Jan 13, 2018

Alternative Ending RP: Part 4


Edited: Jan 13, 2018


Glacier Herd:


Moonwing- handsome buckskin over-stallion, silver wings with lavender tips


Lead Mare:

Mistcloud- light dapple gray lead mare, gray and white wings


Medicine Mares:

Maplesong- dapple bay medicine mare, brown wings with green streaks (VH)

Whiteshadow- gray pinto assistant medicine mare, icy blue wings



Snowfrost- light gray under-stallion, white wings

Copperpool- shinny chestnut under-stallion, sky blue feathers

Ashfire- silver dapple under-stallion, dark blue wings (VH)

Thundermoon- blue roan under-stallion, dark gray wings (VH)

Brightwing- bay over-stallion, bright gold wings (VH)

Darkstone- silver dapple under-stallion, bright orange wings (VH)

Blazefire- roan ex-captain, sooty gold wings (VH)



Honeyfall- blood bay battle mare, dark blue wings

Dovemoon- white battle mare, pale blue wings

Clawberry- bay pinto sky herder, pink wings with streaks of purple and red (VH)

Snowsong- light gray sky herder, light blue wings (VH)

Starsummer- chestnut pinto sky herder, gold and dark purple wings (VH)

Yellowsong- gray battle mare, yellow wings

Rainblaze- dapple gray battle mare, dark blue wings tipped with green

Autumnhoney- palomino filly, light purple wings (VH)

Forestbeam- chestnut spy, green wings tipped with gold



Emberblaze- light bay colt, navy colored wings (VH)

Goldstream- chestnut filly, dark purple wings (VH)

Magicpetal- small red roan filly, aqua colored wings with dark yellow flecks (VH)

Snow Herd:

Iceleopard- light gray leopard appaloosa battle mare, gray and aqua wings



Prairie Herd:

Wispicloud- gray lead mare, light purple wings tipped with aqua

Pineberry- chestnut pinto medicine mare, dark green wings tipped with magenta

Junetree- palomino battle mare, light green wings tipped with light pink


Lake Herd:

Lacecloud- cream colored lead mare, cream colored wings

Windfrost- light gray under-stallion, lime green wings tipped with gray


Desert Herd:

Starcloud- chestnut lead mare, navy blue wings tipped with gold


Ocean Herd:

Wavecloud: dapple gray lead mare, dark purple wings tipped with pale blue


Jungle Herd:

Ashbrook- chestnut blanket appaloosa, yellow wings tipped with light green

Jan 13, 2018

Is this something I can join?

Jan 13, 2018

(Okay guys, this is the last RP comment)

Starsummer to Darkstone: "Is everything okay with Whiteshadow?" -she asked Darkstone as he came toward her, while she was watching Emberblaze-

Darkstone to Starsummer: "Yeah, I guess...She said she was just tired...." -he said to Starsummer. But, then, he thought to himself, "Maybe I'll ask her if she wants to go for a nighttime fly with me....maybe that will perk her up a bit." -the more he thought about the nighttime fly, the more excited he was about it. He had gained a friend, and she was one he never wanted to lose.-

Jan 13, 2018

(Can't wait for you to join in Stardust, we could always use more participants)

Jan 13, 2018

(Thanks. :) I need to write my OC's description. )

Jan 13, 2018

(it doesn't have to be too crazy)

Jan 13, 2018

(Omg I forgot my character was in this!! I just don’t know where to start. It says I’m in valley herd right? What’s been happening there? It would take hours to read allllll the role play you guys have done lol)

Jan 13, 2018

(Olive, you need to go back and read the rest of the RP. Yup I'm ready to continue)

Jan 13, 2018

(Wait...Where does my character come in to the story?)

Jan 13, 2018

( HERE!!!!!!! But i'll BRB and also I might add a few more characters )

Jan 13, 2018

(Where ever you want your OC to Stardust)

Jan 13, 2018

( Ok i'm back and also what does VH mean? Valley Herd? )

Jan 13, 2018Edited: Jan 13, 2018

Forestbeam: x grazes as a fearsome wind current gripped her mane and tail and they whip violently x

Jan 13, 2018

( Btw I now know what VH means )

Jan 13, 2018Edited: Jan 13, 2018

Honeyfall to Dovemoon & Forrestbeam: Wile Honeyfall and Dovemoon were grazing, Honeyfall noticed a chestnut mare trying to graze as well, but the wind kept blowing her mane into her face.

"I'm gonna go teach that mare over there," Said Honeyfall. using her wing to point at the chestnut, "How to graze like we do."

Honeyfall trotted over to the strange mare, "You know, if you are trying to graze in wind like this, it's really hard to do it with out being in a group." said the bay mare

Jan 13, 2018

(Nightflare, I probably should have mentioned that we do this RP kinda like we're trading off writing fan fic)

Jan 13, 2018

Forestbeam to Honeyfall: OH i'm so sorry it's just my original herd Valley Herd didn't have winds like this. . . . . . can you show me how to graze here?

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