Oct 4, 2017

Echomoon's Story (Prologue)


"Hazelwind, I think it's time," Echofrost wheezed. Hazelwind entwined his neck with hers, crying silent tears. "You'll be okay, Echofrost." He whinnied for Sweetroot. The elderly mare came cantering over to them. "What is it?" She asked. "Echofrost is birthing!" Hazelwind brayed, his hooves prancing. "Come with me," Sweetroot instructed Echofrost. She turned to the buckskin stallion. "Hazelwind, it would be better if you came after she births. Please wait here," and with that, she and his mate galloped (or, in Echofrost's case, hobbled as fast as she could due to the cramps ((gross ik))) towars the birthing cave, leaving Hazelwind alone in the mid of night. He pranced, paced, rattled his feathers, tried everything to calm himself, but to no avail. He faced the matter with annoyance; there was no other option but to wait. He looked up at the moon. It was full and it had just come to rest in the centre of the entire night sky. Hazelwind stared up at the black roan pasture with stars littered all over it. A sudden thought of peace struck him. "Is my mate looking at the same beautiful scene?" He asked out loud. He knew the answer. She was birthing, how could she be relaxed and calm, wasting her time looking at a night sky, especially when her mate was not allowed to watch her give birth? A shooting star shot by the moon, and Hazelwind found his mind screaming a wish. "I wish our foal is as beautiful as I imagine them to be," he whispered up at the sky. "And I wish they will give us endless joy, as I imagine them to give us." Suddenly. his thoughts were broken by a whinny. "Hazelwind," Sweetroot had trotted to his side. "Come meet your new filly."




Hazelwind galloped over to the birthing cave, too excited for his mind to think at the moment. He galloped to his mate; to his family. Echofrost saw him rush in and greeted him with an excited, amused nicker. She was curled around a small silver ball. "Shh," she silently hushed as the silver ball flicked one of it's ears. It was silver with a vibrant golden mane and tail. It had dark points on its muzzle, ears, and legs. Its wings were indigo dipped in black. Their foal suddenly squirmed onto its back, emitted a silent whinny of annoyance when it couldn't flip itself over. "It's a filly," Echofrost whispered, a smile spreading itself across her lips. The filly stood up, now awake, and observed everything. But no sooner had it stood up then it tumbled back down again. It whinnied in annoyance again. Hazelwind darted foward, scooping up the silver filly in his wings. Scooping up his daughter in his wings. He studied her, and he couldn't find or form words of any sort. Finally, he murmered, "She is... perfect." He gave her back to his mate. The filly wriggled out of his wings and instead sat down in a pool of moonlight that had poured into the cave. Echofrost nickered. "What are we going to name her?" She asked Hazelwind. "I'll leave you three alone," Sweetroot smiled and stepped out of the cave. Hazelwind processed his mate's question. "I'm thinking Echomoon." He said. "Because she has your coat, and because she's staring at the moon." Echofrost agreed, and they snuggled around their curious filly, who had closed her amethyst eyes and curled into a ball in the moonlight.

Oct 4, 2017

Hai peps! I dont rlly kno wat to say right now, but I'm glad wit meh handiwork ^~^ I hope you guys enjoy it! (This may not be an official series just yet & dont worry im not abandoning Mysteries if you were enjoying that. Also I apologise for being pretty dead on the Board lately.)

Bya! ^~^

Oct 4, 2017

This is great, but I'm still hoping Echotail is a thing

Oct 5, 2017

AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!!

Oct 5, 2017

thanks everyone :D

Oct 6, 2017

I have no words except....






This was surprisingly funny! Well, not that surprising since we're talking about you here. Also, THIS IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your spelling has improved.

Oct 6, 2017

why thank you Wispiflower. And thanks because calling me funny isnt really something I get a lot XD

Oct 6, 2017

actually I'd like to thank my Jack Russell, Lilly, she was the inspiration for the squirming onto the back bit. She usually shimmies back and forth on her back to scratch it. The first time she did it i laughed for 5 minutes like a drain

Oct 6, 2017

😂 That sounds adorable! And I've always thought anything you ever said was funny if you meant it to be.

Oct 6, 2017

Tell Lilly thanks for me! (In other words give her a nice long belly rub for me lol)

Oct 28, 2017


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  • His mother, Flameblaze, shook her head. Like always, she knew what he was thinking. He had to save them both. Sunray also caught the gleam in his eye and horror flashed across her face. Without another thought, he charged the huge cat, rearing up to stomp his hooves down on it, but it swiped at his stomach, causing both mares to flitch at the damage it made. Nightsky ignored the pain and continued to exchange blows until the cat snarled and stalked away, hissing when Flameblaze kicked it for good measure. Sunray and Flameblaze rushed to Nightsky, each worried and cautious at the wounds covering him. "Flameblaze? Sunray?" Nightsky wheezed out before choking on his own blood. "We are here, son," Gently, Flameblaze nudged him, letting him know it was her. "Did I win?" With glazed eyes, he looked at them both. "You sure did," Sunray moved towards him. "Rest a bit, alright? You're going to be okay." Nightsky is close to death, Sunray is emotionally exhausted, and Flameblaze is a mess. If Sunray and Flameblaze argue on what to do, comment below "Page 3-Time". If Sunray takes charge, comment below "Page 3-In Charge". If Flameblaze takes charge, comment below "Page 3-Follow the Leader". (This peticular post is pretty short, since this one kind of determines the whole story.)
  • Brackentail never stopped nagging Morningleaf to love him. He tried everything. Walking with her, giving her gifts, and just spending so much time trying to impress her. He never stopped getting ideas to try and make her see his worth. And it was getting on Morningleaf's nerves. This morning, Star had called a counsel meeting and Brackentail had no choice but to attend. They had finished all matters when Sweetroot, the current counsel mare, called Star aside. "Star," she sighed, "I can't keep doing this." "What do you mean?" "I'm too old. I was a leader of River Herd, but that was almost a year ago. YOU need to find yourself a mate. She can take-over my job. I know you've been waiting to find someone perfect, but she's been in front of you this whole time." She said looking at him with her old eyes. She put her wing on his chest, as if she were his Granddam. "You know she is the perfect leader." Star sighed, knowing he should've taken responsibility and not have put pressure on the old mare in the first place. He had a huge decision to make. And little did he know, Brackentail was listening the whole time. It was time for Brackentail to make his move. He knew Morningleaf would never love him as long as Star was around. He needed to find a way to get rid of Star. But how. Star had always been his best-friend. (Besides for their childhood) He couldn't hurt Star. But he could get to Star's 'special someone' before he did. And that was exactly what he'd do. He puffed his chest and walked up to the most beautiful mare he had ever met. "Morningleaf, can I talk to you." (EW. This was : A; horrible B; Short And I think the last time I wrote one of these was like............. Januaray, so uhh yah its been a hot minute. Which is why im so rusty. :l )
  • ThunderFeather glances around her and spots another pegasus sneaking up behind her. “What is your problem, FlameHeart?!” she whinnies exasperatedly. “I am supposed to get you! Your mom ordered me to!” FlameHeart says in his usual high and mighty way. ”Could you maybe be a little less snooty once I a while!” ThunderFeather snaps angrily, “I will go to my mother...without you!” ”Ugh! You are so annoying! Why can’t you just do as I say! My dad is the over stallion! I am the grandfoal of ShadePebble and ClawFire! I deserve respect!” ”Yeah, well try earning it!” ThunderFeather leaps off the ground and flies to the other yearlings. “Where is MorningDew?” She asks.”She is over there with StarFeather,” ShadePepple says. ShadePebble usually stays and watches over the yearlings. ClawFire died 8 years ago defending SunHerd territory from a MountainHerd raid. ”Hello ThunderFeather!” Her father, StarFeather booms. StarFeather is ThunderFeathers uncle and Star’ and MorningLeaf’s second foal, and her mother, MorningDew, is the first. “Hi!” ThunderFeather runs up and nuzzles him, “What happened? You were gone for days!” ”I was on a mission. And practicing with this,” his eyes twinkle and he breathes a small burst of golden fire. All the descendents of Star had one of the powers of the star fire. Her mother could create a shiel, her uncle could breathe healing fire, and her cousin could breathe silver fire. ThunderFeather couldn’t do anything yet. ”Look, I know you will be able to do something,” her mother says. ”I honestly don’t care. The other yearlings make fun of me enough right now, and powers will make it worse.” ThunderFeather says for the thousandth time, mother! ”why? You will be able to stand up for yourself.” StarFeather ask. ”I can stand up for myself perfectly fine right now. I can fight better than any of them.” As she says this, two sparks fall to the ground, one silver, one gold. ”See!” says her uncle, “I knew you could do it!” As he says that, one of the yearlings playing turns aroun, and promptly bursts into flames. ”Well, little foal, I guess it is time to wake up. i will have so much fun. You...might not,” it ends in a cackle, wich turns into the foals dying scream.


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