Jun 2, 2018

Pegasus Valley RP


Edited: Jun 2, 2018

I know what your thinking "Dargon's starting another RP?!?!". I know it's kinda crazy, but I just came up with an idea and I think that it will make a pretty awesome RP.


So basically my idea was to take our OCs, and humanize them. The humanized OC will live a made up modern town called Pegasus Valley, and the OCs will live normal lives that somewhat reflect their pegasus counter parts.



  1. Keep it G or PG (nothing to graphic)

  2. No typing wile some else is

  3. Can't use the same person on multiple humanized OCs (unless they are identical twins)

  4. Humanized OCs name must have the same first letter as their pegasus name

(Might add more later)


Please fill out OC discriptions like this:




Pegasus Name:







*Add picture(s) here*


RP start date: June 30th 2018

Jun 2, 2018Edited: Sep 11, 2018


Aquino-Diaz, Rhea Alexandra (Rainshine)

Bagda, Shane (Stormblaze)

Baret, Oscar (Oceanbreeze)

Delhafer, Maria (Moondancer)

Drenalyn, Diana (Dreamdrop)

Freyol, Reyella (Rainflower)

Fierra, Stephen (Shadowfire)

Firgo, Shawn (Starflight)

Flare, Frederick 'Fred' (Flare)

Freiner, Scott (Stormflight)

Frouse, Wendy (Wispiflower)

Frouse, Whitney (Wispifrost)

Frye, Sawyer William (Sparrowfire)

Geron, Bence (Brightwing)

Geron, Eli (Emberblaze)

Geron, Gabriella 'Gabby' (Goldenstream)

Geron, Maddie (Magicpetal)

Geron, Salina (Starsummer)

Golden, Henry (Horizongold)

Golden, Olyssia (Oceangold)

Gordon, Yara (Yellowglaze)

Keller, Ruthanne (Riverbreeze)

Leopad, Ivan (Iceleaf)

Mastor, Brianna (Breezebell)

Mastor, Cris (Crimsonstorm)

Mastor, Fiona (Forestbeam)

Mastor, Ria (Redmoon)

Maturo, Nova (Nightmist)

Mendes, Dareth Finn (Darkfire)

Mendes, Franklin Samuel (Flamestone)

Moon, Elle B. (Embermoon)

Ray, Amara 'Amy' Fabia (Ameythystfeather)

Ray, Larry (Lightray)

Ray, Rachel Fiona (Rainfeather)

Ray, Rebecca Tala (Raintree)

Ray, Troy Raul (Thunderray)

Silveria, Catalina 'Cat' Rosemary (Charmfeather)

Scott, Barbara Charlotte (Briarcloud)

Scott, James William (Jaggedwing)

Scott, Tyler Erick (Twigstrike)

Sylvia, Freya (Forestshadow)

Tinken, Weverly (Wintertwilight)

Triwen, Celeste Rose (Clawberry)

Waters, Robin (Rainflight)

West, Mason Isaac (Moonwing)

West, Michelle Christine (Mistcloud)

West, Penelope Sophia (Pearlsong)

West, Samule 'Sam' Felix (Silverflame)

West, Seth Sabastian (Shadowstar)

Jun 2, 2018

(Does ur OC have to be the same age as u in real life?)


Jun 2, 2018Edited: Jun 3, 2018

Name: Samuel "Sam" Felix West

Age: 14

Gender: male

Pegasus Name: Silverflame

Personality: ambitious, fun, loyal, brave, fearless, intelligent

Occupation: 9th grader

Family: Penelope West (sister), Michelle West (mom), Mason West (dad), & Seth West (twin brother)

Friends: Maddie Geron, Eli Geron, Ria Mastor

Enemies: TBD

Extra: C/SSgt in CAP

(Hair is slightly shorter)


Jun 2, 2018Edited: Jun 2, 2018

Name: Penelope Sophia West

Age: 7

Gender: female

Pegasus Name: Pearlsong

Personality: adventurous, caring, loyal, kind

Occupation: 2ed grader

Family: Sam West (brother), Michelle West (mom), Mason West (dad), & Seth West (brother)

Friends: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Extra: terrified of spiders


Jun 2, 2018

(OMG IDEA!! Another question uh.. can Rainfeather and Lightray be like parents and there children like highschooler ppl?)

Jun 2, 2018

(srry for the many questions, just so excited!! :D)

Jun 2, 2018

btw, I just up-dated the post, RP will not start till June 30th

Jun 2, 2018Edited: Jun 3, 2018

Name: Michelle Christine West

Age: 38

Gender: female

Pegasus Name: Mistcloud

Personality: fiercely loyal, born leader, strong, kind to pegasi she leads, intelligent

Occupation: lawyer

Family: Sam West (son), Penelope West (daughter), Mason West (husband), Seth West (son)

Friends: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Extra: retired Air Force


Jun 2, 2018Edited: Jun 10, 2018

Name: Rachel Fiona Ray

Age: 39

Pegasus Name: Rainfeather

Personality: Strict to children but just a bit not like RLLYYY bad, Fun, Socialble, kind

Occupation: Athlete

Family: Husband Larry Ray, Son Troy Raul, Daughters Rebecca Tala and Amara Fabia

Friends: Everyone! :D

Enemies: None at the moment

Extra: Height is 4.8


Name: Larry Ray

Age: 39

Pegasus Name: Lightray

Personality: Calm, Easy going, Serene, Gentle

Occupation: Veternarian

Family: Wife Rachel Fiona, Son Troy Raul, Daughters Rebecca Tala and Amara Fabia

Friends: None currently

Enemies: None currently

Extra: Height is 5.9 (tall? Idk)



Jun 2, 2018

Their 24? I thought their kids were going to be in high school

Jun 2, 2018

(Oof they r.. should I make em older?)



Jun 2, 2018Edited: Nov 4, 2018

Name: Amara Fabia Ray (Amy is her nickname)

Age: 16

Pegasus Name: Ameythystfeather

Personality: Energetic, Playful (takes those 2 from mum), Confused, Pretty, Just wants to have fun, always caring to others c:

Occupation: 10th grade (Sophomore)

Family: Mother Rachel Fiona, Father Larry Ray, Older sister Rebecca Tala, Older brother Troy Paul

Friends: Everyone! ^-^ Especially and Scott Friener c:

Enemies: None at the moment

Extra: She's small (also takes that from mom) probably 5.1? Her crush is Scott Friener :D

Pic: (except with majestic purple eyez)





Name: Troy Raul Ray (Ty is his nickname)

Age: 18

Pegasus Name: Thunderray

Personality: Calm, Formal, Smart, Handsome, Serene, Understanding

Occupation: 12th grade (Senior)

Family: Mother Rachel Fiona, Father Larry Ray, younger sister (by a few minutes) Rebecca Tala, youngest sister Amy Fabia

Friends: His group o popular friends.... -cough- what do they call it... gangs..?

Enemies: Idk yet

Extra: His height is 6.0, Crush is Yara Gordon :D


Name: Rebecca Tala Ray

Age: 18

Pegasus Name: Raintree

Personality: Sassy, Sarcastic, Snappy, Funny in a way, Moody to parents, but she is kind to others ^-^ in a way

Occupation: 12th grade (Senior)

Family: Mother Rachel Fiona, Lather larry Ray, younger sister Amara Fabia, older brother (by a few minutes) Troy Raul

Friends: Her group of sassy, sarcastic gurls.. BUT SHE'S NICE!!!!! I think.. we'll see, idk .-.

Enemies: Her bro's friends that hit on her .-.

Extra: She is 5.3. :) Crush is Shawn (kinda, she doesn't show it)




(srry, I know I put a lot but Rainfeather and Lightray will be side characters. ;-;)



Jun 2, 2018

Umm... If my math is correct (it should be since I used a calculator) Rachel and Larry were 16 when Troy and Rebecca were born

Jun 2, 2018

If they are 38 they would have been 20 when they had twins, witch seems more realistic

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