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Broken Love: Chapter 13: Killing, Lies, and Family


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(WOW. I haven't dine one of these in a LOOONNNGGG time! I've been super busy, but I'll try to keep these updated)



Whisperfrost slowly cried into her mother's embracing wings. "My father, Moonsight...killed hundreds.." She mumbled, traumatized by her father's actions. "I-I'm the daughter of a murderer!!!" Whiserfrost wailed, burying her face into Ravenleaf's chest.

She just wanted this pain to go away. She just wanted a loving and non-murderous father- was that to much to ask for?!

It was hard to believe that a couple minutes ago, Whisperfrost wanted to know everything about Moonsight, now, Whisperfrost wanted to forget that he was ever her sire.

Ravenleaf nuzzled her daughter and pulled her closer. "Whisperfrost, listen to me." Ravenleaf pulled Whisperfrost's head away from her chest and cradled Whisperfrost's head in her wings. "Look at me, honey." Whisperfrost stifled a whimper, but raised her head slowly to look up at her mother. "Your parents define your appearance, not your heart... Be who you are, and that can be anyone- no matter who your sire is or was. Don't let Moonsight's dark decisions in the past define your life. Your life is yours. And even though Moonsight made terrible mistakes and bad decisions, doesn't mean you will. Do you understand?" Ravenleaf said, her eyes motherly and her voice calm and peaceful. Whisperfrost smiled and hugged her mother with a sigh.

Alderflare scooted closer to the dam and filly, and wrapped his wings around his new mother and his new friend. "Family huuuugggg!!!!!" Whisperfrost nickered, nuzzling Alderflare.

They all chuckled and nickered for a minute before releasing each other and stepping back. Whisperfrost wiped her tears and Alderflare resumed his spot next to the filly, except he was closer to her.

Ravenleaf arched her neck and said, "Whisperfrost, if this story upsets you, I don't have to continue. But, unfortunately, there is more to this story and it's not pleasant...It's up to you. Would you like to hear the rest, or no?" The gray mare asked, reassuringly.

Whisperfrost lowered her head to think. "I want to hear the rest...I want to know everything about my father....good or bad. I want to learn from him, so yes continue." The filly said, feeling her heart pump adrenaline and a new found courage to the rest of her body, fueling it with bravery and determination.

Ravenleaf nodded respectfully, folded her wings comfortably and continued, "So, after Moonsight killed all those in quarantine, he returned to the valley full of pride. He showed me his bloodstained wings and hooves, as if it pleased me, but I was only mortified..."

"The next morning, Twistwing announced that Moonsight, for his bravery and 'selflessness', would be now known as Moondeath and that any unwell or sick-feeling steeds would report to him and from there, Moondeath would "cure" them. But, this was just a cover for Twistwing's real plan. When a steed came to Moondeath to tell him that they didn't feel well, Moonsight took them away from the watchful eyes of the herd and "cured" them. What the rest of the herd didn't know was that this "cure" was actually death. That's right, if you told Moondeath you were sick or word got out, he would cure you by killing you."

"If you're dead, you can't spread the plague-that was Twistwing's and Moondeath's plan." Ravenleaf said, feeling hatred towards her mate that she hasn't felt in a while. "Moondeath became Twistwing's right hand pegasi. Whenever an issue came up in the herd, Twistwing told Moondeath to handle it. Every night, all night long, they would stand at the edge of the valley and just...watch and talk. It was creepy..." Ravenleaf said, shivering. Alderflare snorted and stretched his overgrown wing. "Yeah. It sounds creepy." Whiseprfrost wiggled unfomfortably, like something was crawling up her spine, "Super creepy."

Ravenleaf smiled and continued,

"Now, you might be wondering, wouldn't the other members of the herd start to grow suspicious when these sick steeds went into the forrest with Moondeath, but only Moondeath came out? And yes, you are right. Several steeds where quite suspicious and a few were close to finding the truth, but Moondeath came up with a lie to cover up his killings." "Any steeds who had the infection, are now being rejuvenated back to full health! No need to worry about them. They feel no pain and have no suffering! All sick steeds are safe from danger and you will see them all again, one day..." Moondeath had said to the herd.

Usually, pegasi are not as easy to fool. But remember, we are herd animals. We rely on each other to survive, so if one steed says 'You're safe' and "There's no danger' you most likely will listen to them, right? And don't forget that this was a time of great crisis and every steed was on edge, so the members of the herd listened to Moondeath with no questions asked."

Ravenleaf explained, slightly admiring how crafty her mate had been, but the admiration was overcome with disgust. She smacked her lips together, as if she'd tasted something rotten. Ravenleaf swallowed her disgust and continued in a more happy tone.

"Around this time, I was starting to show signs of a pregnancy." Raveleaf said, winking at Whisperfrost. "But, I never saw much of my mate. He was usually 'curing' steeds or discussing battle tactics with Twistwing. I thought that the fact that Moondeath would become a sire would be enough reason for him to stop his killing and lies so we could raise our foal together. But, he wouldn't listen. I begged him to stop and asked him when all his killing and lies would satisfy him, but he merely told me that he was creating a better environment for our foal. "That's fine," I said to him. "But, when will you realize that no one else has the plaugue! You're just killing for fun, now!!" I snapped at him. That made Moondeath pause and I continued to say, "It's time for us to become a family. You don't have to kill and lie anymore. Aren't you satisfied with yourself enough? It's time to stop all this killing, Moonsight." But what he said next, I could have never had guessed...." Ravenleaf swallowed again and tensed her wings. " He whirled around to face me, his ears pinned and his eyes wide. "I'll decide when I'm satisfied! I'm going to get what I want, even if I have to kill everyone in Anok to do it! And my name is not Moonsight, it is Moondeath." And with those final words, Moondeath kicked off and flew into the night, away from the herd of pegasi, away from Twistwing, and away from me.

I'll never forget the heartache that I felt that night. I felt sad, guilty, angry, confused, but mostly sad. I'd just lost my mate. The sire of my foal. And my best friend. He used to be peaceful and gentle and protective...but something changed and he turned into violent, and rude, and reckless.....and I've never seen him again." Ravenleaf concluded, not far from tears.

The family formed another group hug. Whisperfrost nuzzled her dam. "Mother?" "Yes, honey?" Ravenleaf asked, nuzzling Alderflare. "I promise, I will never be like my dad. I will never kill or lie. I promise, momma." Whisperfrost whispered, nuzzling Alderfare as well. "Yeah!! Me too!" Alderflare chirped. "I'll never kill or lie! I promise you!" He said, ruffling his wings in triumph.

Ravenleaf smiled down at her foals. One colt and one filly. One pretty grullo appaloosa, the other a handsome brown brindle. One blind in one eye, the other a dud in one wing. But, throughout all these differences, they were united as one family...


(THAT WAS LONG!!! SORRYYYY!! I was hurrying to get it finished!)

Jul 22

👏👏👏👏That was HORSEOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it, and I am shipping Whisperflare XD

I edited it a LOT and gave it a title! So, I like it a lot more now and I like the ending a lot more too!!!

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