Aug 15, 2018

Green Mountain Herds RP (Characters)


Edited: Aug 27, 2018

Hey! this is my new RP!

ok here are the rules

1. only 10 characters, might change

2. no special powers

3. any age but try to stay close in age

4. no relations to tgh/rotr characters

5. must live on green mountain, vermont :D

6. can have human characters but must have pegasi along

7. have fun!!!!








Aug 15, 2018Edited: Aug 27, 2018

Name: Sadie West

Age: 16

Gender: female

School: Rosewood Academy

Description: fair skinned with slightly wavy caramel blond violet streaked hair, light dark violet eyes eyes, brittish, and athletic looking

Personality: smart, athletic, funny, bold, and street smart

Boyfriend: nope

Crush: tbd

Pegasus: Nightshine


























Name: Silverstream

Age: 3

Gender: filly

Herd: Lake Herd

Crush: Ranger

Mate: nope

Description: molten shimmery silvery grey with silky short silvery black mane/tail, one white star, Emerald aqua eyes, thoroughbred type, and light rose gild wings tipped with light pale lavender

Personality: smart, sarcastic, brave, daring, fast, speedy, witty, mischeviouws, joyful, sweet, caring.

Human: Reyna

Tack: white saddle pad with black polo wraps, black english saddle, jeweled black&silver padded english V bridle, lavender&silver halter, lavender lead rope, lavender colored bristle brush, curry(?) brush, finishing brush, cloth, sweat scraper. black head show thing, lavender fly sheet, lavender cooler , lavender blanket, lavender hoof pick, clear hoof polish, and lavender fly mask




Name: Nightshine

Age: 6

Gender: stallion

Herd: Lake Herd

Description: pure black egyptian arabian type with a rose star-stripe, aqua wings and silver edged feathers

Personality: funny, friendly, nice, caring, cuddly, gentle, sweet, fierce.


Mate: nope

Human: Sadie

Tack: white&black saddle&saddle pad, black polo wraps, U black&silver btridle, emerald&silver halter, emerald lead rope, emerald grooming set, black sjow head thing, emerald fly sheet, cooler, blanket, clear hoof polish, and emerald fly mask


















Name: Regina Harmonia Frost

Age: 16

Gender: female

School: Rosewood Academy

Herd: ...

Description: thick wavy white golden hair, light freckled skin tonne, serious green blue eyes, frosty looking.

Personality: bold, serious, noble, strong, honest, brave, annoyed easily.

Pegasus: Dragonleaf


























Name: Dragonleaf

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Type: thoroughbred

Personality: serious, clever, honorable, noble, brave, helpful, alert, caring.

Friends: TBD

Human: Regina

Crush: tbd

Mate: no

Tack: black/white saddle etc, dark cocoa everything else.

Description: black points, bay thoroughbred type stallion with dark cocoa eyes, white rose star, and black tipped emerald wings.


























Name: Reyna Camilla Wolf (Reyna in spanish- Queen, Camilla- Maiden Warrior)

Age: 16

Gender: female

School: Rosewood Academy

Description: light tan/half,half&coffee skin tone with slightly wavy shoulder cropped chocolate to black hair. wears a special silver pegasus withrose tinted gold wings and lavender tinted diamond tips from her family as an 16th present

Personality: brave, fierce, adventourous, bold, noble, honest, Queenly, and caring, spanish, laughable, funny, easy going,

Pegasus: Silverstream

Crush: tbd

Boyfriend: nope




Aug 16, 2018

Okay, so this RP is basically about pegasi who live in Vermont, who (I'm assuming this) are descended form pegasi who were either banished form Anok, for ran away. And now have humans who look after them

Aug 16, 2018

Okay, I'll go make a new OC real quick

Aug 16, 2018

Actually, I have another question, are the pegasi secret?

Aug 16, 2018Edited: Aug 18, 2018

Name: Brooke London 

Age: 16

Gender: female

Herd: TBD

Description: 5'7, mid back length brown hair, brown eyes

Personality: brave, caring, good leader, clever, very mature, calm, trustworthy

Boyfriend: nope

Crush: nope

Pegasus: Ranger 

Note: Has an adopted sister named Leah


Aug 16, 2018

hmmm i didnt really think about that, how about yes?

Aug 16, 2018

nice oc!

Aug 16, 2018

Thanks, I came up with her a wile ago, but this is the first time I've actually tried to use her for anything

Aug 16, 2018Edited: Aug 16, 2018

Name: Ranger

Age: ?

Gender: male

Herd: TBD

Description: dark palomino stallion, 17.1hh, creamy white mane and tail, three socks, apron face, camo green wings streaked with black and dark brown

Personality: fierce, protective, a leader, intelligent 

Mate: not yet

Crush: nope

Human: Brooke London


Aug 16, 2018

awwwwww c ute! lol

Aug 16, 2018

Irk, he's yet another Pinterest find

Aug 16, 2018

Hay, I noticed that you took down the picture for Sadie, and changed her age, do you need help finding a new pic?

Aug 16, 2018

I'll join!! And welcome back Dawnfeather!!!

Aug 16, 2018Edited: Aug 30, 2018

Name: Echosong. nicknamed "Peri"(short for Periwinkle) by the humans since they don't know her real name

Gender: mare

Age: 6

Height: 14.3 hands

Breed relation: American Saddlebred

Coat: blue roan

Mane/tail: black

Markings: 1 front sock

Wings: dark periwinkle purple tipped in white

Personality: spirited, sarcastic, cautious, has trust isuses, fiery, mysterious, serious, and angered easily.

Crush: doesn't really care on the surface but inside she has a HUGE crush on Ahio(Whirlwind)

Mate: Nooo

Note: Doesn't entirely trust humans, so she doesn't have a rider. She's also to wild to have one. She knows not to fly away cuz she knows that the humans feed her. But, she still doesn't exactly trust them.

Friends: Only pegasi

Enemies: Strangers and some humans




Aug 16, 2018

Wait, I think you already have an OC named Nightpebble

Aug 16, 2018

Do I? I don't think i do.....oh well, I'll think of a new name. Any suggestions?

Aug 16, 2018

Yeah, he/she is from The Love Story Of Dreamdrop and Darkfire

Aug 16, 2018

Name suggestions:






New Posts
  • Have you guys noticed that Rockwing and his mate, Birchcloud, never have colts only fillies? And after Petalcloud abandons Frostfire to Rockwing she becomes barren? I think the Ancestors of Anok have power over living pegasi. I think they watched over the steeds and saw Rock wing get nasty and they knew he would make his colts the same monsters he was. And they cursed Petalcloud then she betrayed her colt. But the Ancestors had pity on Frostfire because he was forced into bullying. His true nature was revealed when Starfrost became known. His love was revealed
  • IK this is more suitable for the "favourite characters" section but IDC IM LAZY 1. Bumblewind. Always and forever. 2. Echofrost (hey, she's awesome, plus Bumblewind is my twin irl and Echofrost is me) 3. Dewberry 4. Graythorn (he seems like a super interesting character, I wish we could've known him better) 5. Star 6. Darkleaf (LiTERALLY NOBODY KNOWS HER WTH) 7. Flamesky (the name is awesome) 8. Starfrost (mah cute lil bubbah) 9. Hazelwind 10. Grasswing 11. Lightfeather 12. (lucky number ttiimmee!!) Larksong (she's underdeveloped. I would love to see her more.)
  • Since we should take a break on Dragon's RP till she comes back lets make this one, riders and their mounts Character rules: Try for 2 mains and 2 mounts. You can have others but try to not make them everywhere. Mount rules: No un-natural colors please. Please try to make sure they dont look to much the same. Other things: Clans, Clan of the 8th and clan of the 7th. If you want to be a monarch ask. Character form Name: Age: Family: Clan: Friends: Looks: Rank: Mount form Name: Age: Friends: Looks: Rider: Image: Not sure how long we will do it maybe till she comes back


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