Sep 14

The Appaloosa


Edited: Sep 18

Ah, yes, The Appaloosa! One of my favorites! Blanket or spotted, the Appaloosa is beautiful. Here, I have made a few that I think you all will enjoy!


Appaloosa 1

Appaloosa 2

Appaloosa 3

Appaloosa 4

Appaloosa 5

Appaloosa 6

Appaloosa 7

Appaloosa 8 (adopted)

Flamefeather, for Clawmist.

Appaloosa 9

Appaloosa 10

Appaloosa 11

Appaloosa 12

I hope you all find the right Appaloosa for you! ^^

Sep 15

Idk if you're familiar with these, but here's a few more types of appaloosas:


Snowflake Appaloosa


Marble Appaloosa


White Blanket Appaloosa


Frosted Appaloosa


Sep 15

I know, I know... but how was I suppose to make those just right in that game? :/ I tried all sorts of ways! Guess it didn't work out right :/

Sep 16

@Autumnsky yeah, there are only so many options you can do, I just wanted to make sure you knew of the other really cool appaloosa variations

Sep 17

Appaloosa 2, 4, and 9 are my favorites. Especially 2! Good work. They're realy cute.

I was like, i like that one... no that one... wait... i like that one better... I lov... no wait I like this one....

Sep 19

Lol, do you want one or not? ^^ I'm glad you like them... all? XD Thank you!

Sep 19

Wait can we adopt! If so *pushes everyone out of the way and points to appaloosa 2* That one's mine. (Oof got a little dark there)

Sep 23

x does the same with Appaloosa 9 x

COuld ii have ten pwweesszzzeee??? His name is Huckleblizzard... (almost spelled Huckle-lizzard!)

Sep 23

can I please have appaloosa 9?

name: Ashstorm

Ash = his coat + his fiery personality. after his fire's spit, there'll be nothing left but ashes.

Storm = his coat + how much others depend on him. they're the flowers, he's the storm. he allows others to lean on him and offers his utmost support, whether close friends, his crush, or complete strangers. (much like how flowers need water to grow - they're the flowers, he's the water. even though he comes with clouds and lightning and thunder, everyone he meets takes a liking to him. and they love him, thunder and all.)

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