Mar 11

Realm Chat - Characters


Hello! Hallo! Bonjour! Hola! 你好!

Anyways, welcome to the.... REALM CHAT!

What is this you say?

Dear fellow MB member, it lives up to its name! It is a Riders of the Realm Chat!

The only rules are to follow all MB rules, keep it to ROTR so nothing besides ROTR, and please limit yourself to the maximum of three characters.

This is really just a casual chat so whatever you want to happen in the Sandwen tribes, you can do that. For characters, just add a casual list of name, gender, clan, appearance, personality, kihlara, extra, and picture(optional, use our creative brains!)

You can be in the sky guard, you can be a half, you can be a kihlara, a normal sandwen person, ya get da jist.

Be inclusive!


Danke everyone!

~ Skippy

Mar 11

YAY! I always wanted the ROTR RP To come back to life, but this could work too!

Mar 11

Yeah that rp seemed very down and I thought(I gave the rp to Flame), if her objected to me doing this we could share it. I also didn't want a set of rules. People still can participate in both once their up and running ~

I'll do it, but not right now. I'm doing hw lol

Can I just use the old characters from ROTR chat or should I make new characters?

Mar 11Edited: Mar 19

Name: Lilith Ryder

Age: 14

Birthday: March 27th

Gender: Female

Type: Sky Guard

Kihlara: Tempest

Clan: Fifth Clan

Friends: TBD

Family: Eira(mother), Ray(father), Ivy(youngest sister), Erik(second youngest brother), Freya(younger twin sister), Quinn(second oldest sister), and Reyna(oldest sister)

Crush: Not yet...

Husband: NEIN!

Personality: Argumentative, competitive, mature, proud, logical, fierce, intelligent, loyal, cunning, adventurous, ambitious, sweet, calculating, stoic, quick witted, and friendly

Appearance: Slightly wavy medium-long inky black hair with light golden amber eyes speckled with green, about 5' 8", and slightly freckled sun-kissed, olive skin

Extra: Wears a rainbow moonstone necklace, loves doing tricks for fun


Lilith Cassimara


Lilith's Moonstone Necklace










Name: Tempest

Age: 6

Birthday: March 3rd

Gender: Stallion

Type: Sky Guard

Rider: Lilith Cassimara

Clan: Fifth Clan

Friends: TBD

Family: Illivor(sire), Reza(dam)

Crush: Not yet...

Mate: Nah

Personality: Fierce, protective, sweet, short tempered, adventurous, reserved to strangers, and proud

Appearance: True black thoroughbred type stallion with dark chocolate eyes, silky medium long black mane/tail, a white jagged lightning form star, about 16.5 hands, and has stormy violet wings

Extra: Wears moonstone inset silver armor

























Name: Freya Ryder

Age: 14

Birthday: March 27th

Gender: Female

Type: Stable groom

Kihlara: Wishes for one

Clan: 5th Clan

Family: Eira(mother), Ray(father), Ivy(youngest sister), Erik(second youngest brother), Lilith(older twin sister), Quinn(second oldest sister), and Reyna(oldest sister)

Crush: TBD

Mate: Nope

Personality: Shy, understanding, reasonably, logical, intelligent, creative, and ambitious

Appearance: Medium length reddish gold chocolate brown hair with vivid emerald eyes, about 5" 8', with medium light olive skin

Extra: Wants a kihlara but her family can't afford one more for now, wears fire opal necklace




Mar 11Edited: Mar 14

Name: Khallo (Kaa-low) means strong in Landwalker language

Age: 9

Type: tame pegasus

Height: 15.3 hands

Personality: bold, silly/goofy, show off, loyal, and quick-thinker.

Friends: his rider(Glen and basically anybody

Family: his rider(Glen), Aspentail(Tekuri).

Crush: TBD

Wings: turquoise blue each feather outlined in dark gold

Description: bright bay blanket appaloosa with a large star. Jet black mane and tail

Note: Rider is Glen.

Khallo was actually a wild pegasus of Anok, but he was really young so he doesn't remember much. His herd had flown across the Dark Water, but a storm had separated him from his family. He stumbled across 2nd clan in search of his parents. It's where he grew up. His old owners brought him to 5th clan where he got purchased by Glen from an auction.



Mar 12Edited: Mar 14

Name: Glen Sunclimber

Age: 16

Gender: male

Type: stable boy-villager

Friends: mainly Khallo

Family: Brother:Jannok Mom: Delila Dad: died during a flight on his Kilara(that's why he's so shy and has bad dreams)

Clan: 5th Clan

Crush: TBD


Personality: quiet, spends time by himself, strong, creative, problem-solver, is protective when it comes to friends and family and Khallo

Description: 5'8. Tan with lean, round muscles and brown wispi hair. Has grayish-green eyes. He wishes to be Sky Guard He bought a Kihlara at the Clan Meeting. (Khallo)


Note: Khallo is his Kihlara, but he's not in Sky Guard

(without the braces)



Mar 12


Mar 12Edited: Mar 17

Name: Tora Skyglazer

Age: 15

Khilara: Arenathe. Horse: Dareth (He's not mentioned because I already have four ;-;)

Gender: Female

Rank: She has her own Khilara but isn't in the patrol thingy she only rides for fun.

Description: Tan girl with blonde hair ( BRIGHT BRIGHT BLONDE ) And Emerald green eyes

Family: Orphan

Friends: None at the moment

Crush:William Wingdust and Glen Sunclimber Although she is very bad at hiding it, she might tell :)

Clan: 5th clan

Spouse: NOPE x goes away foreverz x

Personality: Kind, caring, smart, thoughtful, quiet, shy, courteaous, friendly, ALWAYS fair :)

Note: Has VERY long hair ;-;. She is also a VERY good trick rider and may sometimes perform for events.



Name: Arenathe Means, sly creature in Landwalker language (Totally made that up :P)

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Type: Tame Khilara

Height: 15.00hh

Breed Relation: Tennesse Walking

Description: Leapord Appaloosa, white mane/tail, bright gold eyes and soft gray muzzle

Feathers: Violet feathers edged in bright green

Rider: Tora Skygrazer.

Freinds: Owner, and Kiliari

Enemies: None currently

Crush: She might have one, but not really :)

Mate: Ewww

Personality: Sly, clever, resembles a fox, secretive, embarrassed very easily, sassy, kind-hearted

Note: She is a very good trick horse.




Mar 12

Name: Cedarpond

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Height: 15 hands

Type: Wild mare

Breed Relation: Arabian

Parents: Rivertail and Stormfeather

Freinds: Storm Herd

Enemies: The clans

Crush: Aspentail

Mate: Hmm...... None currently :)

Feathers: Pink

Description: Exactly like pic because I am too lazy to figure out descritption -.-

Persnality: Kind, helpful, caring, smart, those kinda girls that are goody-two-shoes in school,




Mar 12

dark bay brindle?

Mar 14

@Scipio Cedarpod is actually what's called a reverse brindle. This would be because the brindle pattern most commonly shows up as a darker color then the horse's (or pegasus's) base color. So my best description for Cedarpod's coat, is: reverse bundle (bay) silver dapple

Mar 15

@Dragon hmm I needa stock up on horse colors lol.

Mar 12

Name: Maiya Yellowsun

Age/Rank: 14 and is a stablehand at the Khilari barn

Friends: Everyone

Enemies: Meh

Personality: Calm, cool, quiet, secretive, loving, shy, faithful, trustful,

Clan: 5th clan

Family: She has a father and a mother

Crush: Omari Skyhope


Description: 4.8

in height. Sad looking girl with pale white skin and pitch black and greasy hair. She has big brown eyes though ;)




Mar 12Edited: Mar 12

Name: Xylia Moree (formerly Taya Moree)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Type: Sky Guard Scout/Messenger

Friends: TBD

Family: Thiana Moree (mother & adviser to Queen Lilliam), Redar Moree (father & dead Land Guardsmen), Sema (Thiana's kihlara mare)

Clan: 5th Clan

Crush: TBD

Husband: Not quite yet

Personality: Brave, loyal, agressive, ambitious, intelligent, rule-follower, creative

Description: Longish brown hair, fierce green eyes, tanned skin, about 5'6"

Flyer: Vigilans (bay stallion with dark green wings)






Mar 12

They're both so pretty! :D

this sounds fun! I’ll try to post my characters up soon!!!

Mar 12

Max limit is now four so Nightmist your all set, Cats can do four, I can do two, Dragon can do three, and Brightberry can do two.

Mar 12

Okay, though I don't think I'll be adding anymore characters to this (at least for now)

Mar 17Edited: Mar 17

0 4 1 3 0

Mar 17

Why did I say Brightberry? Riverbreeze*

Mar 12

Hay I just noticed something, am I the only one who has an ROTR OC that does not have a compound last name?

Mar 13

I don't know how to make it up but i want to!

Mar 13

@Scipio I actually got Moree from a name generator

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I'll add more characters later...but i doin hw lol

Mar 13

PHEW. I was going to consider Arenathe as a side character or remove one of them since I had roughly four.

Mar 13

Yeah, I realized three seems too little and five seems to much for me to handle.

Mar 14

Guys, remember there are some people not doing it so if you want, edit out stuff or ask to play those characters, or just leave it.

Mar 14Edited: Mar 14

Name: Aspentail (Tekuri)

Tame name: Tekuri (Teh-cuur-ree)*means 'stubborn son' in Landwalker lang.* (totally made that up)

Age: 10

Gender: stallion

Height: 16.5 hands

Type: Wild pegasus but was captured by Sky guard

Friends: his herd, Khallo, And Cedarpond

Enimies: most landwalkers and dragons

Personality: ornery, is slow to trust strangers, athletic, alert, tenacious, brave, and hot-headed.

Crush: Cedarpond but he's VERY good at hiding it. Like deep, deep, deep ,deeeeeeepppp, down: he's has feelings for her

Mate: None currently

Herd/Clan: Storm herd, but was captured by Landwalkers. Is now in 5th clan.

Wing color: dark, but bright crimson fades into gold

Description: handsome brown brindle with a dark brown mane and tail. 2 front socks and a small dot star

Note: comes from Desert herd. joined Strom herd. Long lost older bro of Khallo. Is still a little wild. Doesn't let too many people get close to him.




Mar 14Edited: Mar 14

Name: Siva (See-vah) Windwatch

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Friends: anyone

Enimies: anyone who messes with her or her clan

Personality: loud, feirce, fearless, teases friends at any chance she gets, speaks her mind, prepared, kind of annoying, and optimistic.

Crush: TBD

Spouse: n.o.

Herd/Clan: 5th clan

Description: Around 5'5. Short dirty blonde hair. Brown eyes. Lean and almost skinny. Likes to come to the Stables and hang out with the steeds.

Note: She wants to tame Tekuri(Aspentail). Not in Sky Guard because she doesn't have a mount. Youngest of 4 sisters. Her parents won't buy her a Kihara because they don't want another mouth to feed.

Pic: (most of a dirty blonde. Needs brown eyes no nose pierce)


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