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Alternative Ending RP: Part 31😵


So I have no idea what's happening, but here's the last comment from part 30:



She pricked her ears. They were being quite harsh to this colt. Breezebell almost thought for a moment that Starsummer was being overprotective. But she knew what it felt like to be bullied. Her and Magcipetal were around the same size, Breezebell slightly taller. Not by much, but everyone had always picked on Magicpetal. The triplets were actually older than the twins. She looked at Stormglade and twisted her ears.


She didn't see the point of them still going on about this. They should've just dropped it. Redmoon shifted to lean more on her left side than her right. Then she decided to voice a bit of her opinion. "Uh... Mrs. Starsummer.. (not sure what their last name is...)... If you don't mind me saying so, but if you tell Stormglade's father, he will object. At the moment, it seems that his father does not seem to care so much, so if you tell them off, are you sure that will make the situation any better? What if, instead of stopping Stormglade, he does something else?"

Horizongold answered for Starsummer, who seemed taken aback. "It will at least be good that his father knows of his son's actions. If for some reason he does not reprimand his son, we certainly can with other methods."

He glanced at the sky and noticed the sun had already sunk halfway behind the western mountains. "We'll go quickly, then," he decided. "Magicpetal, stay with me to second Stormglade's confessions. Skywing, stay with Stormglade so he doesn't do anything stupid. The rest of you, please leave."

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She sighed and looked behind her. Their mother was a few winglengths away, so she backed up a bit and began to graze, Breezebell right beside her. The bitter taste of grass had long been gone since they were weaned. Now it tasted almost like a good human taco, but yet it didn't taste like that. But they could eat it like that.

(What on earth is a 'good human taco'?)

Jan 14

( Again, it could mean lots of things, but what it typically means is a taco that isn't soggy, perfectly ripe, and doesn't make you vomit out all your sanity and insides :) )

( . . . I'm not even going to ask.)

Magicpetal sighed gently when she heard that she should stay. She was tired and her wings were slightly sore from weaving, but she took a deep breath and stood up straighter.


She nudged Magicpetal affectionately as she passed. Starsummer cantered toward Emberblaze and Goldenstream who were chatting quietly nearby. "C'mon. It's getting late. Your sister will join us shortly." she said, as the three of them trotted toward their home in silence.


As they trotted toward the oak tree, the looked up at his mother. She didn't look mad, or even disappointed that he had almost started a fight. He was expecting her to give him a stern, motherly talk and start lecturing him about picking fights and when to walk away. But, the talk never came and Emberblaze wondered why. He glanced up at her again and realized that she looked more tired than angry. He turned his head to look at Goldenstream who looked just as tired as Starsummer. He wanted to say something, but he decided not to.

He was already in enough trouble.

"Stormglade, lead the way," Skywing invited. "But like Horizongold said, no funny business. Just right on to your father, so we can talk with him about you."

Stormglade grudgingly began walking and the three others followed, preparing themselves in different ways: Horizongold determined and still angry, Skywing resigned but righteous, and Magicpetal mainly tired with a little bit of injured dignity, from what Horizongold could tell.

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He turned and burst into a canter, wanting to get this over with. He cantered into the woods and stayed on the same path for what seemed like hours, until he finally came to a stop. There was a very small clearing with a tiny stream running through it. It was only about a third of the size of the main valley that they had just come from. "There. There he is." Stormglade said in a grouchy tone of voice. He pointed his dark cream colored wing toward a stallion who was dozing softly next to the stream.


She looked around the clearing. "What is this place?" she thought. She had never heard or seen of this side of the valley.

Stormglade, as if he read her mind, said aloud. "This was an old medicine mare storage clearing. They used to store their roots and stuff here. It's not much, but we aren't nessesarily welcomed anywhere else." he said, but mumbled the last part. Without waiting for a response from the pegasi behind him, he trotted into the clearing toward the stallion.

Horizongold spoke first. "Freezebolt?" he asked the older stallion. "I would like to talk with you about your son's behavior."

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His eyes cracked open and he jumped up to see faces he had never seen before. "Uh..? Huh?! What do you want? Stormglade? What's up with him?" he asked in a deep, raspy, almost gruff voice. He stood up and rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes with his wings and flicked his large ears forward.


He turned his head away and thought, "Good to see you too, Dad." with a slight hurt expression on his face.


She looked the stallion up and down. He wasn't very tall, not much taller than Stormglade, but he was stocky and finely built. He had legs the size of tree trunks and his wings were large and very muscular. His mane was very long, reaching down over his neck and his tail almost brushed the ground. He had a box-like shaped head with round eyes and wide nostrils. Magicpetal swallowed and stepped a little ways behind Horizongold.

"To put it simply, your son has been bullying," Horizongold said. "I'll elaborate. Not only has he preyed on the smallest of his age, who you might have seen jump behind me, but he has continued doing so after I have told him repeatedly not to. We decided his punishment should be to confess that he has done so and to tell you all of the names and taunts he has used." He waited and saw that Freezebolt was blinking tiredly as he drank from the stream. "Please wake up, sir," he added, with a slight tinge of exasperation in his voice.

Horizongold turned to the colt. "Now. Stormglade?"

Jan 15


The bay yearling had been pulled from his assigned training group, along with a few other Colts and fillies, and had been sent off to do battle training in a different area from the wrest of the herd earlier that day. And finally, after an intense day of learning defence strategies, Silverflame returned to the others in time to see Stormglade being marched away by Horizongold, Skywing, and Magicpetal. Worried that something might be up, he headed over to Goldenstream, Emberblaze, and Starsummer. "What's going on?" Silverflame queationed, flicking his ears in the direction of the other steeds.

Jan 16


She heard her mother's call and trotted calmly over to where here mother stood, Breezebell following. Their mother had been very different since their father's death, nearly a year ago. She was tired as if she couldn't sleep at night, and she wasn't very sociable anymore. They trotted off to go see Crimsonstorm's grave. Their father's grave.


She was quite tired and did not want to see her father's grave again, but did so anyway. Her mother carried some of the very last larkspur flowers in the valley. Most of the others had already wilted, but she had managed to find some that hadn't wilted entirely. They trotted through the trees as Breezebell lagged behind, and soon they came to the clearing where his grave lay. She forced herself to look at it and the big mound of dirt where directly under his body lay.She walked up to it and lowered her head. She placed a light hoof on the mound of dirt, and fell face forward. Her hoof had gone right through it, and now the dirt all crumbled away. The mound was hallow on the inside. She looked at this in horror. Had the wolves taken his body? She soon discarded this idea as both her sister and mother came up to see what was happening. Perhaps he had been buried somewhere else? Neither of the three of them had been strong enough to watch him be buried.


Her eyes bulged as she saw the dirt crumble away. Either her father potentially hadn't died, or now his final resting place was somewhere else. She sat down as she comprehended this situation. She wasn't going to let herself get hopeful that he was still alive. What if he had faked his death? A rush of adrenaline made her head light. She felt like she couldn't breath. She forced herself to stand and try not to cry. She didn't want him to be dead, but it was too painful because she knew if she hoped he was alive, they would just find his remains somewhere in the wood. The family sat there, all three of them trying to figure out what had happened. They decided they'd go to the medicine mare and ask if he had been buried somewhere else in the morning.

Jan 16

( Holy crap that was long...... heheh..... I wouldn't be angry it you skipped thet whole thing.... )

(Compared to some of my comments? That's one sentence. Besides, it was well written.)

Jan 16

( Thank... you...? Not sure what to take that as, but I'm gonna take it positively, even though I'm a negative person )

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