Dec 24, 2017

The Guardian Herd:Blazewind:Chapter 5:I promise:


Blaze flicked his ears, slightly confused by all of this. What were Outcasters? Why are they hated? And who was Blackwing? All of these thoughts swirled in Blaze’s mind to the point where began to feel dizzy, or maybe that was just the weakness from flying playing with him.

Lakefeather suddenly sighed, startling Blaze a little, “Don’t listen to him. He’s just a paranoid bird brain” She said as she approached him.

Blaze flattened his ears, “I can see that”.

“Hey! You sound much better than you did before!” Lakefeather said excitedly.

The excited Kihlari then began to circle around Blaze, which made him slightly uncomfortable. He watched her as she circled him, her eyes darting up and down, “How are you feeling? You certainly look better than you did a few days ago”.

Blaze’s eyes widened, “A few days?! Is that how long I've been asleep!?” He said with shock as he whipped his head around to hers.

Lakefeather ruffled her feathers and gazed down at her hooves, nodding hesitantly, “You were really really weak, your breathing was slow, you were burning up like a volcano...Petalroot and I thought she was going to lose you”.

Blaze felt his heart race at her words. It scared him that he could have died within hours of coming to this new and strange place. This also made him wonder what else could possibly happen here.

“I’m guessing that's the Kihlari’s name then?” Blaze spoke after a moment.

Lakefeather cocked her head with a confused look on her face, “Kihlari? What is that?”.

Blaze blinked a few times, slightly stunned that these steeds didn’t know what they even were. Then again, they are from Anok and didn’t know such terms, “Um, you know. Us...big flying horses with colorful wings?”.

Lakefeather was silent for a moment, still looking confused. “OHHHH!! You mean Pegasus!” She exclaimed. She re-folded her wings, looking pleased, “Yeah, that’s her name”.

Blaze flattened his ears, “Umm, ok…cool”. ‘Is that what they call themselves? Pegasus? This place is weird….’.

“So, since you're up, you wanna meet the others? They are very anxious to meet you” Lakefeather spoke, a wide smile stretching across her face.

Blaze hesitated to speak. Sure he was used to having fans and others wanting to meet him back in Mavalyn. But here, with a bunch of strange pegasus’s that are completely wild….it gave him a strange sensation of anxiety that shot through his veins and made his heart race.

‘Well, you are stuck here….so might as well’.

He finally nodded slowly, “Sure…”.

Lakefeather seemed extremely pleased by this and spread her wings, “Alright! Come on, it's this way!” She said as she turned and took off into the sky.

Blaze watched her for a moment and looked back at his wings. His feathers were still tattered and ripped from his long flight.

He hesitated before he tried to spread them, hoping that his muscles weren't as badly worn. But, as he barely lifted off his back, a sudden pain rushed through them, making Blaze wince and fold them onto his back. He sighed with defeat and hung his head.

Lakefeather’s wing beats caught his attention, making him gaze at the sky. He saw her dive back down and land before him, “Oh, right….your wings…”.

She shifted and folded her wings, “How about we walk? It's not that far….and I’m sure Petalroot would be glad to see you up and walking–well, walking more than you are already”.

Blaze looked back at the grove he had come from, ‘Speaking of Petalroot….where is she? She just vanished’.

He flattened his ears and looked back at Lakefeather, thinking that she must be busy with herb work and such, “O-okay”.

He followed Lakefeather as they walked down to the meadow, where a small group of Kihlari-Pegasi were roaming. Some seemed to be standing in rows of ten with their chests puffed out, one of which was Oakheart. His stone cold expression was still and unmoving as a larger stallion walked up and down the line. Other Pegasi were either grazing, or chatting.

Blaze cocked his head as he stared at them, wondering why they were acting like they were going to war.

The sudden thought of what Stormfire said faded into his thoughts, ‘Outcasters…..’. Was this why these Pegasi were standing and looking the way they do?

As they got closer to the group, Blaze's eyes were caught by a large, magnificent black stallion. His muscles were round and thick, but not like Stormfire’s, his almost seemed frightening. He had long black mane and and large black wings that were tipped with a stunning gold color.

His ears pricked and head turned from the stallion he was talking to, who just happened to be Stormfire. He too looked at Blaze, pinning his ears and glaring. Blaze lowered his head as more and more Pegasi laid their eyes upon him, staring at him with looks of wonder.

“So, you must be Blaze” the large stallion spoke, making Lakefeather and Blaze stop before him. Blaze raised his head a little and exchanged a glance with Lakefeather, who had a smile on her face.

Blaze nodded at the black stallion, “Y-yes”.

The large stallion gave Blaze a soft half smile, “It's nice to meet you. My name is Blackwing, I am the leader of River Herd”.

Blaze stared up at Blackwing, ‘So that's Blackwing….He’s pretty, big’ He thought nervously.

“I-it's nice to meet you….sir” He spoke, his voice shaking more than Blaze wanted it to.

Blackwing gave him a surprisingly soft smile, “I know this is all new to you, and you must be scared, but I can assure you that you are completely safe as long as you stay within the camp”.

Blaze cocked his head, “Camp? Aren't you guys supposed to be a herd?” He asked hesitantly.

The large black stallion arched his neck with a wide smile, “We do, but right now, me, and around a thousand warriors are here in the Interior of Anok …”. His expression changed suddenly to a serious, nearly hostile expression, “Outcasters have been growing in numbers in this area at a rapid pace, and we are here to make sure they don’t continue on. If their reach their goal, they will try to conquer Anok, starting with the Interior”.

Blaze flattened his ears and nodded. These Outcasters seem to be a big deal now that he knew that an entire army was staying in one place just to keep their numbers down, ‘But how many are there already?’.

“Umm, if this is...only an army….then, where's the herd?” Blaze asked.

“It's just east of this place, which is where we are heading once you can fly again” Lakefeather jumped in with a smile on her face.

Blaze looked over at her, “Oh...I guess that’ll be awhile then…” he said, looking back at his wings as they slightly sagged. As they did, the same shooting pain from earlier erupted through his muscles, causing him to wince.

Blaze suddenly felt a giant warm wing lay upon his shoulder. He looked around to see Blackwing’s wing wrapped around his shoulder. He then looked up at his face, seeing a soft smile, “Don't worry, your wings will heal with time, I promise you” he spoke with a soft tone.

As those words reached Blaze's ears, a sudden familiar feeling washed over him. He knew he had heard those words before, not from Blackwing, and not from Anyia.

“I promise…”.

The feeling was almost so familiar that he could hear the voice that spoke them. But they were faded, and unreachable.

Who had spoke those words to him, and more importantly, when?


(I hope you guys enjoyed! Also, this fan fic is now on Wattpad, so if you want to read it there you may :D. I am also sorry that this took so long to publish, I've been writing some of my other books that I hope to publish one day XD, I have also been very busy lately with Christmas and stuff. Hopefully I will be more active now and post more :) Anyway, Merry Christmas! I hope its filled with lots of presents and joy!)

Dec 24, 2017

Amazing story, and marry Christmas to you to

Dec 24, 2017


Dec 24, 2017

And Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Jasper! (It's The_Forgotten_Aj from Instagram)

Dec 24, 2017

I'm new to the message board, yes, but I've been here since the second book came out!

Dec 24, 2017

Welcome Torchflame

Dec 24, 2017

Thank you guys so much! I'm so happy you guys like it!

Omg Aj! Hi! I thought I saw the name Torchflame from somewhere :D

Dec 24, 2017

YES YOU ARENT DEAD!! YAAAAAAAYYYYY and this is awesome! I hope to see more of Blazewind in the future ^~^ and I meant dead as in you werent on the Message Board for a while so I thought your account had died

Dec 24, 2017

Wait a sec, Torchflame are you a boy? If so, you are the second boy to join this message board (Flamefrost was the first)

Dec 24, 2017

Dragon, no, I'm not, though I am not exactly your average girl either. But no, I'm not a boy, what made you think this? Just wondering.

Dec 24, 2017

Your user name is Torchflame, and in your profile it says Torchflame is a stallion. And Lily called you AJ, I know a few boys who's names are AJ

Dec 24, 2017

Dragon AJ is the last two letters in my Instagram username, which she is used to calling me in our group chat. I drew Torchflame as a stallion because why not? He is a misunderstood stallion, but no, I'm a girl, lol. Torchflame can technically be a genderfluid name, and wouldn't matter until you identified which gender the character is, like, say, Chris. Anyone can be named Chris, girl or boy. Just don't assume things based on names silly :P

Dec 24, 2017

and heyoooooooo wassup my main gurl Jasper XD Torchflame is still being snippy with Dusk, he keeps somehow getting the sweet grass, I wanna know how!

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Oh, okay

Dec 24, 2017

And Torchflame sounds more like a name for a stallion

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