Jul 7, 2017

Risen (after trapped )


Edited: Jul 7, 2017

"Catch me if you can!" Moonheart galloped foward her wings hanging on the ground. Windsun went after her, along with Starfrost, and also, Stormflight a handsome young colt Moonheart grew up with. A happy whinny of excited filly filled her ears "Tag!" Windsun bolted foward instead of flying. Starfrost's ears drooped. "Am I that slow?" Moonheart let out a loud nicker. "If you stand there forever!" Stormflight, who was concetrating on cutting Moonheart off, gave way and Moonheart gently touched her hoof at his chest. "Tag!" The 4 friends played the night. Moonheart was aware she had to defeat Riversun. And she learned to use the starfire. Just not much of it. She was glad no one thought she would bring evil like her father, Star, who's herd thought he would bring destruction. When the sun setted, Morningleaf gave a soft nicker. And Starfrost was taken away by Frostfire. Stormflight followed her. By the she was back with her family she nuzzled Stormflight "See ya tomorrow k?" Stormflight nodded and flew off. She had a regular name, she was a regular pegasus, she had friends, but soon she will face her destiny. And she will be ready for it "I wont let my herd down." She whispered.

Jul 7, 2017Edited: Jul 8, 2017

HEY HEY! Season 2!!!!! If your lost or have trouble knowing the gender and color of the new pegasi I will describe them below

Windsun: a small, quick Cremello filly, with blue eyes, dark purple, light purple tipped feathers, white snip on nose

Starfrost: Lol you know the colors xD

Stormflight: A handsome, blue roan young colt, dark brown eyes. Dark red feathers, hind right sock

MOONHEART Bum Bum Bum: Pitch black filly, wide blaze, 4 white socks, magenta golden tipped feathers. Amber eyes (takes it from dam, Morningleaf)

I decided to make the story a bit more happier, beginning with the 4 foals playing together like in the first book "Starfire" Hope you enjoyed! Stay tooned for more! :D

Jul 7, 2017

Where was Star? Kinda missed him, but this episode was yet another smashing success to spite it! Nice job👍🏻

Jul 7, 2017

This season is going to be more focused on Moonheart and the rest. But how could I let star go just like that? :3 He will always be a big part in the series! :) and morningleaf of course :3

Jul 7, 2017

So... I can already see it happening.. Stormflight and Moonheart are like Morningleaf and Star? Am I right or am I right? Lol

Jul 8, 2017Edited: Jul 8, 2017

Just because they grew up together doesnt mean they like eachother. Who know, maybe I might ship Starfrost and Moonheart. Or maybe Stormflight and Moonheart to. xD Cant decide yet, but who knows what future episodes brings. :)

Jul 8, 2017

lol I'm looking forward to the next episodes!

Jul 8, 2017

Phew! I thought you were just going to leave him in the dust!😅Shouldn't have been so hard on ya.

Feb 26, 2018Edited: Mar 4, 2018


Feb 28, 2018

wow great work rain XD ur really good I'm new but am already starting to see everything amazing all the horsum members have done!!!


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