Sep 3

TGH MB IRL Meetings


Okay, so some of you guys may have heard that we have been doing MB IRL Meetings via Google Hangouts video calls. We've kinda taken a break from doing these over the summer, but we have started talking about when we're going to the next one. Right now it looks like the next video call will be on a Friday (or Saturday if you live in Australia) at 2:00pm PST (7:00am AEST, 5:00pm EST, 2:00pm AKST). The exact day the call will be on is still in the process of being figured out.


Now I got that out of the way, I'd like to invite anyone who is not yet part of the chat, to join. All you need is a gmail account, your parents permission, and to contact myself or one of the other members in the chat through a more secure method to give us your email address (Roblox- DeltaZone17 | Pinterest- Annika Z.).


If you aren't able to make it to the video chat, you are still welcome to join our group chat, just let us know you want in.


Finally, just so you all know, we are planning on inviting Mrs. Alvarez to the call, so if you are wanting to participate starting writing down questions you'd like to ask.

Sep 4

Okay, update: The next video chat will be held on September 13th at 3pm PST (8am AEST, September 14th)

Can we use the google hangouts to type and chat to?

New Posts
  • I'm a fan of The Guardian Herd and Riders of the Realm. I also read the Pet Washer, which I thought was adorable. But what happened to The Wishing Star? I so wanted to read that, but I can't find it anywhere. Did it actually get published? If anyone knows anything about the next book in the Pet Washer series, it would be much appreciated! -Tiger
  • So 2 days ago actually Tuesday I was doing a trick on my bike and I lost my bike peddle and tried to catch my self and fell and got dragged and scrapped up. I got really hurt and now my foot and knee are trying to get infected, so if you guys just keep me in your prayers and if you have any advice for handling the pain and boredom. That would be appreciated. Thanks, Nightsong. Reasults: I have torn 2 ligaments in my right hoof and am in a walking cast. Not fun but better than it could be. Thanks for listening Nightsong
  • Like seriously, what the heck? Why do people keep leaving? This place used to be somewhere herd nerds could come and hang out, fan girl (or boy) about the books, and escape from the randomness to real life. But now...? Every day it seems like, I come on here, or the hangouts chat and someone is announcing they are leaving. This is getting ridiculous. I used to enjoy getting notifications, like seriously, I used to spend hours on end refreshing my web browser just to see if there were any new comments or posts. Now it just seems like I log in and all I get is theatrical posts about "how everything is your fault". Well it's not. I can't stop you from thinking what you think, but seriously, what the heck? I'm not hating on any of you, but I need ya'll to understand something: You matter. You are valued. It is not all your fault. You don't need to be as good as someone else. And you are you . Now, stop making excuses. If you need help, tell us. Let us know what we can do to help you. Now, let's get back to the whole reason this MB exists: the TGH/ROTR fandom


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