Oct 15, 2017

Feather Challenge: Part 2


Honeyfall: "Hello everyone, and welcome to the feather challenge part 2!!!!"

Random Crowd Pegasus: "YAY!!!!... but what is it?"

Honeyfall: "Well this is about the same as the first feather challenge, but the entry has to be drawn with a computer program! If you don't have a computer program the one Dragon uses is called Sketchbook, and it's a free app!"

Random Crowd Pegasus: "Ohhhhhh."

Honeyfall: "Dragon was so excided for this challenge, she drew her own example:"

*TV screen lights up and image shows.*



1.) anyone who wants to has to join before 2100 (AK military time) 10/18/2017

2.) entries must be posted before 2100 (AK military time) 10/20/2017

3.) I will assignee the character's feather you draw, no complaining or trading

4.) no tracing

5.) entries have to be drawn with computer program

Oct 16, 2017

Ok give me a few minuets and I'll assignee characters

Oct 16, 2017

Honeyfall: "Rainfeather you get... Star! and Cats you get... Rockwing!"

Oct 21, 2017

Honeyfall: "So umm... Rainfeather you win! Your prize is a picture (white background) of any one of you OCs."

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