Dec 9, 2017

Sorry it took so long but here's the finished book one! :)


I will post some pics ive drawn of characters later.



Book 1 of realm flyers












Sundrop- Light brown foal, wide blaze, black mane and tail, and aqua wings.

Stonebreeze- Black filly with white star on forehead, black mane and tail, and teal wings.

Misticjade- Gray mare, with white around nose, black mane and tail, and purple wings.

Blackmoon- Dark blue roan stallion, black mane and tail, navy wings.

Thundervine- Palomino stallion with two front white socks, white mane and tail, emerald wings.

Redsky- Dark bay stallion, black mane and tail, orange wings.

Starshine- Palomino stallion with white face, white mane and tail, dark blue wings.

Crystalwing- White mare, white mane and tail, dark pink wings.

Willowleaf- Dark brown mare, wide blaze, black mane and tail, green wings dark tips that get lighter and lighter as they go up.

Darkbloom-All black mare, four white socks, black mane and tail, dark purple wings.

Blackfeather-Black appaloosa foal, black mane and tail, dark blue wings.

Darkwing-Black foal, white face, black mane and tail, dark indigo wings.

Autmncloud-White mare, white mane and tail, stunning blue eyes, light turqouse wings.








Chapter #1

-The beast -

Sundrop looked up at his frail Mother, Misticjade. She was sleeping. He got up and walked to the river nearby. He looked around to make sure it was safe, and lowered his head to drink. The water was cold and fresh. It tasted good, and his throat was dry so he drank for a long time, the cold fresh water running down his throat. Until heard a twig snap behind him and he twirled around. There was a shadow creeping through the trees watching him. He slowly started to back up but the river was to close and he could only go a few inches. He looked behind him at the strong current that would carry him away then back to the shadow.

​“Mother?” He called out into the woods. The only reply he got was a deep growl. He flapped his small wings trying to fly but he barely got off the ground before falling. He cried out for his mother wishing he had never left her protection. She didn’t come. The creature crept closer to him, moving swiftly and silently. Sundrop slipped but caught himself just in time before he fell into the river’s waiting waves. The beast got closer and closer preparing for the attack. It jumped into the air baring its long sharp fangs. Sundrop closed his eyes not wanting to watch. This is it, this is the end. He thought. He waited but nothing happened. He opened his eyes too see the leapord laying by a thin tree. Sundrop stood terrified. He looked away from the injured leapord and saw his mother, panting. He ran to her.

​“Mother! You came!” His mother studied him.

​“Are you hurt?”

​“No, I’m ok. Are you?”

​Before Misticjade could answer the black leopard pounced on her back leaving blood trailing down her beautiful coat. She kicked and reared but the black leopard wouldn’t give up without a fight. The pegasus kicking and rearing and the leopard clawing and biting, Sundrop just stood and watched it all, helpless. The black leopard bit down hard on Misticjade’s neck not wanting to loose. Misticjade scrame and fell to the ground.

​“Mama!” Yelled Sundrop. He turned to the leopard filled with new anger. “You killed her!” He yelled. He charged the leopard kicking with his sharp hooves. The leopard clawed and bit but it wasn’t enough to fight the colt’s anger. Suddenly Sundrop shot a ray of black that hit the leopard with such force it hit the ground breaking a boulder. Where the silver had touched the leopard it was burnt and bleeding. But Sundrop didn’t stop, he kicked and kicked until the leopard was still. He ran to his mother’s side.

​“Mama? Mama are you hurt?” Misticjade lifted her head and looked into her sons eyes. “Why does this has to happen to us mother?”

​“Everyone has challenges. But there’s always a reason to be happy, Sundrop.” Misticjade said to her son. “I have to go, but you will be ok.”

​“Mama, its ok the leopard won’t hurt you now.” Sundrop said tears running down his face. “Stay with me.”

​“I will never leave you Sundrop. You have a special power you…” A single tear ran down Misticjade’s face. “Goodbye Sundrop.” Misticjade took a shaky breath, the last breathe she ever took.









Chapter #2


​“Mama? Mama don’t leave me!” Sundrop laid by his mother not wanting to let her go. He had a deep wound on his wing and plenty of scratches on his back from the leopard. Sundrop got up on his legs and stared at his mother, still and silent.

​“I will make you proud.” He whispered. He got one last drink from the river, the river that he would leave behind with the rest of his home. Sundrop moved his wings up and down up and down. His feet didn’t even leave the ground. He tried again. Not thinking as much this time. Nothing happened. He kept trying to fly, but he knew he was too young to. His wings were too small. He turned away from his home and ran into the jungle.


​It felt like Sundrop had been walking for days, but he knew it had probably only been a day or so. He looked around for something to eat, his stomach growling. He couldn’t find anything that looked edible. He looked up hoping to see the stars or moon, but all he saw was leaves. Sundrop sighed, he knew that until he got out of the jungle, he would be traveling in the dark, day or night. He looked around for a safe place to sleep. He saw a small area of grass, lots and lots of trees, a cave… A cave!

The cave was almost completely hidden by trees. He slowly stepped inside, half expecting to see a huge beast. The cave looked empty. He trotted inside looking around. It was perfect for a place to sleep. He went outside the cave and gathered all the leaves he could find. He laid them down deep in the cave. He laid down on the leaves, wrapping his wings around himself to keep warm. Sundrop thought about what he would do the next day, falling into a deep sleep. He dreamt about his mom, playing games with her, running through the trees by her side. She was his best friend. And now she was gone.





Chapter #3


Sundrop opened his eyes, blinking against the bright sun. He stood up and stretched his legs. Something was different. He looked around and listened intently. There was someone else in the cave, he could hear them running across the hard floor. He slowly stepped deeper into the cave, fearful of what might be inside.

“Hello?” He called into the black. A filly around sundrop’s age stepped into the light.

“Hi, I’m Stonebreeze.” She said. She was black with a white Star on her forehead, with teal wings. She looked about Sundrop’s age.

“My name is Sundrop.”

“What Herd are you from?”

“I’m not from a Herd my mother raised me by herself.” Sundrop said. A pang in his heart.

“Oh, I’m from jungle herd.” Stonebreeze said walking over to him.

“Because they live in the jungle?”


“Are they close by?” Sundrop asked, hoping she would say yes.

“I don’t know, during the rainstorm last night I ran into the cave and lost them.” Stonebreeze said with sadness in her eyes.

“I can help you find them, a jaguar killed my mother yesterday and I need a Herd to live with.”

“I’m sorry about your mother. What was her name?”

“Misticjade.” Sundrop said trying not to cry.

“Stonebreeze’s eyes widened. “The Misticjade?”

“You know her?”

“Everyone does! Didn’t she tell you?”

“Tell me what?” Sundrop asked, confused.

“She’s the only one to ever light on fire and survive. She could also turn into a shadow, and she could bend light to her will. She was amazing!”

Sundrop stared at Stonebreeze. “My mother could do that?”

“Yes, and she used it to help jungle herd. She was very kind. You and I weren’t born though. How old are you anyway?”

“I’m almost one.” Said Sundrop proudly.

“Me too! My birthday is in a moon.”

“Mine is in a couple of weeks.” Sundrop said, he had almost forgotten with all the commotion.

“So how did you escape the jaguar?” Stonebreeze asked.

Sundrop hadn’t even though about what he had done to the jaguar. “I killed it, I think.”

Stonebreeze gasped. “How did you kill it when even Misticjade couldn’t?”

Sundrop stared at the ground, the events from the night before racing through his mind. “It caught mama by surprise. I got so mad that I just attacked it. Kicking as hard as I could. But I didn’t just kick him I...” Sundrop shook his head.

“You?” Stonebreeze asked listening closely to his story.

“I don’t know what I did. I was so mad and all my anger was towards the jaguar. A ray of black shot at him and I could feel it coming through me, like I was putting all my anger on it. The jaguar looked burnt and injured but I didn’t care, I just kept kicking.”

Stonebreeze stared at him with wide eyes.

“What?” Sundrop asked, not having a clue why she was so stunned.

“You… you used shadow ray.” She said in a whisper. “You used shadow ray!” She said louder this time. “Sundrop! Your mother’s powers were passed down to you! You can save jungle herd!”

“Save it from what?”

“Blackmoon! You can defeat him! You can lead us! Sundrop this is terrific!”

Sundrop just got more and more confused. “Who’s Blackmoon?”

“Blackmon has powers like your mother but he has different powers, like destruction and hatred. And he definitely does not use them for good! He killed our old leader, Brightleaf, and took over. Our herd is miserable and unhealthy we need a better leader. Like you!”

“You really think I can beat him?” Sundrop asked.

“Yes, but you will have to practice your fighting and powers, Blackmoon isn’t going to be as easy as a jaguar.” Stonebreeze said walking out of the cave. “Well what are you waiting for? Let’s go train!”
















Chapter #4


Sundrop walked out of the cave into the bright sun and gasped. All around the cave were bright flowers, tall trees, and all kinds of plants. This part of the jungle was a lot different than his home. He just didn’t notice in the darkness the night before. His home, or Monkeyville which is the Nickname he had given it, was dry with no flowers just trees, dry grass, and a lot of monkeys.

“This is the perfect spot!” Said Stonebreeze from a distance away. “This is where the warriors in my herd always trained.”

Sundrop followed her voice to a cliff with many rocks and ledges. “I’m training on that?”

“Yes, it might be hard at first but you’ll get better. Plus it’s a great view from the top.” Stonebreeze replied then jumped onto a rock around ten inches off the ground.

“Ok…” Sundrop said doubtfully. He took a few steps back then ran as fast as he could, then leapt into the air. He could feel his hooves leave the moist ground, then hitting the hard rock with a thud. “I did it!” He yelled happily. “I really did it! But how will this help me? Can’t I just learn to fly?”

“Even if you knew how to fly, what if your wing got broken? This will teach you how to get around quickly, and it will strengthen your legs.” Stone breeze said climbing higher.

“Whatever.” Sundrop said stubbornly, and jumped onto another rock. He loved the thrill of flying through the air, but he didn’t enjoy the hard landing each time. Sundrop went to jump again but he slipped and started falling. He felt a rock hit his leg as he tumbled down, reaching out for something, anything to stop him. He hit many rocks on the way down, and he could hear Stonebreeze yell something, but he couldn’t tell what. In all the world spinning around him, Sundrop glimpsed the ground, but right in his path was a massive boulder. He tried to move away from it but he was moving too quickly.

“Sundrop! Watch out!” Stonebreeze yelled. He looked up at her, then back down to the boulder. Before a plan could form in his mind he hit the boulder, immediately stopping, he grunted with the force of it hitting his side. His breath left his lungs, and he just lay there, gasping for air. His side stung and he couldn’t move, it hurt just to breathe. Sundrop just lay there. He was staring at the sky when he saw Stonebreeze bending over him, her faint voice yelling something, but Sundrop didn’t know what. Then everything went black.

“Sundrop? Sundrop wake up!” His mothers voice startled him.

“Mother? You’re alive? How?” Sundrop opened his eyes to see Misticjade peering over him.

“Oh Sundrop, I was so worried! I thought you had left the jungle, mabey even the island.” Something seemed different about Misticjade, there wasn’t that sparkle in her eyes, or emotion in her voice. Sundrop got up and looked at his leg, it was fine, and he didn’t feel any pain.

“Am I dead?” He asked his mother.

Misticjade laughed, “No you’re fine, just had a long nap.”

“Oh, ok.” Sundrop said embracing her. “Hey have you seen a filly around my…” Sundrop stepped back, his mother wasn’t there anymore, and in her place was a small Pegasus with an evil smirk spread across his face.

“I heard Misticjade had a foal, but I never thought he would be as ugly as you.” The stranger said with a low threatening voice. “Looks like you surprised me!”

“Who are you?” Sundrop asked bitterly. “You have no right to talk about me that way!”

“Oh, I think you already know who I am. Weren’t you planning on taking my herd or something?”

Sundrop gasped then in a whisper said, “Blackmoon.”

“So you do know who I am! That saves a lot of explaining. Well this is boring. May I show you how you will die soon?” Blackmoon said with an evil smile.

​Before Sundrop could answer Blackmoon opened his mouth and a black mist came out casing Sundrop in black. Sundrop tried to breathe but it stung. He tried walking but his legs were numb and wouldn’t budge. He tried to talk but his voice was gone. All he could do was watch. The mist floated all around him and it was all he could see. Suddenly Blackmoon’s voice echoed from all around him.

​“See Sundrop? You don’t stand a chance against me. Why don’t we just work together? We could rule the world!” Sundrop painfully shook his head, thinking, never.

Then he gathered just enough strength to say, “Everyone has a good side, Blackmoon help me take care of Jungle Herd. The nice way. I will never do anything to hurt anyone.”

​“Well that just makes me sad! Now I’ll have to destroy you. Oh well, see you soon enemy! Oh, and I rule Jungle Herd fine by myself. Who needs to be nice? ”

Sundrop started violently shaking, then he opened his eyes. He looked around and saw that he was back in the cave.

​“Sundrop! Finally, you’ve been unconscious for hours!” Stonebreeze said. “Are you alright?”

​ All the pain from his fall returned and Sundrop groaned. “Can I please have a drink?” He asked hoarse.

​“Sorry the only water close by is a mud puttle, and I don’t think you want to drink that.” Stonebreeze said, sounding worried. “But I do have this!” She said picking up a greenish goo with her wing. “It tastes ok and it will help take away some of your pain.”

​“Then give it to me!” Sundrop said, surprising himself at his outburst. “I’m sorry I don’t know what’s gotten in to me I just have a lot on my mind.”

​“It’s ok.” Stonebreeze said pouring the liquid into a bowl shaped leaf. Then held it up to his mouth, “Drink.”

​Sundrop drank all of it, she was right, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. It was actually kinda good, and it felt good to eat something.

“Thank you, what is this?”

“It’s my grandmother’s medicine, your leg and side should feel better soon. It always works.” Stonebreeze replied putting down the leaf, and laying down.

“Your grandmother made this?”

“Yes, she made the first one but many have been used since then. It is a very popular medicine now.”

“Oh, ok. Stonebreeze?”


“Can you explain what Blackmoon looks like?”

“Sure, he is black, with a black mane and tail, white socks, he also has a white star on his forehead. His wings are a dark blue, like the sky before night. He’s pretty small, but he’s strong.”

“So it was him.” Sundrop muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” Stonebreeze asked.

“Nothing, what is this green stuff made out of?” Sundrop replied trying to change the subject.

“First of all, it’s called guash, and second, it’s made out of mud, swamp grass, and toads.” Stonebreeze said trying not to laugh.

“What?!” Yelled Sundrop, he could feel the guash coming up his throat and swallowed it down. “You let me eat that?”

“It’s actually quite healthy.” Said Stonebreeze, grinning.

“Either way! Toads?! That’s disgusting!”

Stonebreeze laughed, “I guess it is pretty gross.”

“It’s more than gross!” Sundrop said furiously.

“Well you liked it I assume. You ate it all!”

Sundrop turned away, wishing he’d never asked. “Goodnight.” He closed his eyes, determined to defeat Blackmoon. “We need our rest, I am training hard tomorrow.” He said.

“Don’t worry Sundrop, you can defeat him I know it, Blackmoon won’t know what hit him.” Stonebreeze said, sounding hopeful.

Blackmoon already knows we’re coming. Sundrop thought. He has knows what is coming even though we’ve barely started training! We might as well be dead. Sundrop pushed the negative thought away and though about his mother. Oh, how much he missed her, seeing her turn into Blackmoon broke his heart, even when he knew it was fake.






Chapter #5

-Lost -

When Stonebreeze woke, Sundrop was still asleep so Stonebreeze went outside to gather the ingredients for guash. All she needed was the mud. She finally found some and holding it with her wing, swung the leaf through it like a spoon, picking up a good amount of mud. She turned and walked back towards the cave. She was counting all the ingredients when she heard the bush besides her move, someone, something, was there.

“Hello?” No answer. “Show yourself!” Suddenly a pegasus emerged from the leaves.

“Stonebreeze, you are in big trouble, helping HIM! Blackmoon has many punishments for you!”

Stonebreeze gasped, “Thundervine? Why are you here? Leave me alone.”

Thundervine laughed, “You really think I’d let you go that easily?”

Stonebreeze turn away from the cave and ran, away from Sundrop, if they followed her maybe they would leave him alone. He was to weak to defend himself. She ran as fast as she could ducking under tree branches and jumping over rocks. She ducked under a low branch and stopped just in time. If she had gone any farther she would have fallen off of a cliff. Where did that come from? She thought. She turned around and waited, no one came. Thundervine was gone! She started back to the cave when Thundervine leapt out of the trees tackling her.

“No!” Stonebreeze yelled. “Just leave me alone!” She burst into tears, sobbing. But Thundervine didn’t stop. He didn’t care. Stonebreeze had thought she knew the under stallion of Jungle Herd but now that she saw him, fighting his own friend, she realized it was just an act. Deep down he was evil, cruel. She didn’t know how she had missed this side of him, the real side.

Stonebreeze heard a familiar voice, “Thundervine?” Crystalwing! Blackmoon’s sister, who helped rule the herd. That meant Blackmoon was nearby, but where? Thundervine quickly stood up, making Stonebreeze roll over.

“Im over here Crystalwing!” He yelled.

“Ok im coming.” Crystalwing replied from a distance.

Thundervine look back and whispered, “It’s over we win.” Then kicked Stonebreeze, rolling her over the side of the cliff. She could hear Crystalwing yelling at him as she fell.

“No! Im not going down! Not like this.” Stonebreeze said aloud. She unfolded her wings and flapped them, up down, up down. At first she made no progress, but then she started rising, higher and higher. I’m doing it! Im flying! She thought. She glided down to the ground, her hooves softly touching the dry grass. She looked up at where she had fallen. Thundersky wasn’t there. No one was.

“I made it! Take that Blackmoon!” Then she looked around and realized what she feared, what she always dreaded when going out by herself. She was lost. None of the plants looked familiar, nothing did. All around her was trees. Lots and lots of trees.








Chapter #6


​Sundrop woke to a brightly lit cave. He stood up and looked around, wincing when he leaned against the wall. Stonebreeze was gone! Where was she? He walked over to the entrance.

​“Stonebreeze?” She didn’t answer. Mabey she was just looking for food. Yes, that had to be it, she would be back soon. Sundrop went back into the cave and noticed the bowl was gone. That meant she had definitely gone to get food. Sundrop walked around the cave, using his wing to gather the dust in a pile and sweep it outside.

​“Stonebreeze will be surprised when she sees how clean the cave is.” Sundrop said to himself. He walked back to the bed and laid down. “Why am I so tired?” He said yawning. “Must be the stress.” He closed his eyes and tried to imagine water running down his dry throat. The water from home.

​Sundrop let his thoughts get straight before he opened his eyes. He was moving, but he wasn’t flying, he was being carried. By who? He looked around at the pegasi biting the tips of his wings. One of them was a palomino with dark blue wings, the other was dark bay with orange wings.

​“We will rest here then fly the rest of the way tomorrow.” Said another palomino with emerald wings leading them.

​“Yes sir.” Said the other two at the same time.

​“Redsky, I need you to stay up and watch the foal. He will be dangerous when he wakes up. We need him alive though so control your anger.” The leader said.

​“Of course sir, don’t want him to ecscape.” Said the Pegasus on Sundrop’s right with the orange wings through a mouthful of feathers.

​“Crystalwing, would you gather food and water?”

​“Yes Thundervine.” Said a female voice behind Sundrop.

​So the one in front is Thundervine, the one on the right is Redsky, and the one behind me is Crystalwing, none of those names sound familiar. Thought Sundrdop. But who is the one on my left?

​“Hey Thundervine, he’s awake.” Said the one on his left. Dang it! Sundrop thought. I should have kept my eyes shut!

​“Great work Starshine.” Said Thundervine turning around. “Hello, foal. I’ve heard that Misticjade had a foal. Never really believed it though, say where is your mother?”

​Sundrop kept his mouth shut and turned his head away from Thundervine.

​“Ahh, I see. Not gonna talk? Oh, I can fix that.” Thundervine said kicking Sundrop in the stomach, making him spin around. “I said, where is your mother?!” He said again. Sundrop didn’t answer. Thundervine kicked him again, harder this time.

​“She’s dead!” Sundrop yelled at him, struggling to say the words. “She’s dead.”

​“Awesome!” Said Thundervine. “Now we don’t have to deal with her.”

​Sundrop kicked Redsky but he held on. “How dare you! My mother was innocent unlike you!” Sundrop spat at him. “You have no right to talk about her that way!”

​“You have no right to talk about her that way!” Said Thundersky imitating him.

​“Let me go!” Sundrop scrame at him. “Now!”

​Starshine laughed. “Oh no! I’m so scared!”

​An idea popped into Sundrop’s mind. “I will use shadow ray if I have too!”

Starshine glared at him but hesitated. “You… you don’t know how.”

​“Oh sure I do! How else would I stay alive all alone in the harsh jungle?” Sundrop said.

​“Starshine just ignore him, he doesn’t have the guts to hurt anyone.” Thundervine said grinning at Sundrop.

​“I do too!” Sundrop said childishly. “Watch this!” He opened his mouth and a ray of black shot at Redsky. Redsky scrame as it hit him and let go of Sundrop.

​“No! Redsky get him now!” Thundervine yelled.

​“It burns!” Redsky yelled with wide eyes.

​Sundrop started falling through the air. Starshine was falling next to him, his eyes closed and his wings limp. “What happened to you?” Sundrop asked..

​Starshine glanced at him and Sundrop gasped. His neck had a wide gash and was bleeding fiercely. “i…don’t…know.” Starshine managed to say. “Good luck foal.”

​“You were just mocking me! And now you wish me good luck?”

​“Blackmoon has a..” Starshine looked up, his eyes widened, and he froze. Sundrop glanced up and saw Redsky and Thundervine diving towards them, their wings folded like halks.

​Sundrop turned to Starshine and mouthed, run!

Starshine looked at him, “Thank you Sundrop.” Then he turned around and dove to the ground, unfolding his wings. When he disappeared into the trees Sundrop turned back to Thundervine. Redsky’s wing was burnt on the tips and some of the feathers had fallen off, but he unfolded it and glided down to Sundrop.

​“You! You are going to pay!” Redsky yelled at him, getting closer every second. He hit Sundrop with great force, and Sundrop tumbled through the air, he spread his wings to study himself and started copying the wing movements of Thundervine, who was hovering a ways back. Sundrop stopped falling and lingered in the sky, he was flying! When he recovered he turned back to Redsky and put his wing tips together. Redsky ducked right before the black hit him.

​“You’re tougher than you look kid.”

​“Well I am Misticjade’s son, what did you expect?”

​“I don’t know, I mean she wouldn’t train you for war or anything so I figured you would be useless.”

​“Well you were wrong, she trained me better than you could have!”

​“Not so sure about that.” Redsky said kicking Sundrop on the side. Sundrop gasped as the sharp hooves hit him and he could feel the breath leave his lungs for a short time. Sundrop turned around folded his wings and dove for the safety of the trees, dodging Redsky’s kicks. When the tops of the trees were just a few feet away he spread his wing sand glided onto a thick branch. Redsky didn’t have as much luck and when he landed the branch broke, he fell and hit another branch, then another, until he hit the ground. Redsky just lay there motionless. Sundrop looked around him, there were to many trees to fly so he would have to run. He flew down to another branch then leapt off it onto the ground. He started running, as fast as he could, he could hear Thundervine yelling, probably at Redsky, but it was no use, no one could survive that fall. Sundrop just ran and ran, he never looked back, he never stopped he just kept going, until his legs gave way and he collapsed breathing hard. I’ll just rest for a moment, he thought. He closed his eyes and his mind slipped away into a deep sleep. He dreamed of Misticjade, he was running with her through the jungle laughing. Then he heard her scream, and she was gone, he was all alone, and maybe he would stay alone, forever.







Chapter #7

-A new friend-

​“Sundrop, Sundrop wake up.” Sundrop opened his eyes, everything was dark and the only light was a dim ray that fit its way through the leaves. Starshine was bending over him repeating his name over and over. When he saw that Sundrop was awake he let out a deep breath.

​“You’re awake! I thought you were dead.”

​“How did you find me Starshine?”

​“I was hiding in the trees when Redsky fell, I saw you run so I tried to follow you. You are fast, it took me all day to catch up.”

​Sundrop stood up and stretched his wings. “I slept all day?”

​“You slept a whole day and half of the night.” Starshine said.

​“No wonder I’m so hungry!” Sundrop said.

​“Yeah I figured you would be.” Starshine said. “Look what I found.” He walked a round a tree and brought out a pile of droopy stuff that looked like grass. “Our medicine mare said it’s healthy and delicious, I already had some. Now it’s your turn.”

Sundrop took a bite of it and chewed it hungrily. It almost tasted like guash or whatever Stonebreeze called it, Sundrop thought. “Stonebreeze!” Sundrop said realizing that Stonebreeze never came back and if she did it was after he was taken so she would be alone again.

​“Stone what?” Starshine asked.

​“Stonebreeze, she found me in the forest, we were living in the cave together, but she didn’t come back today!”

​“Stonebreeze? She’s alive?”

​“Yeah why wouldn’t she?”

​“Blackmoon said he found her dead!”

​Blackmoon’s name sent chills down Sundrop’s spine. “That liar!”

​“That’s why I’m here.” Starshine said. “I know how evil Blackmoon is, so I came to join you, not to capture you.”

​Sundrop just ignored him, he paced trying to comfort himself. “Blackmoon might have her, where is Jungle Herd?”

​Starshine looked terrified , “No! I’m not going back there!”

​“We have to save Stonebreeze, if it weren’t for her I probably would still be in the jungle lost, alone and scared!” Sundrop yelled. “I’ll do it alone if I have to!”

​Starshine glared at the ground, “No, you have no idea where to go or what Blackmoon can do. I will go with you but only if you promise to help me save my family, Blackmoon is treating them poorly and they can’t do anything about it.”​

​Sundrop thought a moment then said, “Ok. Let’s save everyone we can from Blackmoon.”

​Starshine smiled. “Man, you are the nicest person I’ve ever met.”

​“Thanks, now where is Jungle Herd?”

​“They are heading west to the meadows. They are probably only about three miles away from here, we traveled the other two last night.”

​“Let’s go then! They’re so close!” Sundrop said running the way Starshine had pointed. Starshine smiled and ran after them, neither of them knew whether they would win or not they just knew they needed to help their friends.



Chapter #8


​Where am I? Stonebreeze thought, she had been walking ever since she’d fallen off the cliff. So far she had seen no other animals. She looked at her surroundings, still just trees. Stonebreeze walked deeper into the jungle looking for any signs of pegasi. Finding none she sat down to take a break. Then she got up and started walking again. She walked probably 5 miles before it started getting dark. When she noticed the sun disappearing Stonebreeze stopped to sleep, gathering all the leaves she could to make a bed like the one Sundrop had made. Sundrop, she wondered if he was still waiting for her, or if he got caught. If Thundervine somehow got him to Blackmoon, that would be the end, Jungle Herd would have no hope. When she had a good pile of leaves she laid down on them and closed her eyes, letting her mind slip into a world of dreams, and nightmares.

​Stonebreeze awoke to the sound of a branch snapping. “Who’s there? Thundervine if that’s you…” She called out into the shadows of the trees.

​“I am not Thundervine.” Said a mare jumping off a thin branch. “My name is willowleaf.”

​“I don’t recognize you. Are you from Jungle Herd?”

​“I was a long time ago. But I left because they were going to attack Meadow Herd, my fathers herd. I didn’t want to go so I snuck out during the night.”

​“I don’t think I was born yet because I don’t remember attacking Meadow Herd.”

​“Are you Autumncloud’s daughter?”

​“I am! Do you know where she is? I lost her during a storm two nights ago.”

​“Yes actually, I do. She’s staying with us.”

​“Us? There are more pegasi staying with you?”

​“Yes, all of the pegasi that have left their herds or been kicked out are with me. They are back at home.”

​“Oh, take me there! Please, I need to see my mother.”

​Willowleaf seemed to think hard then said, “Alright, you can come but you have to stay hidden at all times.”

​Stonebreeze thought about Sundrop. “Do you remember Misticjade?”

​“Yes, we were best friends.” Willowleaf said with a longing in her eyes. “Until she disappeared.”

​Stonebreeze’s eyes filled with tears, would she be doing the right thing telling her that Misticjade was dead? “I met her son, his name is Sundrop. He fell down a cliff and I gave him some medicine, but I ran out. I woke up before him yesterday and I went to get the ingredients to make more. Thundervine attacked me and I barely escaped, I’ve been wandering the jungle ever since.”

​Willowleaf’s eyes lit up. “Did you see Misticjade? Where is she?”

​Stonebreeze shut her eyes and whispered, “She’s dead.”

​Willowleaf leaned closer. “What’s that?”

​Stonebreeze looked at the ground and said through sobs, “She’s gone… Sundrop said she was killed by a jaguar.”

​Willowleafs eyes widened and she fell on her knees. “No, Misticjade was bold and fearless, a jaguar couldn’t kill her. Could it?”

​Stonebreeze knelt beside her. “Im sorry but she’s gone. The jaguar got her by surprise. Sundrop got so mad that he attacked the jaguar and now… now it’s dead. But killing the jaguar didn’t bring Misticjade back. I found Sundrop when he was looking for a herd to stay with, he traveled so far, I felt sorry for him. But now he’s one of the best friend I’ve ever had, and I have no idea where he is.”

​Willowleaf’s eyes were filled with tears. “Blackmoon… I’m going to get you!” She yelled looking up to the sky.

​“Blackmoon didn’t kill her, a jaguar did.”

​Willowleaf turned to Stonebreeze and her eyes narrowed. “

Child, don’t you see? Blackmoon sent the jaguar. He wanted it to kill the foal, but instead it got Misticjade. It’s all his fault!”

​Stonebreeze gasped, “No, he wanted it to kill Misticjade. It’s a trap! Sundrop is going to Blackmoon to destroy him, but that’s what he wants!

​Willowleaf’s eyes widened, “Sundrop went to Blackmoon? Is he insane?”

​“No, he’s trying to save the herd, he’s trying to save us.”

​Willowleaf shook her head. “Well he’s doomed, he ain’t saving no one!”

​Stonebreeze quickly got up. “Where’s my mother? I want to see her before I go.”

​“Go where?”

​“To help Sundrop.”

​Willowleaf shook her head again, “It’s dangerous and impossible. I’m in. I guess we’re all insane.”

​“I guess so.”

​“Your mother is this way.” Willowleaf said running into the trees.

​Stonebreeze glanced behind her, “We’re coming Sundrop.” Then she ran after Willowleaf.
















Chapter #9

-The battle-

​Starshine held his wing up signaling Sundrop to stop. Sundrop stopped and looked over Starshine’s shoulder. A herd of pegasi were grazing, and Blackmoon stood on a tall rock watching them.

​“Do you see Stonebreeze?” Sundrop whispered.

​“No, he’s probably expecting you so he hid her.”

​“You’re right. We’re going to have to tell him to give her back, if I have to fight him might as well be now.”

​“Well he’s not going to just give her up, so you can guaranty that you’ll have to fight someone, he might just send a warrior to fight.”

​“If he sent a warrior he would be showing mercy.” Sundrop said coldly.

​“You’re right, I hope he does.”

​“That probably won’t happen.”

​“I know.” Starhsine replied his head hanging.

​Sundrop took a deep breathe, “Well here it goes, try to find Stonbreeze and ill distract Blackmoon.”

​Starshine frowned, “Are you sure you can take him on your own?”

​“As sure as ill ever be.” Sundrop said running into the clearing and letting out a cry.

​Blackmoon smiled at looked at him with an evil smirk spread acrossed his face. “Look the little foal has come to defeat me, oh no!”

​“This little foal is furious that you took his friend!” Sundrop yelled, he could feel the shadow ray coming up his throat and stopped it.

​“Oh, you mean that filly… what was her name?”

​“Stonebreeze.” Sundrop muttered.

​“Oh yeah! Well I don’t have her, she escaped.” Blackmoon said shrugging.

​“I know you have her where is she?” Sundrop said angrily.

​“I don’t know!”

​Sundrop narrowed his eyes, “I don’t want to fight but I will.”

​“Oh, please do! I could turn you to dust!”

​Sundrop looked around at the terrified pegasi of Jungle Herd. “They deserve freedom, they deserve a lot more than you are giving them!”

​“They’re alive aren’t they?”

​“Have you ever asked what they want?”

​“Yeah! We are like prisoners to you!” A voice shouted from the back of the field.

​“Wow, you’re treating them so bad they feel like prisoners? You’re no leader!” Sundrop said glaring at Blackmoon.

​Blackmoon’s eyes narrowed and he jumped off the rock and into the air. “You think you can do better? You couldn’t even protect one Pegasus, even if it was your mother! I sent that jaguar, I killed Misticjade!”

​Sundrop gasped and his anger took control, the shadow ray flew through the air at incredible speed but blackmoon dodged it easily. Blackmoon opened his mouth but before the mist came out he fung forward onto the ground. Starshine flew to Sundrop.

​“You’re stronger than you look!” Sundrop said.

​“Yeah, well Blackmoon made it easier when he became so scrawny.”

​All of the sudden everything slowed down and Sundrop could hear his own heart beating, and something else, a buzzing sound. He looked back at Blackmoon and saw thousands of bees flying towards them. Almost automatically Sundrop put his wings together and a silver shield surrounded him and Starshine. The bees surrounded the shield and they were blocked from the outside world.

​“Wow that was close! Thanks dude.” Starshine said staring at the bees.

​“I didn’t know I could do that…” The sound of something cracking interrupted Sundrop and he twirled around. A big crack ran a long the bottom of the sheild.

“Is it supposed to do that?” Starshine asked with a worried expression.

​“I don’t think so!” Suddenly the shield burst into dust and Sundrop and Starshine started falling. Sundrop spread his wings and glided down to the ground.

​“I’m going to die!” Starshine said still falling.

​“Dude, you can fly.” Sundrop said.

​“Oh yeah!” Starshine said gliding down to Sundrop. Sundrop turned his attention back to Blackmoon. He was gone, but that didn’t mean he had given up. The bees shot down and surrounded Sundrop and Starshine. Sundrop coughed and scrame.

​“Sundrop! Don’t give up!” Starshine’s voice yelled. Sundrop looked around him and couldn’t find Starshine. He ran forward, the only direction he knew. Finally he saw Starshine, his eyes wide with fear.

​“Starshine, run to me! I’ll protect you!” Sundrop yelled into the buzzing of the bees.

​“I can’t… move.” Starshine sputtered. He yelled for Sundrop as the bees enclosed him and he disappeared from sight.

​“No!” Sundrop yelled, emotion took over and he fell on the ground. “Starshine!” A golden bubble appeared around Sundrop and it grew, bigger and bigger. The bees died as soon as it touched them.

​“You’re smart child, but not smart enough.” Blackmoon’s voice said. “You should have taken your chance and joined me… now it’s too late.”

“I’d rather die good than live forever evil!” Sundrop said. New strength was running through him now. Blackmoon had killed too many pegasi! He had to be defeated!

​“Sundrop!” Stonebreeze’s voice eshoed in Sundrop’s ears and he ran towards it.

​“Stonebreeze!” Sundrop ran, the bubble still protecting him. Stonebreeze ran out of the trees, Thundervine right behind her. Thundervine stopped when he saw Sundrop. Stonebreeze leapt into the bubble panting. She gasped when she looked up.

​“What?” Sundrop said.

​“Your hooves, your eyes, your wings!” Stonebreeze said. “Look!” She pointed at his wings.

​Sundrop held his wings up and stared at them, they were silver with gold tips. Then he looked at his hooves, they were shining a bright silver. “What color are my eyes?” He asked turning to Stonebreeze.

​She smiled. “Gold, like the tips of your wings.”

​Sundrop smiled back. “Sweet.”

​“How sweet! A reunion. I think I’m going to barf!” Blackmon said walking towards them.

​Sundrop narrowed his eyes. He turned back to Stonebreeze. “If I don’t make it, take care of Jungle Herd.”

​“You will make it, I won’t need to.” Stonebreeze said confidently.

​Sundrop faked a smile. “I hope so. But I can’t take the chance of you getting hurt.” He said stepping out of the shield. He focused he power on the shield and it hardened. He kicked it softly and it rolled back to the trees.

​“Sundrop!” Stonebreeze yelled trying to roll it back.

​“Sorry Stonebreeze.” Sundrop said turning back to Blackmoon.

​“Trying to save your friend?” Blackmoon said nodding his head towards Stonebreeze. Three big, strong pegasi ran to Stonebreeze and started kicking the shield. Sundrop made it harder than twirled around and kick Blackmoon. Blackmoon gasped a fell backwards. “You are a strong warrior! But compared to me you’re nothing!” Blackmoon said as he stood up.

​“It’s not about being strong.” Sundrop said. “It’s about being smart, and having the element of surprise!” He jumped into the air and before Blackmoon could do the same he held his wings high. The silver feathers instantly lit up. Sundrop couldn’t even look at his wings they were so bright, and Blackmoon quickly looked away. Sundrop dropped his wings and they went dark, and normal. While Blackmoon was still recovering Sundrop shot a shadow ray at him. Blackmoon flew backwards and hit a rock. He slowly stood up using the rock to steady himself. Blackmoon’s wings were pitch black, and his eyes were the darkest blue Sundrop had ever seen. Sundrop got ready to use shadow ray again.

​“No!” Blackmoon held up his wing, shaking. “Don’t! Please! I’ll do anything you say!” Blackmoon’s eyes were pleading and his voice cracking. Sundrop almost said no but then he remembered what Misticjade had always told him. His mind flashed back to those moments.

​Sundrop was chasing a squirrel who had stolen his lucky stone. He stepped on its tail to slow it down, and it quickly fell and just laid there, frozen by fear. Sundrop reared and his mother rushed bewtween him and the squirrel. “Mother! It stole my stone! Move!” His wining voice was high.

​“Sundrop, I don’t care if it stole anything.” Misticjade’s voice was demanding. “What if you stole my food and I kicked you and didn’t feed you for a week? That wouldn’t be fair would it? Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance.” The memory faded into the present and a tear ran down Sundrop’s cheek and fell onto the ground, hearing his mother’s voice reminded him of how much he missed her.

​“Sundrop! Don’t listen to him!” Stonebreeze yelled from the shield.

​“Everyone deserves a second chance, but I can’t take the chance of you staying here.” Sundrop said as he flew to the ground and walked over to Blackmoon. “You need to fly across the ocean to another land and start over.”

​“I’ll go with him.” Said a mare walking out of the grazing grounds.

​“We will to.” Said a couple of other pegasi.

​Blackmoon’s eyes welled up. “You’d do that for me? After how mean and cruel I was?”

​“Like Sundrop said, everyone deserves a second chance.” The mare said.

​“Thanks sis.” Blackmoon said.

​Sundrop smiled. “You’re a good sibling.” He said to the mare.

​“Thanks to you verything will be ok now. My name is Darkbloom.” The mare replied. “And these are my sons, Blackfeather and Darkwing.” The two foals waved their wings.

​“Nice too meet you.” Sundrop said.

​“All of my hildren have died, that I know of.” Blackmoon said sadly.

​“Im sorry.” Sundrop said.

​“Its not your fault.” Blackmoon replied. “Looks like you defeated me after all.” He said with a smile. “Its to bad that your wings, eyes, and hooves had to go back to normal.”

​Sundrop had almost forgotten about that and he looked back at his wings, they were that sky blue again. “I like this better.”

​“We should get going.” Darkbloom said. “We have a long journey ahead of us.”

​“Yes, we should.” Blackmoon said. “Goodbye Sundrop, thanks for helping me realize my wrongs.”

​“No problem.” Sundrop said. “Thanks for helping me find the best friends ever.” He tried to use shadow ray up in the air as a goodbye, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t feel the power running through him, he couldn’t feel his power at all.

​Blackmoon seemed to notice his struggle. “When your wings lit up, that was the most powerful move we can use. It must used all your power.”

​Sundrop smiled. “That’s ok, I’m still me!”

​Blackmoon shook his head. “You are my hero, your never get angry or kill or anything like that.”

​“I get angry. But I don’t kill.” Sundrop said. “My mother taught me good.”

​Blackmoon frowned. “I’m so sorry about your mother. It was like I was being controlled.”

​“You were. By your anger.” Darkwing said.

​Blackmoon faked a smile. “Mabey I can learn how to control it.”

​“I know you can.” Sundrop said. “Goodbye.”

​“Goodbye Sundrop.” Blackmoon said then he and his crew flew away.

​“Sundrop!” Stonebreeze yelled.

​Sundrop turned around and let the shield disappear. “Where have you been?”

​Stonebreeze ran to him. “I’ve been staying with a secret herd in deep in the jungle. Willowleaf is their leader, she and your mom were best friends.”

​Sundrop softly smiled. “Can I meet her?”

​“Yes, let’s go to their camp.”

​Sundrop turned to Jungle Herd. “I will be right back.” Then he followed Stonebreeze into the trees.

Chapter #10


​When they arrived at Willowleaf’s hidden home for the herd, everyone was huddled in the middle of the camp.

​“What’s going on?” Stonebreeze asked as she and Sundrop ran to the crowd.

​Autmncloud the army leader and mother of Stonebreeze stepped forward. “Willowleaf is gone.”

​“Gone where?” Stonebreeze asked.

​“No one knows, when we woke up she just wasn’t here. But we found this.” Autmncloud said holding up an emerald feather.

​“That’s mine!” Said a mare grabing it from her. “Where did you find it?”

​“By the beds.” Autmncloud said. “Sorry.”

​The mare held her head high and walked back to her spot in the crowd. “Rude.”

​“Well, we don’t have any evidence then.” Autmncloud said.

​“You mean Willowleaf just disappeared over one night?” Stonebreeze asked.


​“Then we have to find her!”

​“I have to stay here to protect the herd.” Autmncloud said.

​“Ok, mom. I’ll go, with Sundrop.”

​“Wait this is your mom?” Sundrop asked.

​“Yes, this is Autmncloud.”

​“So this is the great Sundrop. The one that saved Jungle Herd?”

​“Yep, that’s me but im no great. Just Sundrop.”

​“Alright, protect my daughter ron this journey with your life.”

​“I have been, that’s why I went to BLackmoon.”

​“Good for you.”

​“Come on Sundrop we have to go find Willowleaf.”

​“Ok but first let’s get Jungle Herd somewhere safe.” Sundrop replied.

​“I almost forgot about them!” Stonebreeze said. “Now someone has to take over.”

​“I will when we get back but until then, I know who can do it.” Sundrop said. “Get ready for the journey I will take care of the herd.” He flew back to Jungle Herd.

​“He’s back!” A voice yelled. Everyone cheered and laughed.

​“That’s right. I need to go look for someone lost. But I have a feeling Starshine will be bale to take care of you.”

​“He’s dead.” Said the herd medicine mare, Sweetfeather.

​“I can help him, take me to him.”

​Sweetfeather walked back to where Sundrop had last seen Starshine, the memory fresh. She stopped a few feet away frp, where Starshine had told Sundrop not to give up. “Here”

​Sundrop stopped next to her and stared at his friend. He put his wing tips together, but instead of anger, love and kindness was filling Sundrop. A gold ray slowly made its way to Starshine, laying on the ground motionless. It surrounded him in a blinding light and Starshine floated up into the air limp. Sundrop looked away, and when he heard Starshine laugh he turned back and smiled. Starshine’s coat was soft and healthy, and his wings big and strong, Sundrop’s power had made him the healthy Pegasus he was before Blackmoon took over.

​“Sundrop! You did it! I knew you could!” Starshine said with a big grin.

​Sundrop laughed. “We did it.” An idea came to Sundrop and his smile grew bigger. “Everyone line up!” He told the herd. Everyone quickly got in a line. Sundrop put his wings together and yelled, “Close your eyes.” Than the gold picked up Jungle Herd. Sundrop opened his eyes a few moments later and smiled. All of Jungle Herd had shiny, healthy coats, their wing feathers long, and their wings big. The herd members all gasped and admired each other’s healthy coats and wings.

​“You are awesome.” Starshine said in an admiring way.

​“You saved my life, that’s way awesome!” Sundrop said happily.

​“I guess we’re even.”

​“Guess so. But can you do me one favor?”

​“Sure anything for my best friend.”

​“Can you take care of Jungle Herd for a little while?”

​Starshine’s eyes widened. “Like replace Blackmoon? Like be a leader?”

​“Well I hope you’ll be better than Blackmon, but yes like that.”​

​“Yes!” Starshine said leaping into the air.

​Sweetfeather glared at him. “Starshine don’t be so rude!”

​Starshine blushed and quickly landed. “Thank you Sundrop. I will take good care of Jungle Herd.”

​Sundrop laughed. “I know you will. I have to get back to Stonebreeze so you’re in charge now.”

​Starshine’s smile faded. “You’re leaving?”

​“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

​“Ok, see you soon.”


​Sweetfeather ran to the healthy Jungle Herd and started chanting, “Sundrop, Sundrop, Sundrop.”

​The rest of the herd started to join in,”Sundrop, Sundrop, Sundrop.” Sundrop shot a gold ray up into the air and it sprinkled down like a soft rain onto Jungle Herd.

​“Bye!” He said as he flew back to Stonebreeze. His mood fell when he saw the camp.






Chapter #11

-The journey begins-

​Everyone at the camp was miserable. Their heads hung and their wings drooped. Sundrop tried to cheer them up with jokes or smiles, but nothing seemed to help. When he found Stonebreeze she was picking fruits and other food they would need.

​“Why is everyone so down?” Sundrop asked.

​“Because Willowleaf was their leader, their only hope, now she’s gone.” Stonebreeze replied sadly.

​“We have to leave soon.”

​“I know I’m almost done.”

Sundrop wandered the small camp and explored their ways. They would find round rocks and would smash the fruits on them to mix with the other foods. And they stood sticks up and threw leaves on top of them to make shelter. There was a creek nearby and they would hollow out nuts and use them to scoop the water. When Sundrop got back to Stonebreeze’s hut he told her how smart these pegasi were and that when they got back they would have to learn their ways.

​“If we get back.” Stonebreeze mumbled under her breath.

​“Did you say something?” Sundrop asked.

​“No.” Stonebreeze said bitterly. “We have to go so say your goodbyes.” Then she walked away.

​Sundrop walked out to the crowd who gathering in the middle of camp. “Guys, we have to leave so I wanted to say bye.”

​No one greeted him or smiled they just said goodbye then left him. When Stonebreeze came back she had a bag made of leaves tied around her neck.

​“Here, I made you one.” She said.

​“Thanks.” Sundrop tied it like hers.

​Then together the set off on their journey. They didn’t know where they were going or what would happen to them. All they knew is they needed to find Willowleaf. And fast.


Dec 9, 2017

I couldnt read all of it, but the few chapters I read were amazing!!!

Dec 10, 2017

this is so long! I lnly read chapter one, but it was awesome!

Dec 10, 2017

this is


Dec 10, 2017

you are an awesome writer Ashflame!!

Dec 16, 2017

CassTucker1 yeah I know it's long but thank you for reading some of it! And thank u!


Dec 16, 2017

Echomoon I know it's long sorry but thanks for taking the time to read sharper one! And thanks so much! Your books are amazing to!

Dec 16, 2017

I did finish it a few days ago! You are meant to be an author, literally!!

Dec 17, 2017

aww thank you Ashflame! :)

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