Jun 10, 2018

Pegasus Valley RP: Part 1


Yup so here's the RP, but before we start I had an idea that some of you guys might not be to thrilled about, but I think that it will improve the amount of people who are a able to participate. So basically everyone will get a max of 8 RP comments per day, you don't have to use them all up every day, and no you can't stock up comments. Chatting back and forth in with these '( )' will not count, but just please don't go to over board with those either.


RULES *Please Read, and Follow*

no more then 8 RP comments a day per role player

no typing if someone else is

keep it 'G' or 'PG'


Character list (alphabetical order by last name) :

B., Elle- 26, female, band member

Begda, Shane- 22, male, college student

Baret, Oscar- 16, male, 10th grader

Delhafer, Maria- 22, female, folklorist, band member

Diaz, Danita Sophia- 12, female, 7th grader

Diaz, Daphne Felina- 12, female, 7th grader, athlete

Diaz, Jayden Salvatore- 11, male,

Drenalyn, Diana- 26, female, artist/author

Fierra, Olyssia- 39, female, high school physics teacher

Fierra, Stephen- 41, male, deployed Airman

Finn, Dareth- 26, male, vocalist, retired Army

Fooyol, Reyena- 22, female, college student

Fox, Olympia Sabrina- 15, female, 10th grader

Fox, Reyna Diane- 17, female, 11th grader

Frederick- 24, male, Disney Animator

Freiner, Scott- 16, male, 10th grader

Geron, Eli- 15, male, 9th grader

Geron, Maddie- 14, female, 8th grader

Geron, Salina- 34, female, flight instructor

Golden, Henry- 19, male, college student

Gordon, Yara- 18, male, 12th grader

Keller, Ruthanne- 19, female, college student

Leopad, Ivan- 22, male, college student

Mastor, Cris- 34, male, deceased

Mastor, Brianna- 14, female, 9th grader

Mastor, Fiona- 38, female, coder

Mastor, Ria- 14, female, 9th grader

Melatro, Nova- 24, female, teacher

Ray, Amara Fabia- 16, female, 10th grader

Ray, Larry- 39, male, veterinarian

Ray, Rachel Fiona- 39, female, Athlete

Ray, Rebecca Tala- 18, female, 12th grader,

Ray, Troy Raul- 18, male, 12th grade

Shawn, Franklin Samuel- 20, male, college student

Silveria, Aurora Sira- 14, female, 9th grader

Silveria, Catalina Rosemary- 19, female, college student/stable hand/babysitter

Silveria, Jasmine Montana- 25, female, barista

Sylvia, Freya- 24, female, councilor at high school

West, Mason Isaac- 39, male, Air Force NCO, currently deployed

West, Michelle Christine- 38, female, Lawyer, retired US Air Force

West, Penelope Sophia- 7, female, 2ed grader

West, Samuel Felix- 14, male, 8th grader, CAP cadet

West, Seth Sabastian- 14, male, 8th grader, at boarding school


Have fun guys!!!!

Jun 10, 2018

(Oh, and please do it in 'story mode'. Like my other RPs)

Jun 10, 2018

( EEEEEIIIIYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Jun 10, 2018

(How is this going to work? Do we each choose a character or two and then roleplay with them? What is the setting? There aren't any pegasi, are there? Or are these people supposed to be riders of the realm?)

Jun 10, 2018

Diana was at home practicing piano for her band with her best friend Nova at her side. Diana played a song they had written and when she was done she looked up at Nova who was smiling. "So?" She asked.

"Amazing!" Nova said. The two friends shared a hug and went back to practicing.


Ria Mastor was on the bus to school and reading a ook in the same seat with her sister who was listening to some Music on her IPhone.


Jun 10, 2018

( I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Jun 10, 2018

(It's just in a town filled with the human versions of out pegasus OCs, there are no real pegasi there)

Jun 10, 2018

(omg yayayayay! lol thats a lot of characters)

Jun 10, 2018

(lol what does g and pg mean in your rp?)

Jun 10, 2018

(oh and what time of the day setting?)

Jun 10, 2018

(How do I add characters? Can I just say Allie Waters, female, 14/freshman, human version of Rainflight?)

Jun 10, 2018

(go to the post Pegasus Village)

Jun 10, 2018

(oops Valley*)

Jun 10, 2018

(and no Rainflight, has to sdtart with R)

Jun 10, 2018Edited: Jun 10, 2018

Daphne was practicing on her cello at home for the youth orchestra. Her piece was Sonata in C Major by Jean Baptiste Breval. Daphne got up to measure 102 when she faltered at trill. Danita looked at her from reading her book. "What happened?" she asked. "the trill again?" Daphne sighed. "yup. I'm probably not going to get into the Youth Orchestra. im probably not going to get into All State either." Danita listened. "cheer up! Mom's coming home soon". She laughed. "i guess I will, but in the meantime were stuck with dad" with a disgusted note. "all he does is watch tv and eat pizza. mom is better yeah i guess i'll cheer up" and she half grinned.

Jun 10, 2018

('G' and 'PG' would be like the movie ratings, so nothing inappropriate. If you want to add more characters go to the original 'Pegasus Valley RP' post and add them there. Rainflight, Dawnfeather is correct, the human version of your pegasus OC's name must start with the same letter that the pegaus OCs name starts with)

Sam West:

Sam was standing on the front porch to his family's new house. The Wests had been living on the local Air Force base, until Mrs. West had taken a job as a lawyer at a local law ferm, and wanted to live closer so she could get home quickly if there was an emergency.

Sam watched as his mother pulled out of the drive way in the family truck with Penelope in the back seat to go pick up the last few boxes from the house on base. When he no longer saw the truck her turned and went back into the house. The entre way was pack with moving boxes, and there was even more in the living room. Sam sighed and pick up a box with his name on it and carried it up to his new room.

Jun 10, 2018Edited: Jun 10, 2018

(btw Daphne and Danita are waiting for the bus to come at 6:55)

Jun 10, 2018

The bus stopped and Ria peered over the seat n and nudged Brianna, "Come one, almost time to get off," She said. Brianna paused her music and unplugged her headphones and stuffed them into her bag. "Okay okay I'm coming!" She said.

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  • Name: RainFire Age: 2 Horse years Gender: Female Sire: FrostHeart Dam: LeafRoot Appearance: blue and green coat (light blue, dark green) bright Red wings, bright blue eyes
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