Jan 12, 2018

Bffs vs friends


friends: will you make me a sandwich? me: Sure

Bffs: Will you make me a sandwich? me: You have legs and you know were the kitchen is

Friends: rings the door bell when they get to your house

Bffs: Walks in your house yelling 'I'm home!!!!!'

Friends: Can I have some food?

Bffs: Takes food without asking.

Jan 12, 2018

That's not experience

Jan 12, 2018

IKR??!! This made me laugh because I know exactly what you mean

Jan 12, 2018

xD I love those moments when you realize you dont have any food because your BFF takes it all lol

My sister’s best friend takes alllllll our food XD

Jan 13, 2018

Lol so true XD


Friends: x finishes food and gathers everyone's plates after dinner x

Bffs: x eats half of the food and leaves the tabls without asking to be excused x

Jan 13, 2018

Me: -stands up and throws arms out- Where do you think you’re going?!

BFF: To the fridge! I’m starving!

Me: -face palms-

Jan 13, 2018

You get so angry with them but you love em to much to stay angry with them lol (thats how I feel)

Jan 13, 2018

Friend: x will help you up when you fall down x "OMG!!! Are you okay?!!"

BFF: x will help you up and trip you again x "HA HA HA HA HA!!!"

Jan 13, 2018

-sees crush walk by-

Friend: -elbows you softly and smiles-

BFF: -yells as loud as possible- SHE/HE LIKES YOU!!

Jan 13, 2018


-at dinner table-

Friend: x on best behavior, says please and thank you, and m'am and sir x

BFF: x acts like she was raised by wolves x

Jan 13, 2018


-Phy. Ed. teacher: Lets play dodge ball!-

Friend: -begs to be on the same team as you-

BFF: -goes to the opposite team and only aims the ball at you, throwing it with all her strength- (my experiences.. xD)

Jan 14, 2018

Lol all those are so true


- when I break my arm -


BFFs: HAHAHA LOSER x does like 50 drawings and posts them to your daily feed on DeviantArt x

[Note: this sorta happened to me, except the part of 50 drawings etc and they were actually really worried]



- when your Senpai walks past -

Friends: x smirks at you x

BFFs: x scream as loud as they can x HEY [insert name of your crush here]!!!!!! [Insert your name here] IS CRUSHING ON YOU SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!

Jan 14, 2018

- when your friends have a sleepover at yours -

Friends: x act in a civilized way, clear everyone's plates, goes to bed when told to x

BFFs: x plop themselves down on the couch and turn on the TV then tells you to make them popcorn while patting your dog, leaves the dinner table without being excused, raids your fridge and is the reason why your family pays $600 more than usual on food, and stays up all night long while trying to make you pee your pants with the hand in warm water trick and is also the reason why you fall asleep in class x

Jan 14, 2018

- when you make a mistake on your test paper in class -

Friends: x tell you the correct answer to bail you out and is the reason you are a straight A student x

BFFs: x laugh their lungs out, point at your paper and tell everyone what a doofus you are x

Jan 14, 2018

Friend: -eats a piece of pie that you just made- -nods and smiles- This is very good

BFF: -immediately spits it out- You need to learn how to bake!!

(Early years of my youth-baking-career.... xD)

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