you.

19: YES!!!! GO TEAM STARLEAF!!!!!!

20: Woah! That was fast! I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM!!

21: Ummmmm... -hopes that Nightwing doesn't come back to Anok then realizes he probobly will- Nooo!!! Things are going so smoothly though!!!

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