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A place to discuss the upcoming trilogy, RIDERS OF THE REALM. Book #1 Across the Dark Water releases May 1, 2018.

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  • All the decscendents of Star have a power. Most have certain ascpects of stars power, silver or gold, but some have different powers. These powers are prized by the herds, (the original ones) but one power is prized above all. Magic. (They have a more varied power type. [Yes, all of this is magic, but...hold on] they can shoot balls of pure magic, or the can tie it to an element, earth, air, fire, water, ice, lightening, light, dark, chaos, or soul. [I added a ton cause I hope a lot of people will join]) over time, the pegasI with magic split into elemental groups, and eventualy became separate herds. dedicated to @Iceflower
  • I think Echofrost would be great to hang out with because she is brave and wild. She Protect her friends when they get captured by the landwalkers. She bonds with a boy called Rahkki and helps save her friends from the giants. She loves Hazelwind even if she thought she was mad at him. He cares for her and she cares for him.They cross the dark water together.When Hazelwind wanted to leave Shysong with the landwalkers, Echofrost disagrees and goes to save her. They have lots of quests together trying to be free. Even if they have to safe the landwalkers in order to do so.
  • Does anyone want a book 4? I think it shouldn't end with the third book. I want to know what happend to Echofrost and Hazelwind's future and there kids. I hope she makes a fourth book. ROTR #3 was a really good story and it had a lot of plot twists and things i never thought would happen.


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