Nov 11

Continued short of Mintblizzard's Awful Back-story...


Edited: Nov 11



Mintblizzard stared in horror at the limp body of Darkmist. She looked away quickly; it was bad enough gazing upon her victim. She hated to even think of Darkmist as her “victim”. All the colts trembled and backed away from Mintblizzard; clearly afraid of what she might do next.

“I’ve never heard of a filly murderer,” Minceclaw whispered.

Jadefray’s head flew up; his eyes rimmed white, “Let’s get out of here!” With that all the colts that were capable of escaping flew away.

* * * *

That day Mintblizzard spooked at even her own shadow, and for the rest of the afternoon she stayed far away from the herd. She flew to a deep cave she had found on the day she was weaned. There she would live for as long as she could. At last, Mintblizzard glided into the cave; she had stored up food there when the time was needed to stay; and she knew the hour would come soon, and she was right. Mintblizzard’s friends would be concerned about her and asking where she was. But this was for the best; for her sake and everyone else’s. Mintblizzard gazed at her herd, which was settling in for the night; as was she. The appaloosa filly never thought from the moment from her birth that she would be a broken pegasus; living a life of hardships and trials. And let alone probably being the first filly in Moon Herd to be a murderer. The Moon Herd steeds were known for being quiet and peace-loving. They were descendants from all five herds. They were not known for having any of their mares or fillies as violent as she. A sudden longing for someone to care about her overcame her thoughts. Mintblizzard’s milk-dam pitied her, so Violetquake took her in as her own. Bladethorn, her father, didn’t care what Violetquake did to Mintblizzard; so he didn’t interfere. Mintblizzard’s knees buckled beneath her and she collapsed. She lay at her side, wishing she could die. The appaloosa filly burst into tears, “Why does my life have to be this way?” She cried out, her voice carried into nothing; as if nothing in the world had heard her, “Why can’t I be a normal filly?”

As Mintblizzard expected, no answer came. She lay there, sobbing, in the empty cave, alone; and seeming nothing in the world cared or ever will care about her.

“Oakwind, Oakwind!” Coraleaf called, gliding over trees, while scanning the land, “Oakwind where are you?” Coraleaf flew down and landed in the midst of the forest nearby her herd grazing grounds. A sudden moaning erupted behind a thicket of brush. “Oakwind?” the blue roan filly called, and creeped cautiously around the brush.

She gasped; there in the middle of the small clearing, was a body of a pegasus. It was Darkmist, according to his gray green wings, and cream-colored coat. Her heart was beating violently as she stepped toward him to take a closer look. The grass around his head was stained red, he was dead. An animal had probably killed him, she thought bitterly, but suddenly, she disagreed with herself. An animal had not killed him, a pegasus did. Darkmist had received a death-blow. Coraleaf trembled at the thought, no one had seen this… or had they? More moaning erupted from behind a tree. Coraleaf galloped toward it, “Oakwind!” She cried, tears streaming down her face, “Oakwind, oh, Oakwind; what happened?”

The colt opened his swollen eyes, “Go get help,” he wheezed.


Oakwind lifted his head slightly to face Coraleaf, “Go…get… help!” He cried, and fell back down again.

Nov 11

Awesome!!!!!!!! I am loving it! Please continue!!

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  • So for a really long time I have been struggling with thing happening in my life. Feeling unloved, having no friends, maybe moving. So I went to a really good friend and she is helping me. I think why I made my oc, Nightsong look the way she does is because that is how I used to feel. When I am all the way healed, how ever long this takes, I want to change my oc to this I want the freedom that Windfeather has. I want to love myself again. Her eyes look like this because you never forget. I choose the name because of the fact that sometimes we are just a feather in the wind. And sometimes we choose the breeze that carrys us. I dont want to be ashamed of who I am. I am brave, caring, hopeful, optimistic, I want to do good in the world. Something I once heard said. "Go out in the world and do good!" The student asked, "Dont you mean do well?" And he said. "Do Good in this world, you only have one chance." Lets go out in the world and do good! Something I just wanted to say was, I read a lot of books and this stuck out to me. A man took an arrow for a girl and they were talking and this is what was said. "It would have hurt me far more if the arrow had hit you." The man said. "Because of your manly pride." The girl said. "Because you are worth protecting! So worth it!" Dragon, RB, Echo, Rainfire. Starleaf. All of this herd needs to know. You are so worth it to God. Go out and do good. Remember you are so worth it to God.
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  • I want people to add their ideas to make this script amazing. look for the post Script for the start of the play. We were thinking of adding to it and see where your pegasi meet in the story. I want to ask anyone to put your ideas in the comments below and me and Icesong would love to hear your comments. I hope you read this and comment. It would be nice to hear other ideas then the one we started. Thank you for your time and we hope to get this play started.


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