Jan 26, 2018

The Love Story Of Windwing and Wispiflower 12


Troop: -whinnies in reply-

Crimsonwind: Father, who are those pegasi we’re going to capture anyways? Why are they so special?

Rainblaze: -nickers and instantly starts to dry them off from instinct-

Racewind: Two of them are a lead mare and over stallion. The others always try to rescue them so we need to capture them as well. And the reason why the over stallion and lead mare are so special is...

-decides to tell his colt- Your dam actually pretended that you were the colt of the over stallion for a few moons because she wanted to be his mate. She did it behind my back. And the lead mare, well, she is special to me.

Crimsonwind: -perks ears- Mother did that?

Racewind: -sighs- You don’t know the half of it son, but yes.

Crimsonwind: Did you do something too father?

Racewind: -turns head away and looks forward- I’ll tell you later, we’re here.

-circles and lands-

Windwing: -looks up into the sky and sees about 20 pegasi-

-widens eyes- Wispiflower..

Wispiflower: -looks up from watching the foals sleeping- What? -looks up- Oh no.

Windwing: -instantly nudges the foals awake- We have to go!

Whitefrost: Why? What’s wrong?!

Coperpool: -shakes off his surprise- I’m a sire.. -whispers so quietly only Rainblaze could hear- -whinnies excitedly- I’M A SIRE!!!!!! -flies into the air and does a few spins-

Rainblaze: -rolls eyes- Happens to every stallion I guess...

Wispifrost: -flies to her hooves- What Daddy? Attack? Invaders? CHIPMUNK?!?!

Rainblaze: -looks at the now dried-and-cleaned fillys- Well, what should we name them?

Whitefrost: Seriously Wispifrost?

Windwing: -nudges them away along with Wispiflower- Go!

Coperpool: -comes to his senses and realizes the foals hearing is really sensitive- -flies back down and looks sheepish- Sorry about all that.. How about that one, -points to the copper winged filly- be named Emeraldblaze?

Rainblaze: -nickers- I like that!

Wispiflower: Okay I’ll go hide them but then I’m coming back to fight.

Wispifrost: -looks at her sire quickly just in case then turns to defend herself- Yes seriously! Aren’t you scared of chipmunks?!

Windwing: -shakes head- Just run!!

Windwing: -nickers despite the urgent rush- No

Wispiflower: -takes one wing from each of her foals and starts rushing them away-

-quickly looks back at Windwing- Be safe.

Windwing: I’ll watch them, and if they get closer I’ll be right behind you. Go to a thick grove

Whitefrost: Father! Why aren’t you coming?!

Wispifrost: -rolls eyes- Isn’t it obviously brothy? He needs to stay behind to fight them off!

Whitefrost: -stomps hoof- Then I’m staying too

Windwing: -nudges his colt away- Go with your sister and dam, I’ll be right behind you

Mapleglade: -trots over to the group and whispers to Windwing- Are they a raiding party?

Windwing: I think so. Where are Junetree and Maytree?

Junetree: -comes up out of nowhere with Maytree’s wing clutched in her’s- Who are these guys?

Wispiflower: -nuzzles Windwing- -takes Whitefrost’s wing again and walks off into a thick tree grove- Whitefrost, we need to let your sire do this alone, do you hear me? You are NOT going to help him. Promise me neither of you will try.

Wispifrost: Okay I promise.

Whitefrost: -rears- I want to stay with Father!!

Windwing: -ignores his colt and watches the group circle above him and slowly lower-

-instantly recgonizes Racewind- Not again...

-whinnies quietly and bolts towards his family- Run!!!

Wispiflower: -pins ears and gallops, dragging the twins with her-

Whitefrost: -obeys his mother and father this time and gallops as fast as possible to a nearby tree grove-

Windwing: -whinnies to Mapleglade and his family- Hide! It’s Racewind! He wants Wispiflower, and possibly the rest of us

Mapleglade: -looks up and snorts in shock-

-nudges his mate and foal- To the tree grove with Wispiflower

Windwing: -breaks into a gallop but stays behind Wispiflower and the twins-

Rainblaze: -points to the other filly- What about this one?

Junetree: WHAT? He DARES come back?!

-obeys her mate for the first time ever-

Maytree: -follows her mother and is soon safe in the thick grove-

Whitefrost: -quickly arrives to the grove and stops, almost hitting Maytree- Whoa!

Mintbreeze: -searches for an enclosed valley to keep Windwing and the others in- -finds one at the end of the mountain range that is like a shallow crater, full of grass but tall thick rocks on the outer edge caging them- -nickers- Perfect.

Coperpool: -taps chin thoughtfully- How about.. Hollylight? It goes with her holly berry colored wings.

Maytree: Watch It Whitefrost! You almost ran me over just now!

Whitefrost: Sorry!

Rainblaze: -stares at her- Perfect!!!!!!!

Maytree: -nods- -whispers- It’s okay.

Hollylight: -sniffs her dam’s mane- -licks a spot on it that tasted good-

Whitefrost: -nods too and turns around-

Windwing: -urges Wispiflower and Wispifrost into the grove-

Mapleglade: -follows Junetree in and peeks outside to look at the approaching pegasi- They’re starting to land I think

Wispiflower: -makes it in-

Wispifrost: -comes in right behind her mother- Daddy, will we all be okay? Who is that stallion ‘Racewind’ anyway?

Rainblaze: -nickers-

Emeraldblaze: -lays wings out and tries to get her wobbly back legs up-

Junetree: Of coarse they are Mapleglade. -pins ears- I really don’t like it when Racewind tries to take my best friend.

Windwing: Racewind is a stallion that is evil. He likes to take pegasi.

-doesnt go into detail or answer her first question-

Mapleglade: -sighs- -suddenly remembers- What about Coperpool and Rainblaze?!

Windwing: I think they’re in a grove over there a ways, but I’ll go warn them

Junetree: -gasps- My other best friend! Oh no!

Windwing: -gallops outside from another end and jumps into the sky-

Rainblaze: -perks ears and lifts head up from her fillys- You hear that?

Coperpool: -perks ears- Yeah. -yells out softly so he doesn’t hurt his foals’ ears- Who goes there?

Windwing: -perks ears and hears Coperpool’s voice- -lands and bursts into the grove- Hide! Go!! -realizes the foals are there- -jaw drops-

Coperpool: -sighs with relief- Windwing, meet Emeraldblaze and Hollylight.

Windwing: Wow.. congratulations! But you guys need to go. Racewind is back, with about 20 pegasi.

Coperpool: -pins ears- Why does that stallion bother?

Windwing: -shrugs and looks around- This grove is thick enough to stay hidden. Be quiet and safe. -gallops out and back to Wispiflower-

Wispiflower: -watches as the 20 gradually find a place to land- -whispers to Mapleglade- I really don’t like him.

Mapleglade: I figured you didn’t. -stomps hoof-

Crimsonwind: -lands beside his father- Where do you think they are?

Racewind: -lands the twenty a little ways away from the grove where one of the stallions said Wispiflower and Windwing had fled- Be ready. -points at the ground- Crimsonwind, stay here.

Crimsonwind: Father! I want to come!

Windwing: -arrives back at the grove- Everyone, hide apart in the trees

Racewind: -gives in- Okay you can come, just stay out of trouble. No glossy-eyeing fillies.

Crimsonwind: Thank you father! -ignores his last comment-

Wispiflower: -hides in a big bush and drags the twins into the other one right next to it- Be quiet and still.

Racewind: Let’s make this one thing clear; you can not ‘fall in love’ with anyone in Prairie Herd.

Windwing: -stays in the front of the tree rows with Mapleglade to watch-

Crimsonwind: -perks ears- Yes sir

Rainblaze: -nudges both the fillies- Come on guys, you need to get up

Emeraldblaze: -perks ears and tries to get up-

Junetree: -is suddenly right in between Mapleglade and Windwing- Are Those brutes landed yet?

Mapleglade: -shrugs-

Windwing: I think so..

Junetree: So What do you think their ‘master plan’ is this time? Other than to take my BFFA Of coarse. -senses their confusion- BFFA stands for Best Friend Forever and After?

Windwing: -nickers then sighs- I don’t know.. nothing bad hopefully

Junetree: -rolls eyes- It’s obviously going to be bad, but what do you think it will be?

Windwing: True. -looks around- Did any of you see Mintbreeze with the group?

Mintbreeze: -flies away from the valley and decides to join Racewind and Crimsonwind to tell them where to take the captives-

Junetree: -eyes flash over the 20 stallions, Racewind, And a young foal- Nope, no Mintbreeze. But they brought a small colt, about Whitefrost’s age.

Windwing: -widens eyes- What does he look like?

Junetree: Umm, He has crimson feathers... wait a second, he looks like Mintbreeze!

Windwing: -nods- Thought so. I bet he’s Racewind’s and Mintbreeze’s colt. The colt that she claimed was mine.

Junetree: -nods- Of coarse he is. I wonder why he is here?

Racewind: -watches as Mintbreeze touches down next to him- What are you doing here?

Mintbreeze: I found a perfect valley where we can hold everyone, once you get them, I’ll lead you to them

Windwing: I dont know. -hears wingbeats- Who’s that?

Junetree: Mintbreeze, obviously. It was her cue. And think about it, if the foal is here, she is bound to claim it is yours again.

Windwing: -groans-

Junetree: -pats comfortingly- It’s okay, you know the colt isn’t yours. Unless... -looks him square in the eye- Unless you’re actually believing what this crazy mare says and going against your mate who is my best friend and your foals?

Windwing: -looks at her like she’s crazy- Why would I do that? The colt doesnt even look like me anyways

Junetree: -rolls eyes- Don’t Look at me like I’m crazy. But that makes me feel more reassured. Just remember that you did believe her at one point, you can’t deny it.

Racewind: Oh okay. We’re closing in on them now.

Windwing: -widens eyes, not understanding- What do you mean?! -turns to Wispiflower with pleading eyes to back him up-

Mintbreeze: -nods- Good.

Wispiflower: -decides to not mention the few days where he was in the trance- Yes Junetree,

-explains to her friend that she doesn’t want to tell Windwing through their blinking language- He didn’t do that.

Junetree: -gulps down the urge to tell him exactly how dumb he acted- Now that you say something, I guess I was thinking of someone else,

-remembered, looking at her mate with the evil eye- like Mapleglade, and how he thought I cheated him.

Racewind: So, What will we do once we have captured them and brought them to this valley?

Windwing: -nods slowly, still a little confused-

Mapleglade: -pins ears at Junetree- You sure like to get on pegasi’s nerves.

Mintbreeze: I dont know yet. Whatever we want. The stallions will guard them, the mares I havent assigned a job yet

Maytree: -heard the last two things her parents said and comes over- Daddy, you thought mama cheated you? Why did you think she cheated you? How did you think she cheated you?

Mapleglade: -blood boils- Your not in this Maytree.

Mapleglade: Go back where you were

Maytree: -sniffles- Sorry Daddy. -sobs into Junetree’s mane then obeys and slowly starts going back to her cousins-

Windwing: -walks away from the fighting couple to look at the group-

-narrows eyes and watches Mintbreeze walk off-

Mapleglade: -pins ears at Junetree and goes with Windwing- (Mapleglade is really grumpy and I don’t even know why lol. Now I understand when Jennifer explained that the characters seem to have their own ways)

Wispifrost: -comes over to her father and nuzzles against him- Hi Daddy! Are they gone yet?

Windwing: -shakes head and looks at his filly- No.. You better go back with your mother. Your safer hidden in the trees. You know that lead stallion? He wants you guys

Wispifrost: -cocks her head and looks Racewind up and down- Why?

Windwing: I dont know. -nudges her- Hide.

Whitefrost: -starts to walk up to his sire but stops- Does he want me too?

Windwing: He wants all of us- possibly Mapleglade, Junetree, Maytree, Rainblaze, Coperpool, and their two new fillys also. That’s why Racewind brought so many stallions

Mapleglade: -perks ears- Fillys?! Rainblaze had them?

Emeraldblaze: -after about 30 minutes after birth, manages to get up and go nurse-

-swishes tail excitedly as she drinks-

Junetree: -pouts and plops on the grass next to Wispiflower- Guess who got frustrated again?

Wispiflower: -nickers- Hmm, Mapleglade?

Junetree: Yep! I don’t get it! He’s just so.. I love him, but sometimes I REALLY don’t like him. Also it seems like he doesn’t love me as much as he used to.

Wispiflower: Why Don’t you tell him that?

Junetree: -silent-

Coperpool: -watches the filly with pride- She’s a half hour early! Amazing!

Hollylight: -doesn’t want to be left out and tries to stand but falls back on rump-

Emeraldblaze: -turns around and attempts to nicker but sneezes, sending milk all over her sister-

Rainblaze: -nickers- I’m proud. -nudges Hollylight softly- Time for you to get up

Hollylight: -whinnies annoyedly as if to say “I’m trying!”-

Wispifrost: But I want to stay with you Daddy!

Rainblaze: -nickers again-


Windwing: I’m sorry Wispifrost, but you need to hide -looks back at the group- They’re coming

Hollylight: -manages to get on all four legs and take a few shaky step- -stumbles but catches self just in Time and goes the rest of the way to her mother- -happily nurses-

Rainblaze: -nuzzles the two fillys and looks at Coperpool- Now that they are up, we need to get them in those trees -points to a bunch of trees deep in the grove-

Coperpool: Yes ma’am. -takes Emeraldblaze’s wing gently in his and starts leading her to the safety of the trees- Alright mom, time to show your skills! Can you take Hollylight over?

Emeraldblaze: -stops, not letting Coperpool take her- -takes wing away and nickers, wanting to show him she can walk herself- Faatthhew. Meee -starts to walk forwards a bit and looks up at him, nickering-

Rainblaze: -nods and nudges the still-nursing filly- Come on Hollylight, follow me

Rainblaze: -perks ears and listens to Emeraldblaze- Did she just talk?

Coperpool: -nods slowly-

Hollylight: -stops nursing but doesn’t move-

Emeraldblaze: -starts walking a bit then falls down and struggles getting back up- -looks at her sire for help now-

Coperpool: -nickers- Oh, having trouble?

-helps her stand back on all four legs- There you go. -nickers-

Emeraldblaze: -nibbles at his thick hair then tries to continue walking-

Coperpool: -snorts- That one’s gonna be trouble.

Rainblaze: -urges the filly on- Let’s go Hollylight... -looks at Coperpool- Mmm hmm

Hollylight: -takes one step forward and stops-

Rainblaze: -nudges Hollylight again to keep her moving-

Hollylight: -snorts and sits on haunches-

Rainblaze: -groans and nudges her again- Come on, we have to hide

Hollylight: -bows head, realizing she lost and stood up starting to walk- Oookkkkaaaayyyy..

Rainblaze: -nickers softly-

Hollylight: -snorts and keeps walking dejectedly-

Coperpool: -ushers to Rainblaze- Come on, you need to hide too!

Rainblaze: I know

-slowly follows Hollylight-

Hollylight: -suddenly bursts forward, flying into the air then fluttering to the ground, landing perfectly next to her sire-

Rainblaze: -nods and watches the filly proudly-

Emeraldblaze: -is already sleeping again in the trees-

Coperpool: -shakes head in amazement- Wow. -looks at Emeraldblaze and nickers- One filly is sleepy and one is wide awake and flying within a half-hour of birth. -shakes head in wonder at Hollylight- Wow.

Rainblaze: -nods slightly and walks over to Emeraldblaze, laying down next to her-

Hollylight: -prances over in triumph and plops down on the other side of her mother-

Coperpool: -walks over and plops next to Hollylight- -thinks- Rainblaze, Do you mind moving to the other side of Emeraldblaze? That way they will both be in the middle and will be safer.

Rainblaze: -nods and moves over to the other side of Emeraldblaze-

Hollylight: -sneezes on Emeraldblaze’s mane by accident and shrinks back against their sire for protection-

Emeraldblaze: -pins ears and opens eyes, purposely sneezing on Hollylight’s face-

Hollylight: -opens mouth in horror and starts crying-

Emeraldblaze: -smirks, not yet knowing about punishments-

Coperpool: -flashes a pleading look at Rainblaze for her to deliver the punishment-

Rainblaze: Emeraldblaze, we can’t have any of that here

Emeraldblaze: -looks at her mother confused- Whaaaaat?

Coperpool: -sighs reluctantly- Sweetie, no more sneezing on your sister or no milk for a whole day. -turns head so the twins can’t see him and makes a really sad face at Rainblaze as if to say “I never want to do that ever again!”-

Emeraldblaze: -looks at her sire full of confusion- Whaaat?

Coperpool: -turns back to his daughter- Do not sneeze on your sister again or else no milk for a whole day. -turns back to Rainblaze with a look on his face that said “That just broke me.”-

Rainblaze: -shrugs, not knowing what to say-

Wispifrost: -hangs head- Okayy.

-trudges back to her mother sadly-

Maytree: -waits a few minutes and goes right back to her sire with a question- Daddy? Daddy Daddy Daddy?

Mapleglade: What?

Whitefrost: -follows his sister-

Windwing: -sighs in relief and watches the group come towards the grove- -whispers to Mapleglade- We better hide too, here they come

Mapleglade: -nods and looks at Maytree- Ask me when we are hiding

Maytree: -sighs- Okay. -zips back to her hiding place, dragging her sire with her by the wing- Okay, we’re hiding!

Mapleglade: -gets dragged by his filly back to Junetree-

Windwing: -watches the group for a few more minutes then bolts back to Wispiflower and hides deep in the trees-

Mapleglade: -looks at Windwing-

Windwing: -nods to Mapleglade-

Mapleglade: -understands and nods back, knowing if they have to fight they will-

Maytree: Let’s try this again. Daddy?

Maytree: -sticks moss into her mother’s ears so she can’t listen-

Junetree: Hey!

Mapleglade: -nickers- Yeah?

Maytree: Do you love Mommy anymore? You’ve been really grumpy at her. -makes puppy eyes- I don’t want to just have a Mommy, or just have a daddy take care of me. I want both and I want them to not just love me but each other to! Wispiflower: Awww!

Mapleglade: -looks at the filly- Maytree, nothing will happen. You don’t worry.

Maytree: -cries silently- But you hate mommy!

Mapleglade: -stays calm- I absolutely do not hate your mother.

Maytree: -cries even harder- But you snap at her and get mad all the time!

Mapleglade: Have you seen your mother?

Maytree: She’s right there with the moss in her ears Daddy, of coarse I have.

Mapleglade: -snorts, not knowing how to reply to his sassy filly-

Maytree: But why did you ask that?

Mapleglade: -groans, not wanting to deal with it- Just hide and be quiet

Maytree: -whimpers- But- But Daddy... I want to know that you still love Mommy...

Mapleglade: -gets tired of it and snaps- I do! Now be quiet!

Maytree: -takes the moss out of her mother’s ears and huddles next to her, shivering from fear-

Mapleglade: -snorts and walks over to Windwing-

Windwing: -sighs- I can hear them approaching

Wispiflower: -glares in the direction of the indruders- I wish they would leave, in fact I wish they had never come and would never bother us again.

Windwing: -nods and pins ears-

Wispiflower: -shakes head- I almost want to round up a hundred stallions and fight them off and win doing it just to get back at them.

Windwing: -nods again, speechless from anger-

Wispiflower: -looks at her colt and filly- But I cannot leave these two, otherwise I would definitely do it.

Whitefrost: I’m alright mother

Wispifrost: -nods fast- Yeah! Go get those intruders Mommy and Daddy!

Windwing: -sighs- We can’t. There aren’t enough of us. If they find us, we’ll fight with what we got. Just hide.

Wispifrost: -disappointed- Aww, that’s to bad. Why don’t we have enough Daddy? Don’t we have a few hundred pegasi?

Windwing: They’re all in the herd, many miles away. My friend is leading them for me, and this group is only a few feet away. Its only us, Mapleglade’s family, and Coperpool’s family.

Wispifrost: Oh, right. Why did we have to go on vacation today again?

Windwing: We’re hiding Wispifrost, unless you want to call this a dangerous vacation

Wispifrost: -shakes head- No daddy I don’t think we’re on a dangerous vacation.

-rolls eyes-

Wispiflower: -nickers quietly at her filly-

Windwing: Then we are not on a vacation period.

Whitefrost: Anyways, father I think they’re coming -looks outside the grove- Quickly..

Racewind: Okay, get them!

20 stallions: -charge right into the thick grove-

Racewind: -goes right to where he saw Wispiflower take cover and grabs her wing, instructing a stallion to take the other and told a few stallions to do the same to Windwing Mapleglade Junetree Coperpool And Rainblaze- -notices the five foals- Ah, foals. Take them, you ten.

Rainblaze: -bares teeth- You rascals! I beat Mintbreeze in a fight, and dont worry I’ll beat you again! Even an hour after I gave birth! -rears and pounds onto Racewind’s back-

Windwing: -waits for the stallion to be unprepared and twirls and rams him in the chest-

Stallion: -flys through the air, with a stopped heart-

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