Aug 11, 2018

TGH RP O.C. Chat 47


There ya go Nightmist.

Aug 11, 2018

( YAY! Thank you XD )

Aug 11, 2018

( Also I commented on Star's RP )

Lighthaven: x ears droop and eyes turn big x What do they mean dad?

Oceanbreeze: O_O x bites lip x ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!! Geez....... Okay, so this game is T or D and it involves shipping :) Just glad I'm not involved ANY more.

Lighthaven: O_O x gags x

Flare: x nickers x I'm not worried. :)

Nightmist: -.- OH you REALLY should be buddy....... -.-

Oceanbreeze and Lighthaven: Yeah. You REALLy should be. :)

Goldenleaf: Ye-up. :)


Aug 11, 2018

Wintertwilight: -goes over and hears that little comment Oceanbreeze made- Wait, what is going on here?

Aug 11, 2018

Oceanbreeze: x shuts mouth tight and whispers to Lighthaven x I'll see you on the other side sonny. x disappears the next second x

Lighthaven: O_O. Why is he so afraid of you mother?

Aug 11, 2018

Wintertwilight: -shrugs with an innocent smile- I have no idea, sweetheart. Could you bring him back so I can ask him that, please? -another totally innocent smile-

Aug 12, 2018Edited: Aug 12, 2018

Blossomflight:-overheard their talk- "Oh no! Not again...."

River: -evil smile-

Sunshade: -is clueless- "Huh? Wat?"

River: "OKAY!!!! Who wants to go first? Any volunteers? Any victims?"

Aug 12, 2018

River: -got an idea- "If we have no volunteers, then we have victims! I will choose whoever I wish! So, I ask again, Volunteers or victims!?"she said, cracking an evil smile

Sunshade -closes his mouth-

Orchidlflame: O-O

Aug 13, 2018

Goldenleaf: x zips mouth shut x

Nightmist: x shakes head x

Oceanbreeze: x comes back but doesn't answer Wintertwilight's question.....yet x

Iceleaf: NOPE

Stormblaze: I prefer last :)

Lighthaven: x absolutely clueless x Uhh........I guess I will...?

All of my OCs: May Lighthaven, son of Oceanbreeze and Wintertwilight, brother of Wavesplash, Rest in Piece........s

Lighthaven: O_O

Aug 13, 2018

Wintertwilight:O-O -dawns on her-  -starts to protest-

Junetree: -straps Wintertwilight’s muzzle shut with tape so she won’t yell anything about shipping her son- You’ll be fine lil guy :)

Wintertwilight: -motioning wildly with her wings-

Junetree: Where were you, Riverbreeze? -materializes back into the crowd-

Aug 13, 2018Edited: Aug 13, 2018

Riverbreeze: "Ah, yes, Thank you Junetree. And I'll need Orchidflame to come forward as well!"

Orchidflame: "M-me? Why?' she asked, skeptically

Blossomflight: -flared her wings and was about to scream a protest-

Diamondsong:- taped her mouth shut as well-


Blossomflight: -says something beneath the tape, but Orchidflame can't understand-

River: "C'mon Orchidflame! Step right up!" -she said, motioning with her wings to Lighthaven-

Orchidflame:-came forward-

River: "Alright! Who's next? We need even more volunteers, or victims for this game to work. And trust me, it'll be worth it!"

Aug 13, 2018Edited: Aug 13, 2018

Gray: -was standing next to River- "Okay, Orchidflame. Please stand over here and Lighthaven you stay where you are." he said, pointing to a spot on the ground bout 3 winglengths away from Lighthaven-

Orchidflame: -went over to the spot-

River: "Now, like I said, volunteers, or victims?" -no one raised their wing, so she looked around the grouped pegasi- "Mintcreek and Coalblaze! Please step up!"

Mintcreek: -sighs, but walks forward-

River: "Diamondsong and Goldenleaf. Come forward!"

Gray: "Wavesplash and Sunshade."

River: -called the rest of the ships forward-

Aug 13, 2018

Junetree: -face palm- -takes River aside- You were supposed to have everyone in position before you activated the force field, not just two of them. -steps in front of the trapped Orchidflame with a reassuring smile- It’s just part of the game. No reason to worry, child.

Aug 13, 2018

Lighthaven: ? Is this supposed to be fun?

Oceanbreeze: x bites lip x

Goldenleaf: -.-

Aug 13, 2018

( you want me to change that? Ya, I'll change bad)

Aug 13, 2018

River: ", for this plan to work, I'll need all the mares and fillies to come forward."

All my female OC's: -they looked at each other, confused, but stepped forward-

River: 'A little more.....Ok! Stop!" she called as all my mares and filled were 3 wing lengths away from the stallions and colts.

Aug 13, 2018

(Fixed it! That was my bad....sorry....)

Aug 13, 2018

(It’s fine! Totally fine! Don’t be sorry!)

Aug 13, 2018Edited: Aug 13, 2018

All my single female OCs: -step into place as well with confused looks exchanged among each other-

Wavesplash: -glances across at Sunshade- Why arewe standing so specifically?

Myriadheart: -looks around in confusion- What did I walk in to??

Aug 13, 2018Edited: Aug 13, 2018

River: "It's apart of the fun!" once every mare and stallion was in place, including her daughter, she secretly pressed the button causing the force field to enclose the mares and shrills of confusion and anger filled her ears, and an evil smile cracked over the Shippers-

Orchidflame: "What??!!! YOU EVIL-" she grunted and kicked the side of the force field, but nothing happened. "HOW DARE YOU KEEP ME IN HERE!!!!"

Sunshade: -his eyes went wide as he saw wave splash struggling and he whirled toward his parents- "Mother??!!!!?! Father?!!!!? What's going on? Why are the mares trapped?" he said, slightly pinning his ears.

Blossomflight: -grumbled-

Mintcreek: -kicked the wall with her two hind hooves as hard as she could, but nothing happened and she only got a hoof-ache- "Ow....SHIPPERS!!! LET US OUT!!!"

River: "Not until the stallions confess their love for you!!!!' -presses the button again, closing the force field lower, making it enclose. The tallest mare had to slightly duck and no body could have their wings open. They had to be folded.-

Sunshade: -watched in horror as the force field enclosed closer to Wavesplash- "Realease them!!!!"

Gray: "We will....when the stallion and mares admits their loaf!" -evil laugh-

River: -evil laugh-

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  • So for a really long time I have been struggling with thing happening in my life. Feeling unloved, having no friends, maybe moving. So I went to a really good friend and she is helping me. I think why I made my oc, Nightsong look the way she does is because that is how I used to feel. When I am all the way healed, how ever long this takes, I want to change my oc to this I want the freedom that Windfeather has. I want to love myself again. Her eyes look like this because you never forget. I choose the name because of the fact that sometimes we are just a feather in the wind. And sometimes we choose the breeze that carrys us. I dont want to be ashamed of who I am. I am brave, caring, hopeful, optimistic, I want to do good in the world. Something I once heard said. "Go out in the world and do good!" The student asked, "Dont you mean do well?" And he said. "Do Good in this world, you only have one chance." Lets go out in the world and do good! Something I just wanted to say was, I read a lot of books and this stuck out to me. A man took an arrow for a girl and they were talking and this is what was said. "It would have hurt me far more if the arrow had hit you." The man said. "Because of your manly pride." The girl said. "Because you are worth protecting! So worth it!" Dragon, RB, Echo, Rainfire. Starleaf. All of this herd needs to know. You are so worth it to God. Go out and do good. Remember you are so worth it to God.
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  • I want people to add their ideas to make this script amazing. look for the post Script for the start of the play. We were thinking of adding to it and see where your pegasi meet in the story. I want to ask anyone to put your ideas in the comments below and me and Icesong would love to hear your comments. I hope you read this and comment. It would be nice to hear other ideas then the one we started. Thank you for your time and we hope to get this play started.


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